7 Steps To Weeding Out Your Migraines

Have you seen the research by the Japanese water researcher, Dr Masaru Emoto where he examined the change in water after directing different human thoughts and emotions to it? He exposed water to music, spoken and typed words, pictures and videos and his findings are quite extraordinary. The water molecules of love, appreciation, gratitude were stunning! Whereas those water molecules exposed to ‘I hate you: I will kill you’ were quite the opposite.

Before you ask me, what’s the link with migraines? Let me remind you that our bodies are made of 80% water. There is some value to having a detached look at what kind of thoughts are we habitually thinking, speaking and feeling and how that’s working for you.

So, I challenge you to decide to really tackle your migraines head-on (pun intended) from this non-medical angle. Instead of looking outward for solutions, I challenge you to look inward.

At first, directing your attention inward may feel like wading into an unfamiliar swamp. And even though you may never have considered that there may be a link between your thoughts and emotions and your migraine, you may be surprised at what you find.

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Just like Dr Masuru Emoto’s research, conflicting and critical thoughts create powerful and heavy emotions weigh heavily on you and you head, and your body, until it can’t take it anymore and it lets off steam. A migraine is the way the body and mind communicates to you that it cannot cope and needs to let off steam. The pain is the steam. Weed out those thoughts and emotions from your mind first, create a healthy lifestyle and habits and you will see your migraines reduce considerably.

If you are new to this, here are seven, no, eight tips to get you started.

1. On a clean sheet of paper, write down everything that comes to your mind about yourself, your health, your life and how you feel about your migraines (Don’t think about what you are writing, allow yourself the luxury of no censorship as nobody but you is reading this)

2. Go into detail and write how everything makes you feel.

3. When you’ve finished, take a break. For example, you could go for a walk, go swimming, have a conversation with a good friend or do anything that makes you happy

4. Come back to your sheet of paper and have a look at what you’ve written. Note your reactions.

5. Ask yourself, if these thoughts, emotions, feelings are what you want to continue thinking and feeling?

6. If not, then cross them out and decide on what you prefer to think and feel.

What you’ve just done by crossing out the thought is you have become aware of the ‘weed’ and have cut it – it’s weak now in the garden of your mind but the roots are still there and will grow back if you are not vigilant and take steps to weed out these thoughts.

7. To begin ‘weeding out’ these thoughts, for each of these thoughts, ask yourself ‘is this true?’ and if it is, then you ask yourself ‘do I want this to be true from now on?’ and you are on your way to pulling up the roots!

And one final step:

8. Now that you have some spare in your ‘mental garden’ why not use it to put better, nicer more empowering thoughts in your mind.

You’ll know they are better by how they make you feel. If the thought makes you feel slightly better, you know you are on the right track. If the thought drags you down, then that’s an indication that it’s bringing you back into a swampy-migraine state and that a better thought exists. Create sweet-smelling thoughts, plant them in your mind, keep weeding out the weeds… and oh, don’t forget to drink water!

Author: Health Care on June 18, 2011
Category: Headaches-Migraines

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