Stop Anxiety Attacks – Is That Your Dream?

You have finally faced up to the realization that you are one of the 40 million adult Americans with a debilitating anxiety disorder and now you are seeking the best way to stop anxiety attacks that are ruining your life. You are longing for that “used to be” lifestyle when you were free from the haunting fear and the humiliating instances of immobilization and other bizarre and erratic reactions brought on by these attacks.

Were you surprised by that “40 million” number? It’s quite common for those suffering such attacks to believe they are the “only one” dealing with such a malady, and so, believing that “no one could ever understand” what they are experiencing, they struggle and travail far too long, bearing this burden alone. Incidentally, people of all ages, including children, are susceptible to anxiety disorders.

However, we’re here to tell you the welcome news that many do understand, therefore, many treatments are available that will stop anxiety attacks and all their symptoms that you are experiencing. Hopefully, you are doing or will do the necessary research to learn more about this disorder and how to choose the most effective way to stop anxiety attacks. Perhaps our brief suggestions will help to make this an easier process for you and your family. Technicians or medical therapists describe anxiety, not as a single disorder or affliction, but as a cluster or group of similar or related afflictions. And because of these many different forms of anxiety disorders, it makes it more difficult to diagnose the correct form of anxiety and to stop the anxiety attacks. It is also important to understand that anxiety is not just psychological, but also involves the physical symptoms which often confuse the technician or doctor making the diagnosis.

In your quest to stop anxiety attacks that have interfered with your normal lifestyle, don’t overlook the fact that because of it’s lack of focus, you may also require partnering or merging of treatments and therapies to break the cycle of anxiety and stress triggered by the fear of another attack, and bring about the cure. Yes, we said “cure”. Be aware that some treatments focus on treating the symptoms and others actually focus on discovering the source of the anxiety, breaking the cycle of fearing another attack, and thus being able to affect a cure.

Combating the physical symptoms of anxiety is important because they interfere big time with your normal lifestyle, and certain medications such as beta blockers and antidepressants are instrumental in helping relieve many symptoms of anxiety disorders. These medications would be used in conjunction with other treatments focusing on affecting a cure rather than on managing symptoms, at the same time recognizing their portent to addiction and other side effects.
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Medications may be the first treatment to come to mind, but if your goal is to stop anxiety attacks, to cure your anxiety disorder, regardless of its form, medical technicians and therapists agree that is not the appropriate treatment. Many anxiety therapists practice various natural remedies for anxiety such as specific breathing exercises and muscle and relaxation exercises; herbal teas and relaxants such as lavender, chamomile and herbal teas; physical exercise; a good healthy diet with all the right nutrients that contribute to healthy functioning of the brain which in turn produces the right attitudes and moods; and plenty of water.

Do you recall that we stated that anxiety is psychological, meaning involving the mind? Actually, there are six psychological conditions that have been labeled anxiety disorders: (GAD) generalized anxiety disorder; (PDST) post traumatic stress disorder; panic disorder; specific phobias or irrationality; (SAD) social anxiety disorder; (OCD) obsessive compulsive disorder.

In addition to the above treatments for stopping anxiety attacks, there is the familiar psychiatric anxiety treatment known as CBT, cognitive behavior treatment. This focuses on discovering the source of the anxiety, and then continues to work on attitude change, and rearranging thought and behavior patterns and responses regarding the fear and anxiety.

Other treatments helpful to bringing about a balance to the individual’s anxiety responses are: Psychotherapy or Talk Therapy, focusing on rooting out from the past, the source and “triggers” of the anxiety; alternative treatments as they are introduced to the field of psychiatry and medicine such as hypnosis, yoga, specific breathing and exercise programs; and biofeedback.

You’re on the right track; don’t be side-tracked! You’re headed for that “it’s back again” lifestyle of freedom from the debilitating fear and anxiety of those horrible attacks. You’ve been seeking and you have found your answer of “how to stop anxiety attacks”! Rejoice and be glad!
So, you’ve been suffering from anxiety or panic attacks and I know just how desperate you can become-I’ve been there. You don’t have to suffer any longer, but you need to learn how to stop anxiety attacks, not just ‘manage’ them.

Author: Health Care on June 8, 2011
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