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Temporomandibular Disorder

Over 35 million Americans suffer from TMJ, which stands for Temporomandibular Disorder and is basically a collection of poorly understood conditions presented as pain or discomfort in the jaw and surrounding tissues and limitations in the jaw movements. Certain injuries or other physical conditions such as arthritis may have an effect on the temporomandibular joints, effectively impairing a person’s ability to speak, eat, swallow, and even breathe.

Other conditions may overlap with TMJ, resulting in additional discomfort. Chronic fatigue, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, hypermobility, irritable bowel syndrome, and sleep disorders are among the other conditions which may appear in conjunction with TMJ. TMJ disorders are normally highly complex, involving hormonal and genetic influences as well as numerous other biological factors.

The largest demographic of TMJ sufferers are women of childbearing age. Pain is usually the most common symptom, usually presenting as a dull ache in the lower jaw accompanied by difficulty in using the joint. People suffering from TMJ may also experience neck or shoulder pain, migraines, stiffness in the jaw or locking of the jaw, a popping or grating in the jaw when opening or closing the mouth, a bite that feels off center, tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Some people may experience noise when opening or closing their jaw, but it is only TMJ if there is pain accompanying the sound. Almost everyone experiences some discomfort in the jaw area from time to time, and it is not always indicative of a disorder. Even some TMJ sufferers improve without treatment, with the problem slowly correcting itself over a period of weeks or months.

Diagnosis of TMJ disorders is not always easy, because facial pain can be the result of a number of factors, sinus infections, decayed or abscessed teeth, headaches, or facial neuralgia. At the present time, there is no standardized test to accurately identify and diagnose all TMJ conditions.

TMJ is usually diagnosed after all other possibilities have been eliminated. The process of elimination is a slow one, consisting of trips to multiple healthcare providers such as your primary care physician, your dentist, ENT, neurologist, endocrinologist, pain specialists, and chiropractor (among others).

TMJ has no known specific cause; however it can be traced to injuries or trauma to the jaw area, arthritis, some dental treatments, infections, or auto-immune diseases. TMJ patients may also exhibit other chronic pain conditions.

TMJ disorders may improve over time, or if left untreated, may worsen, becoming long term and even debilitating problems.

The treatment for TMJ is usually simple common sense care, such as eating soft foods, applying ice or heat to the area, and avoiding extreme jaw movements such as yawning (not easy to do), singing, or chewing gum. More intensive treatments may be prescribed, but there is no scientific basis for this approach and such treatment may actually serve to make the problem worse. You should definitely avoid surgical treatment for the problem as there have been no long term studies to conclusively prove that such procedures are safe and effective.

As mentioned earlier, some conditions may overlap with TMJ symptoms. It is unknown why these conditions overlap, some people may suffer from two conditions, while others from three or even more. Or one condition may be apparent for several years before another appears. TMJ is rarely a stand alone issue.

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5 Tips to Buying a Massaging Chair

A massage chair can put a significant dent in your wallet so being aware of what to look for can be a time-saver and can help you avoid any pain in the neck mistakes (couldn’t resist the pun). Everyone has his or her own set of criteria and price point in mind so this article will offer some pointers to be aware of when choosing the best massaging chair for you.

  1. How much room do I have?
    Let’s be realistic. Massage chairs are not small purchases – they can be quite massive. The larger chairs, when in the reclined position, can occupy up to seven or eight feet in length which is how much room you’ll need to allow the chair to stretch out. That’s why you want to make sure that there’s enough space behind the chair without worrying about it hitting a wall behind you.A lot of people I know start out wanting to place the chair in front of their TV set but not everyone at home might be happy about that arrangement. Quite often I’ve seen these chairs end up in the bedroom or den where it wasn’t originally intended or where it might not be in the best spot to relax with a massage. In many homes, it’s an advantage to get a chair with wheels which makes it easier to roll it back to it’s storage location.
  2. Will the chair fit my body type?
    We’re not all built the same and that’s why massage chairs have to accommodate for a variety of different shapes and sizes. Most quality chairs have four rollers on the back that move in three dimensions. Some chairs have more rollers and some have as few as two. The length of the massage stroke is a important since some backs are longer than others and a stroke of 28-30 inches is recommended.On a lot of chairs you can adjust the length of the rollers to suit your height which is a big advantage and some chairs can adjust to your body height automatically. This is a big convenience and some chairs do this by sensing where your shoulders are.
  3. Does the chair offer the features I need?

    Most quality chairs offer the following conveniences

    – Steady pressure to loosen tight muscles
    – Percussion – The drumming or tapping action that soothes and relieves tired and painful muscles increasing blood flow.
    – Kneading – Somewhat similar to what a baker does to bread dough
    – Rolling – An action similar to when a masseur uses the thumbs or knuckles to alleviate tightness
    – Vibration – a feature that most handheld massagers offer
    – Heat – to further increase blood flow and comfort levels

  4. In addition, you might consider if a chair provides these next few things

    – Air compression – to massage the hamstrings and gluteal muscles as well as the calves and feet. This can be especially helpful for sufferers of diabetes as it aids in blood circulation.
    – Air compression can also be featured to massage the arms while even taking your blood pressure.

  5. Is the warranty a good one?
    These massaging chairs have a lot of moving parts so you should definitely find a warranty that covers parts as well as labor.
    Some common complaints include noise, so you should make sure there are no squeaks or squeals and that the warranty covers these issues as well.
    You’ll also want to research whether they will service a faulty chair in a timely manner as some people have complained of wait times as long as 30 days.
  6. Could a massaging chair be hazardous for me?
    Although massaging chairs offer a number of health benefits, you will want to be aware of any risks to your health so I definitely urge you to check with your doctor to make sure you don’t stay on the massage chair for too long or misuse any of the features.

Well, there you have it. Once you’ve set your budget, using some of the guidelines in this article, you should be ready to do some research and find the right chair for you. Happy shopping!

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Get Better Sleep for Health and Weight Loss

Sleeping disorders are fast becoming a major problem for the British population. One in twenty of us suffer from excessive daytime drowsiness caused by poor sleep that is believed to be responsible for 1 in 5 motorway accidents. One in 50 British adults are on prescribed medicine to help with sleep, and there are probably as many people self-prescribing over-the-counter remedies. This article will set about trying to explain why we are suffering from a lack of sleep and present some ways to combat sleep deprivation.

The reason we are tired is because we have a sleep debt. Think of your sleep debt as a bank overdraft; if you have a big overdraft you simply have to make monthly payments to meet the minimum requirements, plus pay off the interest, to pay off the debt. Similarly if you have a sleep debt you have to begin paying it off (getting adequate sleep) plus the interest (catch up on what you have missed).

Before the advent of the light bulb, it is safe to say that people got enough sleep. If you have ever been on holiday to a relatively poor country you would have seen this first hand as people rise (wake) and set (sleep) with the sun. Even the advent of fire thousands of years ago would not have produced enough light to interrupt our sleep rhythms and was probably used at night more for warmth and protection.

Our bodies are designed to be in a rhythm with the sun. As the sun rises in the morning, cortisol – an awakening hormone begins to rise. This cortisol rhythm peaks at around midday and begins to drop off in the afternoon. As the sun begins to set, the production of melatonin – a sleep hormone – begins to rise, making us sleepy. During the first few hours of sleep there is an increased production of growth and repair hormones, such as DHEA, testosterone and growth hormone. This fine balance in the hormonal system is what keeps our body in rhythm; however, modern lifestyles upset this finely tuned hormonal rhythm.

Stress is a big problem today, be it emotional, physical, chemical or electromagnetic. Any type of stress causes an increase in you stress hormones – cortisol being the major one. If your cortisol levels are artificially high in the evening when it should be dropping off, it will retard the production of melatonin, and will make getting to sleep a hard job. It will also disrupt the production of your growth and repair hormones which make it hard to recover from the rigours of everyday life, such as recovering from a work-out, a physical day at work or from an injury.

Another tendency today is to sit up till late in a brightly lit room watching television, surfing the net or doing other stimulating activities, then get up early for work the next day and hibernate on the weekends. The pineal gland, which produces melatonin (your sleep hormone) sits just behind the eyes and is very light sensitive. Any type of light stimulation in the evening suppresses melatonin, when it should be rising to make you sleepy, making getting to sleep hard work. This also includes sleeping in a room where there is light pollution from the street or the house.

There are many other factors that can disrupt the fine balance in your hormonal system that can impact on sleep, blood sugar control being one. Cortisol is also an important hormone in regulating blood sugar levels, for example, when your blood sugar is low, cortisol will be released to breakdown stored fats and protein for the liver to convert into sugars. Eating meals too late at night or eating too many simple sugars, such as desserts, sweets, chocolate etc…before bed, will cause blood sugar problems, and affect your sleep. A classic sign that this is happening is if you wake in the night for no apparent reason – the poor blood sugar regulation has caused cortisol to be released into your blood, waking you up. Similarly eating foods with toxins (pesticides, colourings, flavourings etc…) or stimulants (sugar, aspartame or caffeine) can also cause deregulation in the hormonal and immune system, making it hard to sleep.

The brain is an electrochemical organ, generating up to 10 watts of electricity. The brain has 4 categories of brain waves, all with different frequency and amplitude. As we wind down at night then go to sleep we pass down though the different brain waves and end up in delta brainwaves, which are of low frequency and promote sleeping and dreaming. Any type of electromagnetic field (EMF) in the bedroom can disrupt these brainwaves and prevent adequate sleep. Even electrical wiring in the walls gives off an EMF that can be picked up with the right equipment. An EMF detector can be purchased from price-pottenger.org for $20 US and can be used to detect any EMF in your bedroom. Once you know where the EMF’s are, simply move your bed, or change your sleeping position so that your head is far away as possible from any EMF at night.

Any kind of electrical instrument in the bedroom that gives off an EMF could be disrupting your sleep, such as a TV, electric alarm clock, radio, electric blanket, mobile phone etc. and should be unplugged at the very least or removed all together from the bedroom, after all the bedroom is a place for sleep.

10 tips to get adequate sleep

1. Be in bed by 10 and asleep by 10:30pm and get up between 6 and 7 am everyday.

2. Eat well balanced meals throughout the day remove all stimulants, toxins and processed foods from your diet

3. Turn off the TV and computer by 8pm

4. Take a hot bath or do some breathing, meditation or stretches before bed

5. Light candles instead of using bright lights at night

6. Sleep in total darkness

7. Move all electrical items out of the bedroom

8. Don’t exercise past 8pm as it elevates cortisol levels

9. Pay off your sleep debt by getting a few extra hours here and there (weekends, lunch time nap etc…)

10. Try this supplement protocol from Coach Poliquin

• Evening meal take 4 Uber Mag

• Evening snack take 4 Uber Mag

• Right before bed rub 2 pumps of Topical Mag behind each knee

Those with children can also use these tips to help them sleep adequately too. Young children require more sleep than adults so they would need to go to bed earlier than 10pm. You children would need much less magnesium.

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The Classic Eye Disease

The human eyes are one of the most vital organs of our body. It is the main organ that allows us to see the things and the people around us. It is the reason why we can clearly move in a safer place. It gives us the chance to choose and observe the proper ways on dealing important things. Our eyes generally give color to our mind and to our life. Anything that we see using our own eyes influences our thoughts and even our behavior. In general our moods or feelings also depend on the color or appearance of things that surrounds us.

The idea or possibility of losing our own vision also means losing the colorful part of our life. It is indeed very complex and difficult to imagine that there is a high possibility that we can no longer see the things that surrounds us because of impaired vision. Our body is composed of organic compounds and is prone to experience degeneration.

Degeneration is the process of losing the normal function of the body. It also includes weakening of the immune system and other organs that contributes to the daily activities of a person. Degeneration is often the result of old age. Old age is the stage wherein the cells in the body are no longer producing enough energy or nutrients for the body. Once the cells are no longer functioning well, it will be very difficult for the body to cope with its needs and may lead to serious ailments.

One of the most common diseases which are caused by the degeneration of the cells in the body is the macular degeneration. This kind of ailment has something to do with the vision of the patient. This type of disease is one of the leading causes of vision loss in some of the popular region in the world. Macular degeneration has a higher number of patients compared to eye cataract. This type of disease can also be transmitted to children however majority of its victims are those individuals who are already old.

Macular degeneration is more fatal compared to eye cataract. It is because this type of disease has no cure yet. Unlike eye cataract, macular degeneration cannot be removed using surgery. The occurrence of this type of disease is gradual and a blurry vision is its main symptom. In general, this kind of ailment affects both eyes of the patient. However a single area is more affected compared to the other one.

Macular degeneration targets the part of the vision which is used in seeing and reading. The affected area of the eyes will gradually increase in diameter, leaving its victim with a complete impaired vision. It would be impossible for a person with macular degeneration to read and even observe objects in a distant place. In worst cases, patients can no longer recognize the shapes of any objects due to the severity of the condition of their eyes. Nowadays patients with such disease are advised to wear special types of glasses in order for them to function well.

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What Causes Sciatica?

A condition called sciatica effects millions of people worldwide each year. It is characterized by pain, numbness and weakness in the lower back and leg regions of the body. Those afflicted may also experience a tingling sensation, a feeling of burning in the muscles and have difficulty when sitting or standing for long periods of time.

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve located in the lower spinal region (lumbar) is pressed down or aggravated due to some injury or a misalignment vertebrae referred to as spondylolisthesis. In the vast majority of patients compression of the nerve root is the most common cause of sciatica.

The sciatic nerve is known as the longest nerve in the body, it runs from the lower spine down through the back of the thigh, it provides the connection between the muscles in your leg and feet. If the sciatic nerve either through injury or infection becomes compressed it sends signals to the pain receptors in your brain causing this condition.

While in the vast majority of sciatica cases the condition is temporary, long term affliction with this injury has been reported. Typically you can expect your condition to improve approximately 2 weeks up to 6 months varying from each individual.

If your sciatica extends beyond that period consult with a doctor for surgical or other treatment options.

There are a number of exercises shown to help minimize lower back pain and should be part of your overall healing regiment.

The most common of these exercises focus on strengthening the lower back region and relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve. Before undertaking any exercise program always consult with your doctor or qualified fitness professional.

Typical Sciatica exercises

The Piriformis Stretch

While Sitting on the floor with your unaffected leg stretched in front of you, Grasp the ankle of the sore or painful leg and pull it gently towards your chest. Hold it in place and do a count to five

Do 5 repletion.

The Lower Back Extension

Lie face down on your stomach while supporting your weight on the elbows, so that your back is extended.
Once in position begin to slowly straighten your elbows, until you feel a gentle resisitance. Again Hold position for 5 seconds.

Repeat 5 times.

Exercise is not only beneficial to your overall health but has been shown with proper medical supervision to help relieve the pain felt by sciatica sufferers. Medications commonly prescribed are drugs which are designed to block prostaglandins and minimize inflammation to relive the pain.

If these traditional treatment options have been ineffective in treating your condition than an all natural remedy may be your best option It was developed by a sciatic physician and promises to relieve the pain and symptoms of sciatica in a matter of days.

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The Function of Amino Acids

Looking at the biological perspective, definition and structure of amino acids can certainly become somewhat technical and is relatively involved to say the least. Essentially in obtaining a basic understanding of these organic compounds, we need to realize that these are concerned with the breaking down of proteins, which for all intensive purposes is that they are the basic building blocks of proteins, in which case they join together to form either long or short polymer chains, known as polypeptides or peptides respectively. The former, polypeptides, are also referred to as proteins which in turn are used within the provision of energy for the human body.

Amino acids are additionally involved in a number important roles within the human body, and in which they synthesize other molecules too, which include the likes of Tryptophan, Glycine, Arginine and so forth. These molecules are precursors to serotonin, porphyrins, and nitric oxide respectively, and which also play a role within nutrition and fitness activities for the fitness enthusiast thus displaying the importance of amino acids within the human body.

Therefore one can see the benefits that these acids provide, but it actually extends even further in that not only do they function within the creation of the mentioned molecules and proteins, but also act as a reparation agent. This is when the body tissue, muscle tissue and so forth break down during metabolism or are damaged during workouts and repair these broken down areas of tissue. Again this highlights the importance thereof for the active gym and fitness trainer. The additional benefits of these are held within the fact that they also play a positive role in concentration, sleep normalization, and one’s libido.

When it comes to nutritional supplements, the active gym and fitness enthusiast should be aware that there are a number of products that can add value to their training that add to the intake of amino acids within the body. This in turn has a number of benefits in that they provide both the energy and repairing factors that were detailed above. This will add to workout time and ability in terms of the energy, and will help speed up the recovery process that is normally associated with strenuous workouts in the gym or on the track. However one has to always take into account what they wish to achieve when it comes their training goals, this will guide the individual in selecting the right amino acids related product in terms of nutritional supplements.

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Massage Therapy Training Courses and Careers

Choosing to obtain an education in order to pursue a career in massage therapy can be done by enrolling in an accredited school or college. Opportunities exist at different levels and allow you to specialize in a certain area of the field. By enrolling in a higher education training program you can begin the path to the career you long for. Studies will help you obtain the skills that will be necessary to carry out work related tasks and be successful. You can start by learning more about the options available to you and begin training today.

Massage therapy is a form of natural healing that helps to alleviate pain, stress, and more through various forms of hands on pressure application. You can become a professional in this field and pursue the career you desire by finding an accredited school or college that offers the training you need and desire. Studies can be completed at various levels including the certificate and associate degree level. Training will last several months to two years. The level of education that you choose to receive will help determine the specialized areas that are available to study. You can choose from:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Chinese Medical Massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Reiki
  • Myotherapy
  • Sports Massage

…and much more. Once you have made the decision to enroll in an accredited school or college to receive an education in this field, you can begin the training process and look into employment options.

There are various careers in massage therapy as well as places that hire these types of professionals. You can look forward to employment as a reflexologist, massage therapist, aromatherapist, chiropractor, and many other professions that involve this form of natural healing therapy. Places of employment can include healthcare facilities, spas, clinics, salons, hospitals, private homes, sports facilities, and a variety of other businesses. By making the decision to pursue a career in this field you can enroll in a program that will help you obtain the skills that are necessary to enter the workforce prepared for a successful career. This can be done by finding a program and completing all required coursework and training.

Accredited schools and colleges that provide massage therapy training will help you receive the knowledge you need to be successful. Coursework and training will give you the chance to study reflexology, nutrition, diseases, anatomy, modalities, physiology, fitness, chiropractics, and much more. Enrollment will also provide the opportunity to learn acupressure, pressure application, psychology, kinesiology, and many other relative courses. Once you have received an accredited higher education in this field you can seek the employment you desire. Start the path to a new career today by completing the required training.

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Putting Healthy Living Into Action

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the abundance of information on the internet regarding exercise, eating, and healthy living in general? You are in fine company if your answer is yes. Even though my field is health coaching and personal training, I get weary and uninspired by the tidbits of information that are available for free on even highly regarded, well researched, and prominent professional oriented websites.

This is not to undermine these sites, as I use them quite often as a resource. It is to suggest however, that we need to focus more thoughtfully on what matters most for us as health oriented individuals. Let me explain.

Reading But Not Doing the Work

Here’s what I believe is happening with the wealth of information we have access to on the internet. As consumers, we consistently look for the big breakthrough in losing weight and keeping it off. There’s nothing new about this. With our desire to lose weight, we put our energy into reading material about healthy living and weight loss, but without actually doing the work of cleaning up our eating habits and increasing our energy expenditure with exercise. Why this happens, I can only surmise. One reason that stands prominent in my mind is that we become numb to all the tidbits of information floating in cyberspace, and consequently find it difficult to focus on an actual plan for becoming healthier and leaner. Further, this vast amount of information available to us has the effect of numbing us. This sea of information intended to increase consumer awareness and motivation often times causes the opposite effect. And, it comes at a bad time to the consumer, considering that unhealthy living and obesity are at epidemic proportions.

We Need to Make Sense of Information

As people we are cognitively driven to make sense of the world and so we succeed best when information is integrated systematically into our own lifestyle needs. We have an innate desire to live a healthy life. If you doubt this, ask yourself how many times you have stopped and started exercise and healthy eating programs? We want purpose, meaning, and a sense of systematic planning when it comes to most things that are important to us. Unfortunately, for most people who are aiming to lose weight or become healthier, these small bits of information only serve to distract them from carrying out a more thoughtful strategic plan that is necessary for long lasting behavior change.

What To Do?

What to do is the question. Many of us are good at what we do. We are driven, motivated, and have a system for succeeding at whatever it is we choose. So the question that you may have as a “dieter” is, “Why can’t I succeed at losing weight when I am competent in most other areas of my life?” This is a question worth taking a few minutes to analyze. Think about this – What makes you successful? It does not need to relate to money or fame, but only in what is important to you. If money and fame are important, that is ok of course, but what I am striving to have you analyze is the idea that there is a strong correlation between smartly strategized effort and success. Rarely does anyone succeed if a thoughtful plan is not put into action.

So Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

These tidbits of information that we have been flooded with for years now is just that- tidbits of information with no plan – no overall strategy – no meaning – and no real life changing purpose! Designed to help us? Of course! But prioritized and individualized for our unique motivations, strengths, weaknesses, and lifestyles – hardly.

We all have areas that we excel in and that comes easy and more natural to us. We still of course have to work strategically hard, but it is work that gives us purpose, energy, and meaning in our lives. In these strength areas of our lives we’ve found value in goal setting, planning, strategizing, implementing, assessing and reassessing. But why haven’t we valued the significance of such thoughtful planning in designing our own healthy lives?

We Stopped Believing

Somewhere in our society’s timeline we stopped believing that smart effort was required for being healthy. Regardless of why or how we came to believe this is really not important. As a health and wellness coach I prefer to look forward to what can be, and only reflect on the past to bring a sensibility to our future aspirations. It is my hope and desire to bring the energy I have in my work, to help you transform the vision you have of a leaner healthier body, and happier life, into the reality you deserve.

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Diets For Quick Weight Loss

Nearly everybody wants to know for sure which are the most recommended diets for quick weight loss. Though, the answer is not the least bit easy. There’s almost always some sort of potential downside somewhere. If you’re searching for some sort of magical cure I’m going to say this right now, there actually isn’t one. For this reason, it’s extremely important you are aware of precisely what you are getting your self in for while looking at doing any of these diet plans. The following article should, hopefully, provide you with pretty much all the tips you’ll need to help make an informed choice about which diet plans could be most suitable to suit your needs.

You can pretty much rely on the fact that the most desired and well known weight loss programs are going to be good quality. The diet plans that are popular are often like that for a purpose. These weight loss plans that have proven themselves to be frequent high sellers over a period of time can generally be trusted more than the ones which have not. In this instance, newer diets or novelty weight loss plans will be best left alone until they’ve been tested in the marketplace. Most diet plans which are still on the market after a couple of years should be delivering some reasonable results.

Quite a few diets offer good quality free gifts in the way of downloadable ebooks, audio as well as video footage which are usually more than just sales tactics. It’s possible to figure out a great deal relating to the content material within a plan through the quality of the giveaways. Look at the way in which they are produced along with the professionalism and trust exuded within these materials. What is important to understand here shouldn’t be the subject matter within the freebies, it’s more what you foresee the actual paid material to be like. After all, you get what you pay for these days, and absolutely free material is worth each and every nickle!

Some of the fundamental necessities which every quality diet program must offer are; nutritional facts, eating options, tested recipes and an extensive training program. The best weight loss diets also contain some type of metabolic typing procedure or calculation that will help you harness the power of your body’s unique calorie burning properties. Advanced diets for quick weight loss consist of more than only written material and that’s why the web-based diets tend to be the hottest sellers. Downloadable audio along with web-based video are the 2 major reasons why the web based diets out sell and also out do their competition. These weight loss programs include a selection of learning and motivational content which provide for both image and aural learning groups. After all, some people really do not like reading.

Perhaps one of the biggest issues for easily slimming down is getting great support combined with the right information. This is particularly crucial with dieting, seeing that difficulties, excuses and scrumptious temptations may easily side line any weight loss dreams. Quite a few of the leading weight loss plans give email and community forum assistance. Make it a point to choose one of these diets to begin with simply because your chances of actually reducing the extra weight and more importantly not regaining it will most likely be better.

Finally, it must be mentioned that there isn’t one particular weight loss program which is considerably better than any other. I am aware that sounds disheartening, especially when you’re seeking a definitive solution. Nevertheless, regrettably one great weight loss diet for one individual could very well wind up being lousy for the next person. It all relies on what type of eating regimen suits you best. There are a wide range of fantastic diet programs out there that have varying ratios of exercise, diet constraints and speed of weight reduction. It is these 3 factors which are commonly the trade off in every weight loss program. There’s absolutely no such diet that will provide quick weight loss which does not include either a comprehensive exercise routine or highly restrictive eating plan. Equally, weight loss diets that provide liberal eating limits will likely take you more time to get rid of fat. The secret is to be truly frank with yourself and determine exactly what you’re prepared to undertake, or sacrifice, and opt for the diet plan which caters to you the best.

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Relief From Lower Back Pain

How To Achieve Fast Relief From Lower Back Pain

Your spine carries the entire weight of your upper body including your head, which can weigh about 5kg (2.3lb). The spine is supported by groups of muscles and like any structure, this complex integrated composition is restricted by its design as to what it can carry.

Would you load a 1 Ton pick up truck with 1.5 Tons and expect it to last its natural term of life?

Comparing the spinal anatomy to a mechanical structure suggests that like anything mechanical, it requires servicing to work efficiently for a long time. Unfortunately, we cannot inject oil or replace worn parts of our spines at will so the only way we can service our mechanical back is to maintain a reasonable weight, eat a healthy diet and keep the core muscles strengthened.

Most back pain, especially lower back pain, is caused by muscle strain. Simply by sitting, the muscles are in use to prevent you from falling over. Stress, anxiety and depression are frequently linked to back pain. Stress causes muscles to contract, which reduces blood flow to the tissues and often leads to pain. Stress hormones can heighten the perception of pain.

HOW then can we achieve fast relief?

An EPIDURAL STREROID INJECTION is a common spinal injection, often referred to as a nerve block. It uses a steroid combined with a local anaesthetic, which is injected into the epidural space (this is the space between the membrane covering the spinal cord, known as the “Dura” and the wall of the spinal canal). The medication travels up and down the epidural space to coat the spinal nerves and facet joints near the site of injection.

The procedure will be performed by a suitably trained clinician and results may vary with many patients experiencing instant pain relief, which can last from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the cause of the back pain. In some cases the injection is ineffective. It can take several days for the steroids to effect pain relief as they gradually reduce inflammation.

The main goal of this type of pain relieving strategy is to assist the Para spinal muscles to relax. As mentioned above, when muscles contract, they reduce the blood flow to the tissues and like a bruise, pain is experienced.

It must be stated although it should be obvious that pain emanating from a damaged spine, be it from trauma or degeneration, will not be relieved for long if at all. Irrespective of the cause, it is always a good idea to have your doctor prescribe some simple core muscle strengthening exercises as part of the servicing agreement you should have with your spine.

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What Is Eating Ethically

The term “eating ethically” generally pertains to 3 things including animals, the environment and the general world population. Essentially, its about eating in a way that is respectful of the lives and well-being of others, including animals. Its about being a compassionate eater such that you are consciously aware of the fact that your food choices impact the rest of the world and the planet. Its also about your being selfless, taking a stand and making a commitment to safeguard the rights and interests of those who are not in a position to protect themselves. To understand this in more depth requires looking more closely at each of the 3 areas of concern starting with animals.

  • Eating ethically in terms of animals is about acknowledging that animals, like people, have the right to live out a free, torture-free, serene life on this abundantly rich planet of ours. Specifically, for many vegans it means excluding all meat and meat products from your diet and in some instances your overall lifestyle. Many vegans believe that since animals are living creatures they have certain rights and one of those rights is to peacefully co-exist with man. Thus, for such people a huge component of eating ethically is observing animal rights in the same manner that human rights are observed.
  • Next, eating ethically in terms of the environment refers to one’s commitment to eating in a way the ensures the sustainability of our planet’s resources. In other words, it means growing food in an environmentally sustainable way, shopping with local farmers and vendors who purchase locally, as well as packaging food and personal care products in environmentally friendly materials.
  • Lastly, ethical eating with respect to the world population has to do with being mindful and proactive about doing what’s needed to ensure that more of the world’s poor is fed. Thus, it is purported by advocates of this approach that adopting a plant-based diet is the solution. The United Nations has declared that a plant-based diet can feed more people than an animal-based diet. For instance, while 1 acre of land can yield 20,000 pounds of potatoes, that same acre of land when used to raise cattle only produces 165 pounds of meat. This is why 850 million of the human population is undernourished, that’s 1 of every 7 humans. As such, advocates of ethical eating in the interest of feeding the world’s poor believe that the solution to the problem is to eat less meat and support local farmers by buying fresh fruits and vegetables from them.

Ethical eating has become a national movement initially started by the growing community of health conscious individuals. Its a movement to educate and stimulate others to eat more compassionately, take more accountability and be more proactive in doing what’s necessary to ensure the sustainability of our planet and its inhabitants.

By Health Care on December 16, 2010 | Nutrition