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Ways to Supercharge Your Metabolism

Quite simply stated, the key to your ability to burn fat and lose weight lies in your metabolism. While many people think they are stuck with the metabolism they were born with, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Exploring ways to supercharge your metabolism is an important key and is mentioned emphatically in my book.

Metabolic rates can be altered, sometimes drastically by having an appropriate fitness regime, proper diet, adequate rest and a host of other factors. Luckily, almost anything you would do to raise your resting metabolic rate will also contribute to your status as a healthy human being.

In other words, concentrating on your metabolism gives you the double-punch benefits of healthy living and fat loss; it’s just a matter of getting started with basic steps to supercharge your current metabolic rate so you can burn calories with less effort as your body tries to keep up with itself.

  1. Spread out your calories! When you eat, your body’s metabolism speeds up as it uses energy to digest. If you only eat three times a day, your metabolism has a lot of time in between meals to slow down. That is why the “six small meals a day” works so well for so many people trying to lose or maintain weight. Your metabolism is like a motor-it needs to keep running if you want your body to work! It is much, much better to eat small, healthy meals and snacks throughout the day than to eat three large meals that can weigh you down.
  2. Drink water! Again with the water, you say? Yes, but this time, make sure it’s ice cold! When you drink icy water, your body has to work that much harder to warm it up to your natural body temperature. Some studies have shown that your metabolism goes up by as much as 30% after drinking cold water! So, water not only helps you lose weight by boosting your metabolism by the simple act of drinking it, but if you drink it when it’s really cold, it works twice as hard! There-now you have another reason to add to your list of “Why I Really Am Going to Start Drinking More Water.”
  3. Do your workout in the morning! This really makes a huge difference because, after having everything working very slowly during sleep, this will kick-start your metabolism back into high gear and help keep it that way for the rest of the day. Morning workouts are shown to be the most effective for weight loss, and once your metabolism is raised in the morning it stays high the rest of the day, helping you burn more calories. It’s also simple math-you have more time to keep a high metabolism up if you jumpstart it in the morning rather than raising it in the evening and then lowering it by going to bed soon after.
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Is Sleep The Cornerstone Of Good Health?

Most of us seriously underrate the importance of sleep when it comes to our health. For many, it’s an imposition, stealing valuable time that could be filled with work or play. For those with sleep problems, the bed can be a torture chamber of restless nights and wide-eyed staring at the alarm clock.

In reality, restful sleep is a cornerstone of good health. Deep or “core” sleep, the first two to four hours, is when the body repairs itself, ensuring the health of the immune system, neurological functions, and tissue. This is followed by rapid eye movement, or REM sleep, when the brain takes the information gathered throughout the day and “files” it into various categories, storing vital long-term memory and discarding unnecessary short-term data.

If you don’t get enough restful sleep, both core and REM, the body can experience physical problems, while the mind can get foggy. In the short term, the most common symptoms are forgetfulness and lack of concentration; in the longer term, sleep problems can be linked to heart disease, diabetes, depression, and even difficulty shedding excess weight. If you like to brag to people about how little you sleep, spending that time cramming in other activities instead, you may want to rethink it: eventually, it will catch up with you. You can’t “bank” sleep hours; your body needs between six and nine hours of restful sleep each night for optimum health.

Occasional sleeplessness isn’t cause for concern, especially if you can pinpoint the reason for it, such as a particularly stressful day. It becomes a problem when symptoms go on for longer periods: a long time to fall asleep, waking up throughout the night, difficulty concentrating, irritability or emotional outbursts, fatigue, or sleepiness during the day. If such symptoms last for a month or more, doctors usually consider it to be chronic insomnia.

Sleeplessness is a symptom, and the key to overcoming it is in understanding what is causing it. In some cases, the underlying reason is external and relatively easy to fix: the bedroom is too hot, too cold or not dark enough, a partner is snoring, or a pet allowed to sleep on the bed gets up and down throughout the night. A sedentary lifestyle may also be to blame: in simple terms, the body isn’t sufficiently tired. Regular exercise improves the quality of sleep, providing it isn’t done too close to bedtime.

In many cases, insomnia is caused by underlying medical problems, which is why paying attention to your overall health is important. It’s easy to get into a vicious circle: poor health habits cause sleeplessness, which in turn leads to more health problems, which in turn make the insomnia worse. The time to fight insomnia is long before it ever becomes a problem. It may sound simplistic, but watching your weight, quitting smoking, eating properly, and getting the right blend of vitamins and minerals will help ensure your overall health, which in turn will help ensure the quality of your sleep. And, in another circle, that restful sleep will in turn help to keep you healthy.

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Child ADHD Vs Adult ADHD Symptoms

Child ADHD symptoms will be very different from adult ADHD which are often more subtle and less noticeable at times. For example, an adult with ADHD may have real problems in getting a task finished within a certain deadline. Multi-tasking may well be a hallmark of their work style and that is tolerated until the deadline looms. Then everything changes and the adult with ADHD may well feel inadequate and stressed out.

  • Other symptoms of adult ADHD will include forgetting appointments and commitments, difficulty in getting down to a task and fidgeting a lot more than our colleagues. There may be often overactivity present as there is constant motion which, however, is not well managed or directed.

It is now estimated that over half of children, probably 60%, with ADHD may well carry the condition into adulthood unless treated properly. The chances of that happening seem to be quite slim as only about 25% of cases in children are actually diagnosed. We know that even fewer are treated.

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  • As for child ADHD symptoms, these are well known and established and will become very noticeable when they start to interfere with home, family and academic life. The impulsivity, fidgeting, constant motion and chattering, together with a noticeable lack of focus or staying power on even the simplest of chores will be all too evident.

As regards child ADHD symptoms and the treatment of them is concerned, there are a few essential pointers that I want to emphasise. If a child is left alone and there is no effort at all to manage behavior, help with social and coping skills, then the child is unlikely to grow out of the condition or to become successful in life. We know that many children with ADHD are at increased risk of drug abuse, accidents and committing felonies. This may well be due to their impulsivity and their lack of awareness about the consequences of their actions.

There will have to be attention too to the amount of green time and exercise, diet and school support. All these are essential and should form a comprehensive program for dealing with this condition.

As regards stimulant medication, there is now so much controversy raging that many parents have decided that the only way to deal with child ADHD symptoms is to opt for homeopathic remedies. They know that they are perfectly safe and free of side effects. When this treatment is combined with behavior modification, the chances of treating ADHD successfully, actually skyrocket.

Why don’t you join the million of parents who have seen the light and never looked back?

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Health Benefits Of Getting A Full Night Of Relaxing Sleep

Have you been bothered about getting little sleep? Is getting to sleep and falling back to sleep a big problem for you? Does your sleep aid or melatonin sleep aid work well to aid you receive a good night sleep?

Acquiring eight hours of sleep is essential for each and every person to be able to function every day, now and tomorrow no matter whether at the job, in school, or just in the home. There are actually lots of advantages that a restful sleep may bring. A full night of relaxing sleep can make you feel alert the following day and allow you to make it through the day.

Definitely, it’s wearisome to end up having sleeping disorders and spend many days fatigued. Yet take into account that there are numerous different methods which could help you sleep tight and acquire the many sleep benefits.

And listed below are some successful strategies to aid you say no more to sleep deprived nights. Try them and see what works for you.

  • Avoid alcohol and beverages that contain caffeine
  • Refrain from watching television
  • Keep away from things that can excite the mind
  • Keep away from foods that are high in sugar
  • Limit nicotine or stop smoking cigarettes
  • Avoid placing a clock near you
  • Acquire a comfortable bed
  • Set the ambiance of your bedroom for rest
  • Always make sure your room is peaceful, dark and cool
  • Listen to tranquil music
  • Establish a bedtime relaxation ritual
  • Use natural sleep aid or melatonin sleep aid
  • Take a hot bath ahead of bedtime
  • • Consume a hot milk

Every one of us really like to receive a full night of restful sleep. We have to realize that sleep is essential to overall health and well-being. The fact is, the danger for developing disease begins to amplify when men and women receive less than 8 hours of sleep each night.

Listed below are the great advantages that a full night of restful sleep can bring:

  • Healthful heart
  • Helps prevent cancer
  • Lowers stress
  • Lessens inflammation in the body caused by stress
  • Tends to make you more alert
  • Boosts your memory
  • Can help you lose weight
  • Makes you smarter
  • Lessens the risk for depression
  • Helps the body makes repairs

In case these insomnia cures and treatments mentioned above did not work efficiently for you and if you are still having troubles acquiring the sleep that you need then simply consider seeking insomnia professional treatment. Your medical doctor or a sleep disorder specialist might be able to help address your sleep troubles.

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Facts About Urinary Tract Infection in Dogs

A dog is a man’s best friend; there is no doubt about this and under normal circumstances, no one would like to see a friend off guard and unable to give service. Like all other canines, UTIs pose a threat and cause a lot of discomfort; the ailment enters in almost the same style and with the same vigor. The microbes that bring about this ailment are largely similar to all others that attack other mammals.

You will find it is mostly the strains of E.coli, staphylococcus, klebsiella and pseudomonas species. In some cases, other non bacterial organisms like Chlamydia and mycoplasma have been isolated though their presence is not as rampant as the bacteria species. The dogs of this age and time, lead good lifestyles and provide perfect companionship to man.

Irrespective of these provisions, just like man, there will be changes in the environment and infections are bound to set in. Diseases will come and go and UTI being one of them, occurs when bacteria enters the body of a dog via food that it consumes or water. Manufacturers will always make mistakes either in their stores or packaging plants and the said microbes somehow find entry into the system.

There will always be sources of food that are not hygienic and if E.coli is present, chances are that the microbe will finally find its way into the animal’s food chain. The causative agent, on entering the blood stream travels inside out, finally reaching the bladder. It is here that it will manifest itself and comfortably feed and multiply; and by the moment clinical symptoms are noticed, the immune system will have been overcome. The normal scenario is to try and flush it out at all times through urine; but this is not always going to be the case. Urine biologically, is capable of cleansing the bladder by destroying all harmful residents and expelling them out of the body. In so doing, the mammal will be kept very health.

Female dogs do face the same challenge and are much more affected because of their short urethras. As a result of this, often its bladder gets damaged before any detection of infection is done. The moment infection is way above the threshold of the dog, chances are the disease has spread further inside and veterinary attention must be sort quickly.

Treatment is long and varied; there will be always a selection of what treatment regime to follow. In standard procedure, there is the long or short time antibiotic support to be administered as evaluated by the veterinarian depending on the intensity of the attack. In other cases this may be accompanied with good affordable diet support that will provide the needed nutrients for faster recovery.

UTI attacks all dogs across the board irrespective of age, and if left untreated, it is bound to be messy. In the well informed societies of today, all dog owners are advised to be getting new and regular information tips on how to go about detecting any infection. A caring community is expected to keep itself abreast with changing circumstances and learn new health care formulas of raring dogs.

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Discover The Power of Forgiveness

Forgive all your enemies immediately without ever thinking about revenge. Feel grateful because you are in the position of a victim, and not in the position of a murderer.

Of course you hate your enemies and you want to see them dead. You want to demoralize them publicly, showing everyone how sneaky they are. You want to make them lose everything they have and live like beggars. You only desire to see them suffering!

If you have recently suffered a great injury you are still too contaminated by the poison of hate. You cannot think logically, or cultivate compassion for your enemies. However, be patient. With time you’ll manage to calm down and forgive your enemies. They are merely beasts. What can you expect from beasts, besides seeing them making horrible mistakes?

Unfortunately the human being is not really human. Through dream interpretation according to the scientific method and many studies based on biology, behaviorism, neurology, and other scientific researches, I discovered that we are basically violent primates who possess only a tiny human conscience. The biggest part of our brain and psyche belong to our primitive and wild conscience (the anti-conscience). We are idiotic and evil animals who have only a little bit of intelligence and sensitivity.

Whenever I declare that we are basically crazy demons that possess only an under-developed human conscience, most people start attacking me. They cannot admit that we are absurd and evil creatures.

I automatically forgive everyone, not only because I understand that they are ignorant, I also share their pain. I’m a human being too. It’s really horrible to learn that we are so inferior and our nature is so miserable.

However, the truth must be respected. I’ve already scientifically proved my statements. It’s only a matter of time until the entire world will simply accept facing the truth and not avoiding it.

My discovery is very sad, but now we can transform our world and eliminate all mental illnesses and mental disorders from the face of the Earth. Now we will put an end to all the horrors of our sick and depressing civilization. We are going to eliminate poverty, immorality, violence, terrorism, indifference, hypocrisy, greed, and everything else that transforms our world into hell.

So, now that you know the truth, your attitude must completely change. You must simply forgive the monsters who hurt you so much. They had no real understanding of the meaning of their actions. They can think to a certain degree, but they are far from being conscious human beings. In order to become real human beings they have to completely develop their intelligence. However, this is a difficult task, and they are too lazy. Feel sorry for them.

The power of forgiveness will give you superiority and wisdom. Have only pity in your heart, and forget revenge.

Now, focus on the meaning of your dreams. Keep a dream journal. Learn how to translate your dreams according to the scientific method. Follow the guidance of the wise and saintly unconscious mind that produces your dreams in order to help you evolve.

You, who understand how bitter it is to suffer as a victim, must be the one who never provokes suffering. From your blessed hands the world must always find relief, peace, and salvation.

Different Types of Lenses for Different Needs

We are living in a hybrid society. Typical glass eyewear is now becoming obsolete. No more looking geek, weirdo, or nerd. It’s over! Many prefer to use the stylish and trendy contact lenses. Granted, the benefit of using contact lenses is inexcusable. Yet, when buying one for you, eye practitioners should be consulted first. For sure you do not want to harm you vision due to wearing contact lenses. Anyways, look for lenses that have the finest quality even though the price is much higher, the safety of your eyes can not be compromised.

Before purchasing contacts, the best thing to do is realize your options. Also, know the availability of a certain lens which address to your vision problem. The market is flooded with various types of lenses and knowing its variety help you choose the one which suits your needs. The following are the variety of contact lenses (kontaktlinser) available today.

Soft lenses – this type of contacts are the disposable one. Form the name itself, you may use this for several weeks and dispose. Disposable lenses (linser) do not require high maintenance since you need not clean it. This comes in various colors and ideal in trying out different colors of your eyes. Annual soft lenses are also available. You can use this in a year. These lenses need regular and careful cleaning as well as proper storage. Also, these can be worn in duration of 14 hours.
Hard lenses – these have various types like gas permeable, oxygen permeable and rigid permeable. Cleaning these lenses is very easy and advantageous because they last long and give clearer vision. Getting used to these lenses may take some time since these are made of stiff materials. However, some manufacturers provide outer ring that are soft which make it comfortable to wear.
Extended and flexible wear lenses – as its name implicate, you can wear this for a prolong period of time even when you sleep. You can wear this continuously for as long as 30 days. This is very comfortable to wear because it permits the passage of oxygen to your eyes.
Torics lenses – these are mainly used in treating astigmatism. Astigmatism happens when your cornea is incapable of focusing properly to an image going to the retina. Torics provide similar comfort as well as vision clarity to normal contacts.
Cosmetic lenses – contact lenses primary use is correcting vision problems. Cosmetic lenses are used in altering your iris’ color.

Absolutely then, contacts are safe, comfortable and useful. In buying contact lenses, you must talk to your optician for proper guidance regarding which one to choose. Ensure that you maintain and safely handle them with proper care.

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Depression Therapy

You probably cannot believe that your dreams are as important as your daily life. Even if you believe that they have a certain message to give you, you don’t think that this message is crucial for your survival, and thus, you have to pay special attention to the meaning of your dreams. However, the truth is that you had better despise the news you read on newspapers, and first of all learn what is happening in your life by accurately translating the meaning of your dreams.

I understood that I was neurotic in 1984, when I was 23 years old. I was married and pregnant at the time. I felt I needed help because I was always irritated and depressed. This year, I lost a young cousin and my mother-in-law in the same week. Their death marked the end of my indifference. I decided to seriously care about finding a solution, before coming to the point of committing suicide.

This introduction shows you that my work is very serious and that my research is not commercial. I needed a solution for my own psychological problems. This was for me, a matter of life or death.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method discovered by the psychiatrist Carl Jung was the only solution I found, after trying many other methods and following many other psychologists and their theories. Only Jung managed to really discover the hidden meaning of dreams and their healing power.

I precisely followed the unconscious guidance in my dreams, managing to eliminate my neurosis, which was almost becoming schizophrenia. If I hadn’t followed the unconscious psychotherapy I would become schizophrenic like my father. This was my destiny because I inherited too much absurdity in the wild side of my conscience (anti-conscience).

Unfortunately, everyone can easily become crazy because we all inherit craziness in the biggest part of our brain. Some people manage to escape from craziness during their lives, while other people are determined to pass through this bitter experience.

My case was one of the worst ones. Only because I was very obedient, could I overcome all the absurdity imposed by my anti-conscience, and completely eliminate the roots of craziness from my mind.

I’ve cured many people through dream therapy since 1990, as part of my pro bono work. I was learning, and at the same time saving lives. This was how I transformed the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung into a fast, clear, and very objective method of instant translation from dream images into words.

I continued Jung’s research discovering the anti-conscience that he could not see, and a lot more. This is why today I can teach you how to prevent craziness.

You need craziness prevention not only because you have inherited too much absurdity in the wild side of your conscience, but also because you live in an absurd world. You live in a world governed by terrorism, violence, immorality, indifference and greed.

If you want to find protection from all dangers and keep your sound mental health for life, you have to take dream interpretation very seriously. Your own dreams will save your life, and guide you forever.

How to Prevent Common Sports Injuries

To an athlete, especially in a fast-paced game like netball a sports injury can be a debilitating nuisance that puts you out of commission for weeks, months or even years. Sports injuries can happen at any time, and although some injuries are through no fault of the athlete’s, many injuries can be attributed to poor preparation before a game or other physical activity. Careful methods of prevention are key. Your body needs to be prepared for the strain it will be undertaking.

Here’s a few tips to help you prevent sports injuries:

Warm up and stretch

The netball warmup and stretch are the single most important steps to take before your perform any sport. Warming up may involve a few laps around the court or riding a bike to training or the game itself. Regardless of what you choose, a low-intensity, full body workout is essential to get blood flowing through your body and raise your adrenaline levels.

After warming up it is imperative that you stretch your muscles. Focus particularly on the muscles you will use the most. Just as runners need to stretch their legs muscles after a warm up, a netball player needs to think about what muscle groups they’re going to be using. Working down from your neck muscles, through your abdomen and into your arms and legs, ensuring your body is limber will allow you to perform at the top of your game without risk of pulling a muscle or putting your back out. You will feel more energised, too.

Proper equipment and clothing

Sports are fast-paced and accidents are always going to be a potential problem. Knowing that the equipment that you’re using is up to standard is important. Courts and fields need to be maintained to a high, consistent level. Any equipment or sports uniforms should be kept in excellent working order. A single stray shoelace could spell disaster for an unsuspecting athlete, as could improper shoes and restricting clothing. Make sure you’re comfortable and safe in what you’re wearing and where you’re playing.

First Aid

Having a dedicated first aid kit for your team is a must. If someone pulls a muscle or cuts themselves, immediate medical help, even of the most basic kind, can mean the difference between a quick recovery and a lengthy one. Ice packs should be kept on hand especially for all injuries as the quick application of cold pressure relieves swelling that can lead to further complications.

Warm down

After a high intensity game or workout, your body can’t suddenly stop. It needs to change gears slowly and the best way to do this is by some quick light exercise. Even something as simple as a walk or a slow jog around the court will be beneficial to your recovery.

Remember that, whether netball practice or netball game, when playing sports your body is working on full power, you have adrenalin, endorphins and your team members amping you up and without proper forethought an injury may not show itself until the next day. Prepare your body for the exertion and you’ll be all the better for it.

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Acuvue Contact Lenses Are Simple To Insert

If you are a glasses wearer, you might have thought of trying Acuvue contact lenses at some point. A hesitation that keeps some glasses wearers from trying contacts is the worry that they are somehow invasive. Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles to using eye lenses is getting comfortable with inserting and removing them.

An important thing to remember about inserting your contact lens are that you are not directly touching your eyes. Understandably, you may have an aversion to making contact with your eyeball, and humans have developed a reflex to avoid doing that. During insertion, your eye is protected from your fingers and nails by the contact lens; you will not experience pain if you correctly insert your contact lens.

Training yourself not to blink as you insert a contact lens is an important factor in making sure that your lenses are comfortably inserted. A wrongly-timed blink can easily knock the lens off your finger with your eyelashes or lid and into a sink or onto the floor. This could leave your lenses dirty or damaged.

Some people find that staring at their fingers as it is placing the lens onto their cornea helps. Others are more comfortable looking slightly upwards or downwards as they insert the lens. Any of these methods are adequate, as long as your eye stays still as you are inserting the lens. It is also important that the contact lens properly lines up with your iris and pupil. This is even more important when wearing colored contact lenses.

As well, another factor in comfortable lens insertion is making sure that your lenses are not inside out when you insert them. Acuvue contact lenses, like many other brands, have a right-side lens indicator printed on each lens. When the lens is oriented correctly on your finger, small numbers will be readable, rather than backwards, on the lens itself. When you insert a contact lens that is inside-out, it will be less comfortable because you will be likely be able to feel the edges of the lens rub against your eye. If that happens, simply remove the lens and reinsert, using wetting solution if necessary. As well, acuvue lenses have a slight blue visibility tint so that you can easily identify the lens on your eye — this makes removal easy.

If you make a mistake, it’s not a big deal. Gently remove the contact lens from your eye by nudging the lens off with the pad of your index finger. Simply rewet your lens with contact solution and try again. At first, properly placing your contact lenses can take a couple tries, but it soon becomes easier.

Remember, contact lenses are a medical device, and their misuse can have serious consequences. Always consult an eye care professional to make sure that contact lenses are right for your eyes, or if you are having problems.

Inserting your acuvue contact lenses does involve a bit of a learning curve, but it is easy to master. Following these tips may help you feel more comfortable using contact lenses. Who knows, you might even be convinced to leave glasses behind forever.

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Are You the Cause of Your Pain?

When our joints or muscles ache, our first reaction may be that we worked too hard at some physical task and “it will go away”. Later when it hasn’t, we may visit the doctor to identify the cause of our pain. Unfortunately the doctor has many patients to treat and doesn’t always have the time and patience to discover the underlying problem of which the pain may be only a symptom. The doctor can help us to understand where the pain is and what hurts but many times it is up to us to figure out what is really causing the problem.

We may not realize that some of the things we do, often inadvertently, can cause our pain. Sometimes we need to thoroughly examine our behavior to identify habits or other actions that could be the culprit. This may even require us to stand beside ourselves, like an outside observer, and critically examine our activities looking for some incriminating action or habit. It could be something innocuous or even something we do subconsciously. Once we have that moment of recognition, we can quickly come to an understanding of the underlying problem and resolve it.

I say this from experience, having endured several episodes of “unexplained” joint pain that turned out to be something I was doing to me. I had elbow pain that wouldn’t go away; the joint hurt but only enough to be annoying. Finally the “aha” moment hit me when I realized that while sleeping on my side I would place my upper arm out straight in front of me and rest it on the mattress like a flying buttress. It was the constant pressure on the arm during the night that made my joint ache. Once I trained myself to sleep differently the pain magically disappeared.

I also had another experience where my knees ached. Again I had that “aha” moment when I awoke during the night and discovered the problem. For some reason I had started lying on my back in bed with my legs crossed. If I fell asleep and did not turn on my side, I would subconsciously tighten the leg muscles to keep my legs together. The long periods of muscle clenching put pressure on the knees until they ached. Mystery solved.

When we have pain in our joints, there may be a chronic condition that should be treated by a doctor. But sometimes, if we think about it, the pain is only a symptom of a habit or activity that we do to ourselves that is the real cause.

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