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Home Remedies for Asthma

Asthma is not an uncommon name in the medical world, as this respiratory disease has affected millions across the globe regardless of age and gender with a gradual increase in the number of sufferers. Patients suffering from asthma seem to be gasping for air due to the blockage of the air passages that aid in breathing, and in many cases it turns out to be chronic. Allergens are the major contributing factors for this condition, when the body reacts to a special group of foreign bodies resulting in this troublesome condition. The common allergens responsible for this ailment are pollens, dust mites, smoke, some food items, drugs and other chemicals. In many cases the disease subsides with time but the chronic sufferers must be under proper medication or it may turn out to be life threatening.


Asthmatic patients suffer from frequent attacks of breathlessness and spasms in the chest. Other indications of this disorder are:

1. Coughing and wheezing, which worsens at night or in early morning
2. Mild fever
3. Chest congestion


The exact cause of Asthma still remains unexplained but a drop in the body immunity level is one of the vital causes. Some other factors are:

1. Over exposure to various allergens like pollens, dust and chemicals.
2. Changes in the weather conditions
3. Prolonged suffering from respiratory tract infection.
4. Pregnancy can induce Asthma in few cases.
5. Heredity

Home Remedies for Asthma

Regular practicing of simple home remedies can be equally effective in preventing and treating Asthma, without the intervention of drugs and other decongestant sprays.

1. Honey is a very important constituent in treating asthma through various remedies. Simply inhaling honey from a jug during the asthmatic attack eases the breathing within few minutes.

2. Radish, honey and lemon juice are blended in a mixer and cooked in low flame for few minutes. Taking one teaspoon of this mixture daily in the morning is a good remedy for asthma.

3. Taking a mixture of powdered ginger root, black pepper and a teaspoon of honey is another useful remedy for asthma.

4. Drinking a cup of hot tea made from licorice root is one of the best remedies for asthma.

5. Inhaling few drops of essential oils of the Juniper herb mixed in hot water clears the breathing passages and provides relief.

6. Drinking hot and steaming ginger tea with few minced pieces of garlic cloves in the morning and evening gives good results in treating asthma.

7. Regular physical exercises, swimming and deep breathing exercises are extremely beneficial for chronic asthmatic patients that prevent recurrence of the disease.

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Improving Eyesight Through Exercising

People looking at alternative methods for improving their eyesight, might consider eye-exercises. Our eyes have muscles, too. So, exercising those muscles can mean you will end up with stronger and more flexible eyesight.

Eye health professionals speak of “accommodation” which refers to how the eye focuses. The eyeball lengthens into an egg-like shape for distance viewing and contracts into a spherical shape for near viewing. Distance vision is the relaxed state. Near vision is the contracted state. If our eyes cannot accommodate or adjust between near and far, then they have lost their flexibility. When that happens, most likely we will be prescribed glasses.

In the late 19th century an American opthalmologist, Dr. William Bates, noticed that some people, both near-sighted and far-sighted, had spontaneously improved eyesight. He also observed that those who wore glasses did not blink. Instead, they just stared. Why, Dr. Bates wondered, did doctors keep giving stronger prescriptions to their patients? Usually, when a patient is at his weakest point, his prescription medicine will be at its strongest dosage. If the medicine is doing what it is supposed to do and the patient grows stronger, his dosage will grow weaker until it is no longer needed.

Dr. Bates concluded that wearing eyeglasses created a dependency on them. Wearing glasses neither strengthened nor stabilized eyesight in patients. Those who did not wear glasses blinked more often. Those people who did wear glasses did not blink and consequently lost flexibility in the muscles of their eyes.

While it is beyond the scope of this article to provide the actual techniques, I do explain the reasoning behind three of the exercises used to improve vision. I thank Meir Schneider, Ph.D for these insights.


Blinking is completely natural and acts as a massage for the eyes. It both lubricates and maintains flexibility of the eyes. Blinking actually gives you a mini-rest because with each close of the eye, your pupils expand. With each opening of the eyelids, your pupils contract. Blinking aids in our ability to adjust changes in the light. The average person blinks anywhere from 22 to 23 times per minute. When you use a computer, you become so focused you forget to blink and the rate drops down to 6 to 7 times per minute. Ideally, you should take some time out several times a day to focus on blinking slowly and deliberately.


Absolutely never ever wear glasses or contact lenses when performing this exercise. Sunning is done with your eyes gently closed and slowly rotating your head or upper body in a 180 degree arc. You should perform this exercise before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. Now the purpose of sunning is to stimulate the macula, the central part of the retina, which is sensitive to sunlight. When your eyes are closest to the sunlight, your pupils will contract and as you rotate through your arc, your pupils will dilate when you move away from the sun. This lends strength and flexibility to your pupils.

Also, sunning stimulates pigments in the melanin portion of the macula, which protects our eyes by darkening the appearance of sunlight in our eyes. This exercise helps our pupils to adjust to the varying degrees of light.


The purpose of palming is threefold: to rest your optic nerve, relax your nervous system and to restore circulation to your eyes. This exercise consists of sitting in a darkened room and cupping your hands over your eyes. The heel of each hand should be resting lightly on your cheekbones. It’s kind of like a meditative process in that you focus on your breathing and a total blackness or darkness. With palming you should be able to release tension.

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Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

When it comes to trying to lower blood pressure naturally, an honest review of your diet is the first place to start. Keeping a food diary for 10 days will provide you with a clear picture of what it is you are doing to your body. You may be shocked at just what and how much you actually do eat once you see it in black and white. It is so easy to snack here and there without realizing just how often and how much you are actually consuming.

When it comes to health, few things are as important as diet. Many people choose to diet as a means of losing weight, and the health benefits that come with maintaining a healthy body weight can be enormous. There are literally hundreds of diet programs and weight loss solutions, so finding one is not difficult. Shedding excess weight is a fantastic way to lower blood pressure naturally, plus it helps to keep all body systems healthy and functioning properly.

Following a healthy diet while you are attempting to lower blood pressure naturally has several benefits. Obviously it can prevent unnecessary weight gain and just as importantly, it can provide your body with the nutrients it requires to stay focused, energized, and generally healthy. Feeling better in general will help you build momentum with your healthy eating plan and it will become even easier to stick to this way of life. When trying to reduce hypertension naturally, weight loss is clearly an effective means of achieving this.

As you could imagine, there are many facets to a healthy diet plan and the requirements are usually different for every person. Since you are trying to reduce high blood pressure, it is most probable that your diagnosis of Hypertension was provided by your doctor or a health care professional. Certainly there are basic guidelines that everyone can follow if your desire is to reduce or eliminate your hypertension naturally. It is highly recommended that your doctor or a nutritionist be consulted so they can best devise a diet program to suit your specific needs and requirements. Make sure you tell your doctor or nutritionist that you are trying to lower blood pressure naturally. Once they are aware of this they are in a better position to work out exactly what foods you need to be eating and in what quantities. This will allow them to better tailor a program to successfully achieve your goal and be a match for your personal metabolism and body type.

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Chiropractic For Treating Headaches

An aspirin is something we often turn to during a headache, but an aspirin merely works to mask the pain. The pain does not go away; it is still there. While an aspirin may be an effective way for some to treat headaches, for other popping pills just doesn’t cut it… so they turn to chiropractic. But does chiropractic work for treating headaches?

What Does The Research Say?

In 2001, researchers at the Duke University Evidence-Based Practice Center in Durham, North Carolina noticed the patients who had undergone chiropractic treatment felt relief significantly faster after undergoing spinal adjustment, the primary technique used in chiropractic. Also, a 1995 study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics shows that people who had received chiropractic care but had stopped still showed tremendous benefits four weeks after stopping treatment. This is largely different from pill-based treatment, which requires the patient to take in a suggested dose on a regular basis to mask the pain.

Chiropractic and Headaches Resulting from Muscular Tension

Tension headaches are usually caused by muscle contractions in the head, neck, and shoulder muscles. They are one of the most common headaches experienced by most Americans and are often caused by emotional stress that lead to stiffness in the muscles and joints. Tension headaches, if not properly treated, can lead to a vicious circle of more muscular tension leading to more intense headaches. Chiropractic adjustment, along with other natural therapies such as trigger point therapy, massage therapy, and other relaxation techniques, can be employed to treat tension headaches because it restores the proper alignment of the spine at the same time releases the built-up tension in the muscles.

Chiropractic and Headaches Resulting from Vascular Problems

Headaches that arise due to abnormalities in the vascular system are more commonly known as migraines. Although many Americans experience at least one migraine over the course of their lives, nobody knows the exact reason why they exist. Medical studies have shown that migraines are triggered by a change in the hormones arising from exposure to food, smells, changes in the weather, and even emotional stress. Exactly why these factors cause a hormonal change is yet to be studied, though.

When these changes in the body’s hormone levels occur, the blood vessels located in the head dilate, causing other symptoms like nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and visual auras, followed by a severe headache that cannot be treated effectively or even disguised by aspirin and other over-the-counter medications. Here comes the role of chiropractic adjustment, which is also well-known to be an effective neurological release therapy because the adjustments in the spinal vertebrae frees up more space for the nervous system to flow through the body without restraint. Thus, through spinal manipulation combined with other therapies, migraine headaches can be treated and even prevented effectively.

Aromatherapy Soy Candles

While people are demanding more naturally based products, more companies are starting to meet the demand. The public is becoming more knowledgeable about what is good or not good for our environment, and our bodies. Since candles are a preferred choice for scenting the home, consumers want them to be made of natural substances. The traditional candle is made of paraffin which is a petroleum based product. They emit carbon dioxide into the air in the home. They also leave a film of soot on the walls after a period of time. Aromatherapy soy candles are better for the respiratory system. They are not only better for the respiratory system and atmosphere, but they last longer than paraffin candles.

Another popular way to scent the home or any other space is with essential oils. Aromatherapy is healing and provokes certain endorphins, and triggers in the brain. The limbic system controls these responses to aromatic and body oils. People tend to have multiple uses for essential oils. Some choose to make their own blends using top, middle and base notes.

Others use them to alleviate ailments using selections such as:

  • Bergamot – acne, chicken pox, depression, gas, boils, cysts, abscesses
  • Eucalyptus – cuts, burns, bronchitis, asthma, sores, muscle aches, rheumatoid arthritis
  • Clove – bronchitis, indigestion, nerve tension, toothache, colds
  • Chamomile – gas, gout, depression, headaches, irritable bowel, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, blisters
  • Frankincense – asthma, nervous tension, colds, bronchitis, uterine tonic (for heavy periods and post childbirth)
  • Geranium – burns, eczema, edema, PMS, poor circulation, tonsillitis
  • Jasmine – anxiety, lack of confidence, cough, headache, laryngitis, dry skin
  • Lavender – dandruff, eczema, flu, headache, acne, anxiety, sinusitis, circulatory problems
  • Neroli – anxiety, depression, digestion, insomnia, panic attacks, dry skin, stress

Many oils work best in combination with others. This is where a professional mixologist will be of help. Online sources are available that will mix personal concoctions for most needs.

Scented aerosol sprays can irritate the sinuses which is why a better option is spray bottles. Essential oils can be combined with water and simply sprayed in the air. Some people use vaporizers or humidifiers to distribute aromatherapy throughout their homes. Essential oils can be used in aromatherapy soy candles as well although essential oils are used in most natural candles. It is just as popular to use oils in diffusers with sticks. The wood absorbs the oil and distributes the scent throughout the room.

Oils and aromatherapy candles can be found online, sold wholesale or retail. There are also brief lessons on how to extract essential oils and make aromatherapy candles yourself. It can take hundreds of petals to make milliliters of oil, so it is a good idea to consult the experts. Mixed in aromatherapy candles, it goes further than spraying. Spas are growing all over the country. This is contributing to the demand for natural candles and other products. Many women create their own spa experience at home. Somewhere in the closed quarters of bathrooms around the globe are women taking luxury oiled baths with several candles lit around them. These are the demanding consumers.

Reduce Joint Pain With Elevated Toilet Seats

More than 25 million Americans suffer with arthritis joint pain or limited mobility and often they struggle with performing daily activities that many of us take for granted. Even a simple activity such as using the bathroom becomes a challenging ordeal that may require assistance. Raised or elevated toilet seats are specifically designed to safely assist people with limited mobility to use the restroom without assistance or pain.

There are hundreds of models with a vast array of designs that are available so it is important to understand the important points that will help you choose the best raised toilet seat for your needs.

Below are five points to consider before you purchase an elevated toilet seat.

1. Standard or Elongated Toilet? The first thing to check is whether the raised seat model is for a standard round toilet or an elongated oval toilet. You want to make sure if you purchase it that it will fit your particular style commode.

2. Check Weight Limit. Usually a seat can hold up to 250 pounds. If you think you may need a larger one then there are bariatric models available up to 600 pounds. Whatever you choose make sure it is sturdy enough for your particular needs.

3. Check Height. Most manufacturers have models that will raise the seat by 2 to 6 inches. A standard toilet is typically 14 inches above the floor. The additional height provided by the elevated toilet seat will depend on who will be the primary user. If you go to high, it may create difficulty for shorter people so give this some consideration during your selection process.

4. Understand the Attaching Mechanism. Some models fit inside the toilet, others attach on the outside of the toilet with screws or clamps, and the more deluxe models hinge to the back of the toilet. Whatever the mechanism, make sure you understand how it works before purchase. The stability of the person using the toilet seat will help determine how sturdy you want to go.

5. Consider Additional Features. Many models come with additional features such as padded seats and armrests, removable armrests, or microbiological treatments for the seat. On some models these are standard and on others they are optional.

6. Compare Prices. There are a variety of places that carry elevated toilet seats so check around for the best price for the model that has the features you want. Most large retail stores like Wal-mart or Target, pharmacies, and medical supply stores will carry a variety of manufacturers. You may want to consider doing your initial research on-line at sites like Amazon.com where you can see user reviews for a particular model.

Taking the time to review these six tips should help you select the best brand and model of elevated toilet seat for your particular needs.

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Overcome Your Anxiety and Panic Disorder

All of us are anxious about certain things and feel scared once in a while. However, the panic and the anxiety that a normal person feels and that felt by an individual with anxiety and panic disorder are completely different. It is a serious condition that requires medical attention.

People with this particular condition start to fear such attacks and tend to become less secure of handling themselves in the public. Some find it hard to lead normal lives due to the anxiety and panic disorder. That is why the condition should be treated as soon as possible.

Being petrified with anxiety and fear all of a sudden, being unable to breathe and feeling dizzy are some symptoms of the condition.

You might not be suffering from anxiety and panic disorder just because you had one panic attack. However, if such incidents occur more than once you should immediately seek professional help. People who know little of the condition think panic attacks occur only when people are tense or scared. A person with this problem might get such an attack even when he/she is quite relaxed. However, a tense and frightening environment or incident would increase the probability of a panic attack.

Those with mood-disorder start to dread when they feel that an attack is about to come. This feeling of dread and the fear of the attack would only worsen the situation. Usually the symptoms might be present around 10 minutes before the attack. The worse point of the attack could occur 10 or 20 minutes into the attack. Even those suffering from severe cases of these attacks are unlikely to experience an attack which lasts for more than half an hour.

During the attack you might start to sweat, feel nausea or dizziness, start trembling, feel numb, feel your heart racing and could feel like death is imminent. During such time periods those with mood-disorder are completely vulnerable. If you have a family member or a good friend who suffers from the condition, you should learn how to cope with the person during this time.

Anxiety and panic attacks could be treated. There are certain medications, including antibiotics that could help the patient but mostly it is about being mentally prepared to face the situation. Unfortunately, those suffering from this might find the therapy sessions rather harrowing at first. A panic attack could be ‘created’ within a controlled environment in order to help the patient to face the situation better.

Antidepressants could help you to better cope with the anxiety and panic disorder. Learning relaxation methods and how to control your breathing could help you a lot. Those with such a condition should avoid tobacco products and caffeine. These could worsen the condition.

You can get all the help you need to overcome this common medical problem.

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Similarities in Caregiving Experiences

No matter what your partner has that requires a caregiver many of things that a partner caregiver goes through are the same. Every caregiver has feelings of frustration and even helplessness sometimes. Many partner caregivers have had to go through problems with a nurse or doctor that won’t treat them as a family member of the patient. Finally every caregiver has to figure out how to balance caregiving and being a partner. Fortunately these similarities can be good place to start when talking to other caregivers about your experiences.

Caregiving Feelings

I would be surprised if anyone’s goal in life was to have a partner that needed caregiving. Watching your partner fight something that will eventually kill them or that causes them to be in pain all the time is hard. It is easy to feel helpless when you just want to take it all away for your partner but all you can do is hold their hand and watch. It is easy to get frustrated when the medicines aren’t working or, even worse, the medicine is causing problems in other areas. These are just two of many common feelings that partner caregivers share.

Prejudice Towards Partner Caregivers

One of the worst things that a partner caregiver can go through is to not be treated as family by doctors and nurses. When your partner trusts you to be their caregiver then the doctors and nurses should respect that but not all do. This isn’t just a problem for caregivers. Most of LGBT community has to worry that they won’t be allowed to speak for their partner if something was to go wrong. There are quite a few people in the medical profession that won’t count partners as family and don’t want to talk to them.

My Personal Caregiving Experience

I often resented the times when I had to say that I was Dee’s caregiver just to get her medicines. If Dee was with me she usually pointed out that I was also her wife. I wasn’t just her caregiver; I had been her wife years before I became her caregiver (thanks to a little Vegas wedding). I was so proud of her strength and courage that she displayed while she was fighting her battle with a rare cancer. I just wanted to shout from the rooftops that this awesome woman was my wife but sometimes I had to hide it just to get her the things she needed with the least resistance. Talk about frustrating!

We were luckier than many couples. The Nurse Practitioner that we saw for years never once questioned us going to our yearly appointments together and always answered any of our questions. Dee’s cancer doctor never once ignored my questions and understood that my answers to his questions where from the both of us. Of course once Dee filled out her Power of Attorney for medical decisions he didn’t have to worry about getting in trouble with his bosses. Still there were nurses in the cancer center that had issues with me answering questions about Dee’s care and medication and they would act like I wasn’t even in the room. Beyond making me mad, it would get Dee upset which in turn would make me angrier. She had enough to deal with battling her cancer and she didn’t need the extra problems of dealing with a discriminating nurse.

Balancing being a partner and a caregiver can be hard sometimes. After all there was a relationship before the medical incident or illness struck and hopefully it was a good one. Sometimes when a person gets sick or they are facing the end of their life, they get down right unbearable and they don’t want a partner anymore. Then you are faced with caregiving for the same person that you struggling with your personal feelings over. I have a hard time trying to figure out how I would feel if I’d had to take care of Dee while she was hollering at me or throwing things at me. I know that people have had to face this sort of thing with their partners and I have to thank my lucky stars that Dee handled it in a more positive way. This is one area that I expect to learn more about as the support community builds on Partner Caregivers.

Share Your Experiences

There are probably many more similarities between partner caregivers then I have listed here. This wasn’t meant to be an all inclusive list but just a sampling to show people that they do have things in common with other caregivers. Hopefully if you haven’t already joined the community, you will consider doing so now. I had often wished that I had people to talk to who could really understand what I was going through. In fact Dee herself wished that I had people to talk to and even tried to convince me to start talking to one of my ex-girlfriends because she knew that we were friends who had lost contact. While it is too late for me now, I hope that my experiences can help other partner caregivers and that together we can support each other.

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Self Hypnosis

Most depressed people are confused. Common questions from individuals suffering from depression are:

  • Why is this happening to me?
  • What is wrong with me?
  • Am I ever going to get better?
  • What most depressed individuals do not know is that certain levels of depression can be lifted quickly and effectively with self hypnosis.

The fact that hypnosis is an effective depression treatment is supported by a relatively new piece of research that few people within the psychological community know about yet. The research study found that via a particular approach the subconscious mind can be programmed to deal with certain levels of depression.

When you understand this new approach, depression loses its power to confuse.
Acomplia price
Uncommon Knowledge (a United Kingdom based hypnosis health organisation) has developed a careful blend of psychological techniques from cognitive therapy, behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy and hypnosis and has trained numerous professionals to use this approach effectively on clients suffering from depression.

Now you have access to this depression treatment approach

Uncommon Knowledge has taken this approach to treating depression and packaged it into two e-books and 17 audio sessions. The result: the Uncommon Knowledge Depression Program. It is the most powerful self-help tool available today for depression. It is your way out of depression and back to a normal, fulfilling life. And it will keep depression away too.

It is important to understand that depression de-motivates you and so the idea of starting such a program may seem difficult. However, the Uncommon Knowledge Depression Program is easy to read, and it is carefully structured in a step-by-step way.

When you are depressed your brain is exhausted, which makes learning difficult. Each session of the Uncommon Knowledge Depression Program is backed up by an audio download to give you the chance to relax regularly and absorb new information slowly. Hypnosis for depression relief is so quick because of the recovery effect it has on an exhausted brain.

What you need to understand is that this program does not replace the help you can get from a qualified professional – having someone there can make all the difference – but if you are getting help, it will make that help all the more effective.

On the other hand, if you are suffering from mild to moderate depression, and just want to know how to get rid of it, and stop it coming back, this self hypnosis depression program is perfect for you.

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Autism Traits and Symptoms

Autism certainly has turned some heads in the media over the past few years. It went from an ailment that not too many folks possessed, to one that effects one in every boys. That is huge number of children that have now been given an autistic diagnosis. What is autism and how would you know if your child has it?

Autism is a social disorder primarily, is it not as easily detected as other forms of special needs can be in some children. Autistic children can generally live very full and productive lives with the correct therapies in place. Detection is key and the earlier the better as many parents are learning the sooner they seek treatment for their autistic child, the increased chances they have of being mainstreamed into school settings and into the world in general. Autism is a broad spectrum that comes in many forms, some children do not speak one work that have it while others talk up a storm. Each case is different depending on the child and what they are willing to out effort in and what they enjoy basically. Some autistic children have very peculiar behaviors that are to distract from other stimulations in the room. For example, and autistic child may choose to make noises, spin around or fidget with an object for hours in an place they do not understand or feel comfortable in. A supermarket for instance can be a war zone for a severely autistic child as a person without the ailment will walk into a store an thing nothing of it. An autistic one will see all the lights, the colors, the signs, the noises the items in the room and it will become so overwhelming that the fear of not being familiar in the busy environment will result in those people displaying autistic symptoms. Some children cannot even be taken into a public store, they have fits that mimic a temper tantrum of sorts but it is not to be disciplined as one as this is nothing more than a child fearful of their surroundings.

Some things to look for when questioning if your child may possibly have autism, are that the child looks disconnected often, they do not make eye contact often, they do not engage in play with their peers as they would prefer to play alone instead. They often do not speak as much or at all, they may have poor sleeping schedules or even be very picky eaters. Some children have symptoms that cause inflictions on themselves such as banging their heads out of frustration or breaking items and even being violent to their own siblings. Some may just prefer to be alone all day and simply not want any contact with their peers or family members. These may appear to all be very frightening symptoms and they can be if not treat properly, so always have your child reviewed by your family physician if you have any concerns that they may possibly be one of the millions of autistic children living in the world today.

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Acne Laser Removal

A common question, which is raised by most people opting for acne laser removal is whether the treatment really works or not. The query, which they raise, is a legitimate one. Every new treatment that is introduced in the market will have a certain amount of questions asked and answers will be sought after by the people before they agree to take the treatment. Acne laser therapy has been around for a few years, but unfortunately has not been used as frequently as was imagined. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why doubts exist about the effectiveness of this treatment.

As mentioned earlier, the use of a laser for removal of blemishes left behind by acne has been around for some years now. It has also been proven that the treatment is effective and helps in the removal of any scars left behind by acne. Why is it that people still raise questions about the effectiveness of this treatment? There could be many reasons for people to think that this is just another gimmick. They could even have been fooled into believing that acne removal does not work and is just money making gimmick by doctors and therapists.

Perhaps the best way of ascertaining whether the treatment is good or not lies in talking to people who have taken the treatment and have managed to get rid of acne scars. This removal is not a gimmick in any way. It is a legitimate treatment approved by the FDA for use by any person in the country that is affected by acne or carries scars left behind by the infection. It must be understood that the costs involved and a certain amount of time is required before an infected person can rid themselves of any scars.

Perhaps the biggest reason why people doubt the effectiveness of this treatment could lie in the prices charged for acne laser removal. The cost of acne hair removal varies according to the depth of the scars on the patient. Any scars, which are deep will require multiple treatments and therefore add up to the overall costs that may have been estimated. Most people tend to believe that a single session of the removal is enough to get any scars removed from the body. This is however not the case. People with deeper scars will need more than a single session to get the scars removed, which proves to be a deterrent for many people. Perhaps this is the main reason why people still doubt the effectiveness of acne laser removal.

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