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Preventive treatment for migraine

Migraine is a painful condition from which all sufferers want immediate relief. Unfortunately, it is not enough that you use medication to get rid of its symptoms, but to manage it in such a way as to minimize its recurrence, if not totally avoid it.

The objectives of treatment for migraine are to relieve current pain and to minimize attacks. But before even deciding on how best to relieve the pain, you need to know what triggers your migraine attacks so as to avoid them. This is your first line of defense against headaches.

As you probably know, stress is one of the major triggers of migraine. You need to learn, understand and practice relaxation techniques to minimize migraine attacks. You also need to consult your doctor to help you understand the real cause of your pain, like lack of sleep, stress, fatigue, and certain drinks and foods. More importantly, your doctor can provide you with the necessary medications to relieve and control your discomfort.

Preventive treatments include the use of doctor-prescribed drugs to keep you from getting head pains. They include medications like antidepressants, blood pressure medication, and anti-seizure medicine. They are taken daily to treat actual headaches and to lessen the frequency and severity of migraine episodes, especially if you experience more than one migraine per week.

It is important though that they are taken under your doctor’s supervision to minimize risks, normally through overuse and side effects. It likewise must be noted that some medications have addictive properties. They are not to replace the value of recognizing and dealing with the triggers that may be causing your migraine.

Another way of treating migraine headaches is through abortive medication used, as the name suggests, to abort or prevent a migraine attack as it starts. Abortive drugs include triptans, which help lower serotonin levels in the body. Triptans specifically target headache pain, but not back problems, arthritis, menstruation, and other conditions that trigger bodily pains.

There are other medications not specific for migraines, but which can help ease almost any kind of pain – Butalbital compound (Fioricet, Fiorinal) and Acetaminophen and codeine (Tylenol with Codeine). They are less desirable than the other migraine-specific drugs, primarily because they can be habit forming, but they can be taken primarily as a “backup” when a specific drug does not work.

A lot of people rely on a number of over-the-counter (OTC) medications for headaches, but you should be aware that they could lose their potency through overuse. This is a pitfall for many migraineurs, who rely on OTC medicines and experience more intense pain and photophobia when their effectiveness wears off. In this case, you should make a quick visit to your doctor because he can help you overcome your pain.

Curing Anxiety Disorders

The times we live in are not conducive to happy and stress free living. There is so much competition every where and the global financial recession has made matters worse. It is natural for people to experience a lot of stress personally. But when the stress levels go out of hand, and result in anxiety attacks, the problem could need medical attention.
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It is said that some level of stress is required for normal functioning. People need to use this stress to be competent and have healthy competition. But some folks are unable to cope with excess stresses and strains. They get so prone to panic and anxiety attacks, that they need to get help in the form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT as it is common known. Patients of anxiety attacks could get debilitated by their fears, phobias and anxieties. This could come in the way of normal life, which is why a CBT therapist needs to be pressed into action.

Our lives are influenced by the thoughts that we think, which in turn determines the nature of our feelings and actions too. People who think positively and happy thoughts feel good and also act well. People who have scared thoughts, feel scared and are prone to anxiety. CBT is able to help in turning the course of a person’s thoughts. It helps in replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, so that the patient’s mood improves and he/she feels better.

CBT is conducted by means of a number of therapy sessions. The patient is encouraged to think through and analyze the reason for anxious thoughts. The underlying causes are discussed threadbare and the therapist helps the patient to try and think positively. This infuses the patient with courage and ability to face anxious thoughts and feelings of fear.

Patients of anxiety need to be treated with utmost care and concern. They need to be provided with a non-judgmental and encouraging atmosphere. This helps them to get a sense of calmness, during which emotional healing can happen. CBT sessions also help lay down a plan of action to help patients cope with situations that would normally overwhelm and cause fear in them. Once they follow the plan, they are able to practice techniques that help them to be more confident. These are vital life skills that can turn around their life for the better.

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Dangers Of Adolescent Smoking

The habit of smoking and nicotine addiction are fast catching on among children and adolescents. Commonly viewed as a rite of passage by many adults, experiments in adolescent smoking often turn into a lifelong addiction to nicotine or, at best, regular smoking. The initial discomfort caused by smoking is soon overcome and adolescents often turn to smoking for relaxation as well as stimulation. They also tend to use it as a coping mechanism. Nicotine addiction can happen even after a few cigarettes.

Physiological effects of adolescent smoking

Some studies indicate that one out of every six children in Europe will pick up smoking, even though the deadly effects of tobacco consumption are widely-publicized and well known. A large number of these children are likely to succumb to a fatal, smoking-related disease. The autopsies of adolescent smokers show pathological changes in their lungs. Greater dysfunction in the small airways and respiratory symptoms are usually observed. As a society, we need to understand that the years of productivity that are lost, human suffering, as well as the care that individuals afflicted with chronic diseases need, cannot even be measured.

Psycho-social effects of adolescent smoking

Adolescents and children who smoke have proven to be more prone to deviance, are less academically successful and their locus of control tends to be external rather than internal, as compared to their non-smoking peers. Adolescent smokers also live in peer and family environments that rank low in terms of personal control. Their role models tend to be smokers themselves, they are more attracted to smoking from an early age and are more positive about the habit. Smoking is greatly prevalent among academic dropouts. Peer influence is one of the primary causes for initiation into smoking. More than half of all adolescent smokers had their first taste of cigarette with a smoker friend. The physiological effects of smoking and social reinforcement together guarantee habitual smoking.

Champix smoking cessation

Champix, its active ingredient varenicline, is a prescription-only medication that has been designed to assist smokers to quit smoking. Champix does this by first reducing the smoker’s craving for nicotine by attaching itself to the nicotine receptors present in the brain and thus reducing the onset of withdrawal symptoms. Champix then decreases the amount of satisfaction that a smoker gets from smoking a cigarette. Champix, an oral pill, uses these dual techniques to wean a confirmed smoker. Champix, however, is prohibited for those under the age of 18 years. Adolescence is a period of major hormonal changes in the body and the side effects of Champix may be intensified in adolescents. The side effects may include psychological symptoms like depression, tension, anxiety, nervousness, suicidal thoughts and fluctuating moods.

Smoking cessation for adolescents

Like Champix, most medications for smoking cessation are prescribed for people who are above the age of 18. Health education as well as de-addiction programmes, targeted specifically at adolescents, can help impart essential life skills to manage negative social influences as well as peer pressure. Prevention programs along with tobacco control legislation like price or sales control, creation of more non-smoking areas, etc. can lower the overall rate of adolescent smoking.

Acid Reflux Cures

Are antacids the only answer to the query, “how to cure acid reflux or GERD”? Most people prefer antacids and if their reflux gets worse enough they may opt to prescription medications. Unfortunately, these are among those people who will suffer from GERD the rest of their lives. And that is why thousands of reflux sufferers are choosing simple home cures and tossing their antacids in the trash. And as antacids work to neutralize the gastric acids, natural cures work to restore the body to its healthiest state and completely cure the GERD problem.

This article takes a closer look at some natural acid reflux cures that could outperform antacids.

1. Watch your diet and make changes. Knowing which foods to avoid is a good initiative. If you find it difficult to make direct dietary changes, you can do it steadily by setting up limitations. Some of the foods that you need to eliminate in order to reduce episodes of reflux are caffeinated and carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages, spicy foods and foods that are high in fats and complex carbohydrates.

2. Drink healthy liquids, especially water, to keep the symptoms of acid reflux at bay. Drinking plenty of water helps remove toxins from body and allow the body to expel acid naturally –which will then reduce the onset of GERD. Drinking a glass of skim milk, whole milk or butter milk is another effective cure for acid reflux that counteracts stomach acids and provides instant relief.

3. Do not gorge and eat healthier and smaller Portions. A packed stomach puts extra pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), has the potential to cause acid reflux. Do not be tempted to skip meals as it can trigger overeating later so avoid this practice.

4. Try to lose weight. Being overweight is another main cause of constantly experiencing GERD. The excess body fat increases tension or pressure in the abdomen. Pressure pushes gastric acid out of the abdomen and up the esophagus; and this reaction brings on symptoms such as heartburn, nausea and vomiting. So modify your diet and change your lifestyle to not only cure acid reflux but to also keep your entire system healthy.

5. Avoid inappropriate body positions as it can cause pressure in your abdomen especially after eating. So refrain from stooping, bending and lying down just after a meal. As well, a tight waistband can restrict your abdomen, and cause the gastric acid to back up into the esophagus, causing GERD. Another natural approach for acid reflux disease cure is to loosen your belt, and allow enough space for digestion. A sleeping position with the elevated head and upper body is best.

Sleep Deprivation. Insomnia Tips

Are you not getting enough sleep each night? Are you pondering the question: what is sleep deprivation? Then you might be one of the millions out there suffering from a lack of sleep; which is more commonly known as insomnia.

Basically, sleep deprivation means exactly as it sounds; lacking or being deprived of sleep. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that. However, when most people are hungry for insomnia information, they want to know more than just the basic definition of sleep deprivation. Having said that, feel free to sink your teeth into the juicy insomnia & sleep deprivation information below.

Facts About Insomnia and Sleep Deprivation…

– There are 3 kinds of insomnia; transient, short-term, and chronic.

– Prescription drugs and over the counter sleep aids are not the only methods of treating sleeping disorders.

– Sleep deprivation symptoms can be so mild that the individual thinks there is nothing wrong.

– Symptoms of insomnia/sleep deprivation often resemble that of other diseases, making it quite hard to accurately diagnose.

– This sleeping disorder is a doorway to other diseases and illnesses due to the negative effects it has on one’s immune system.

Common Symptoms of Insomnia:

– Irritability
– Confusion
– Lack of Concentration
– Lack of Focus
– Blurred Vision
– Slow Reaction Time
– Poor Memory
– Constantly Tired
– Exhaustion
– Poor Motor Skills
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Insomnia Tips:

– Sleep on your back, not on your sides or stomach.
– Drink warm milk before bed.
– Take a warm bath with epsom salt before bed.
– Sleep with your feet pointing north.
– Stick to a regular pattern of sleep.
– Listen to specially composed music designed to help lull you to sleep.
– Program your body to associate “bed” with “sleep” by only using your bed for sleep, and not much else.
– Drink herbal tea 15-20 minutes before bed.

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Clostridia and Regression

There is an issue with regression that comes up frequently in my practice. Oftentimes, this regression will happen following a course of antibiotic treatment or following antifungal treatments, and rather than improvement, you see regression. Antifungal treatments can include prescriptions such as Nystatin, Diflucan or Nizoral or herbal remedies like oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, etc. If you see a worsening in behavior along the lines of irritability, aggression, self injury or withdrawal, you could be seeing signs of an underlying bacterial problem.

A common bacteria that many children on the Autism spectrum deal with is called clostridia. There are many types of clostridia bacteria, one type is called clostridia dificil and can actually cause one form of inflammatory bowel disease. When we talk about these negative behavioral changes and regression, we are not talking about this type. Although that form can produce certain toxins that could contribute to these negative behaviors but we are really talking about the broad family of clostridia rather that a specific form.

Great Plains Labs has two tests called the Organic Acid Test and the Microbial Organic Acid Test which look at the specific yeast and clostridia bacteria markers. HPHPA is the clostridia marker and a metabolic toxin that is picked up on these tests. That metabolic toxin appears to interfere with brain chemicals, which then can manifest in some of those behavioral issues we see with kids on the spectrum.

Yeast and clostridia live in competition with one another in the digestive tract. So that is why we often see regression with the use of antifungals. If you are not treating them both at the same time, when one is lowered then the other one can tend to flourish. So if you are treating a yeast overgrowth without also treating a clostridia overgrowth, clostridia can get worse because it has less competition from the yeast that is dying. You can also have an increase in clostridia following antibiotic use as that can kill off the beneficial bacteria in the gut which allows more growth for the opportunistic clostridia. If you see regression in your child following a course of antibiotics or antifungals, it may be wise to look into whether a clostridia overgrowth is the cause.
Autism really is treatable! Biomedical Autism treatments and therapies have resulted in many, many children improving, or even even losing their autism-spectrum disorder diagnosis.

Migraines and Headaches Remedies

Are you one of these unlucky souls who suffer from nagging headaches or migraines? If that’s the case then it’s likely that you are looking for some relief. Even if you only suffer occasionally from headaches or migraines, you may still be looking for some fast relief, but in a safe and natural way.

Believe it or not, one but grapes are a fantastic way to seek relief from a headache or a migraine. The best thing is they are able to be used in whole range of ways. Obviously, the simplest way is just to eat a bowlful of them. Another great way to benefit from grapes is to drink the juice as that is where the goodness lies, and the juice is what provides the relief. You can buy grape juice in bottled form, cartons or if you fancy just crush some grapes and make your own! Its simple and fun to do, and the benefit of pressing your own grape juice is that you know it is additive free.

Next up, you must maintain a proper diet. A good diet has a two pronged benefit – first it improves your general health which actually lessens the impact of migraines and secondly, it can actually prevent them from happening in the first place. It has often been said, but a well balanced diet really is the key to good health and a happy life. Make sure your diet contains plenty of fruit, vegetables, high fiber foods like wholegrain bread, nuts, honey and yogurt. If you are trying to get a natural cure for migraine, however, its highly advisable to avoid dairy products such as full fat milk, aged cheeses and products that contain caffeine like coffee and tea.

Probably one of the most important ways to prevent migraine headaches, and indeed headaches in general is to stay hydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of cold, fresh water as this can actually prevent the onset a headache or migraine. Make sure you take at least 6-8 glasses of water a day and you will feel better in general. Avoid sugary drinks or alcohol as these will actually cause you to dehydrate more. In addition to drinking water, another great natural cure for migraine is honey. Many headache and migraine sufferers regularly report a decrease or a complete disappearance of the pain by simply drinking a glass of water with a teaspoon of honey.
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Another way to relieve the symptoms of a severe migraine is to use a cold compress. One of the most convenient ways to make a cold compress is to take a zip-lock bag and fill it with crushed ice. Remember to wrap it in a tea towel though as you don’t want to get ‘ice burns’. If you don’t like the idea of a cold compress, then perhaps a bit of heat therapy would be more to your taste. This is easily done by warming some dishcloths or towels – you can soak them in hot water or even put damp towels into the microwave – just make sure they are not too hot. You then apply them around your neck and under your armpits for instant relief.

Sleep is another great natural cure for migraine. If you get the chance, lie down in a darkened room and get forty winks. Even if you can’t actually get to sleep, say you are looking after a small child during the day, then its still a great idea to just lie down and relax in a dark room. Being in a brightly lit room can often make headache and migraine symptoms much worse for many people. For that reason, don’t go outside in bright sunlight and stay away from television or computer screens and, especially fluorescent lights which seem to have particularly adverse effects on many people’s migraines.

Migraine headaches are no fun at all, and can actually be very debilitating on many cases. While some people can continue on with their normal daily activities a large number of migraine sufferers often lose whole days because of the condition. If you want to avoid chemicals and pharmaceuticals and prefer, instead for a more natural cure for migraine, then the good news is that there are a growing number of excellent natural, holistic cures for this condition.

Eczema Treatment

Eczema is a very popular and common disease with reddish skin as most common symptoms. The skin gets extremely itchy and irritating. There are many types of eczema among which the contact eczema and atopic eczema are the most common ones. Irritant contact dermatitis is a very common type of dermatitis which is mostly found in adults.

Contact dermatitis can also be of allergic type which arises due to the allergens of a specific pet or material. For example you can have an allergic contact dermatitis from a detergent or a specific type of soap. You should immediately determine the problem and the source of allergens. After wards you should consult a dermatitis doctor or physician who will guide you through whole of the medications course. You should be extremely cautious and careful if you are having any sort of dermatitis.

Itching is very severe in this disease and scratching the itching will also put some long term spots on your skin. Therefore you should avoid scratching of your blisters and clusters as well.

Reduce Skin Inflammation:

Skin inflammation is the most important symptom of almost every type of dermatitis or eczema. It can occur on small and large scale. You can have severe type of skin inflammation which can even make you rude. You should acknowledge that there are many types of dermatitis or eczema which are not curable and many doctors and physicians are still researching on the disease. But you should not worry as various and many types of dermatitis are curable and long term medication and therapies can really improve your skin.

Therefore you should be careful for choosing your doctor or physician as well. Skin inflammation is reduced by several means. Most commonly employed means are creams and medications. Medications are also suggested on the past record of the patient and any past eczema disease.

What you should do?

If you have noticed that you are having symptoms similar to that of eczema and other type of dermatitis, then you should immediately consult the doctor or physician. The treatment of eczema is mostly done through medications, physical exercise and therapies. You will also have to change the lifestyle to a little extent as it requires performing several different types of activities.

If the skin dermatitis is on your hand’s skin, then you should be careful while washing your hands. Also you should be careful with the detergent or soap you are using. You can also be allergic to that specific soap. A greater relief is provided via medications and therapies. Many special, learned and skilled dermatologists are very active in their field and are said to be very famous. You should try to consult renowned and reputed physicians as well as hospitals.

Reduce Anxiety

You probably what to know how to get better sleep starting tonight. Start here:

1) Dim the lights an hour before you go to bed. This reproduces the sunset. The pineal gland will release melatonin, which is a hormone that prepares your body for sleep when it senses the lower light levels.

2) If you’re thinking about stuff you have to do tomorrow, clear your mind by writing them down just before going to bed.

3) If you find that you’re still awake 15 minutes after going to bed, get up and do something relaxing, like reading a book, or even meditating. No TV, no exercise, definitely no Internet. This way your mind and body can slow down. By laying in bed thinking about how awake you are, you’ll just stay awake.

4) Get up at the same time every single day. If you wake up at six every morning during the week, and then sleep in until nine or 10 on the weekends, you’re giving yourself jet lag. Monday morning is going to be rough!

5) You can use over-the-counter medication once in awhile. Alcohol disrupts your sleep cycle, and should be avoided. Benadryl, or OTC painkillers, or sleep drugs, can help you get to sleep.

6) Have more sex.

7) There is also something called sleep restriction/consolidation therapy. This is designed to minimize the amount of time that you spend awake in bed. It works by first limiting the overall amount of time you spend in bed. This is done by going to sleep very late at night, getting up at a fixed time, and then moving the bedtime back progressively by 15 minutes every night until a normal amount of sleep is obtained.

Bonus Tips
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Another technique that helps some people is relaxation training, this includes progressive muscle relaxation, hypnosis, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, or even guided imagery.

Make sure that you reduce the amount of noise in the bedroom if it interferes with your sleep. You can use a white noise machine, which provides neutral sounds to help you sleep. There are also several products that create special audio programs to assist you in sleeping.

Sleep is a vital function and good sleep is necessary for good health. If you are not getting good sleep, make sure you have good “sleep hygiene” by following these suggestions. Of course, if you are still having problems, you should consult with a qualified health care provider.