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The Hardest Thing My Son Has to Do

It’s always seemed odd to me that an Autistc child is so prone to letting negative emotions out like a hailstorm but the good emotions so easily get lost, deep and buried behind cold lost eyes. No one seems to be able to provide a solid answer but violence, aggression, outbursts… these are normal and even to be expected from a child with Autism, especially the more severe cases. What’s also to be expected is that the child will likely never want to hug you, kiss you or say ‘I love you.’

Now, for those of you reading that has a child or children, and they’re not Autistic, I want you to imagine what that must be like. No hugs good bye, no kiss goodnight. You say ‘I love you’ over and over again and never get it back. But if you tell them no, they can’t have an electric toy in the bath, they’ll instantly go into a tantrum and try to hit you in the face.

Does that make you feel loved?

That’s what life is like as a parent of an Autistic child. Not every single child, but as a general rule, that’s pretty much how it is.

I think, the hardest thing to come to terms with when raising a child like that, is that they do love you, they do want to show you… they just can’t. I compare it to an arachnophobic person being asked to walk into a room with one thousand spiders. Likely, if they really really love you, they’ll do it to prove it… but it’ll be the hardest thing they ever do. I picture my son walking into that room every time he gives me a hug… and he does hug me.

The one thing I’ve learned more than anything over the last 2 years is patience… to have far more patience than I ever thought I could have, even more than I ever thought was possible in a person. You have to find a way to keep reminding yourself, to keep telling yourself that your child not only loves you, but they have a hailstorm of love buried in there… it’s just not coming out like the temper does. But it’s there.

If anything, he may love me even more than he would if he didn’t have Autism… even though he may not understand emotions or know how to express them, I bet he feels them every bit or more than others. I just have to never forget that it’s there.

One night, as I tucked Cameron into bed, I told him that I loved him and he looked at me. So I asked him why he never says ‘I love you’ to mommy or daddy. He just sorta shrugged and so I asked if it made him feel embarrassed and he nodded yes. I asked if it was hard for him to say it and he nodded again. I assured him that it doesn’t make us mad, it doesn’t make us sad… we understand and it’s ok. I think it’s important for him to know that we know how hard it is…

Then he did, as he does quite often… he put his index finger tip around to the tip of his thumb, much like you’d do if you were to do the ‘ok’ sign. Then he put it up in front of his face and looked through it with one eye, and moved it back against his face, still with his eye looking through the opening.

I then asked him why he does that, to which I got no reply. I asked if it helps him to see better, like glasses and he just looked at me… so I asked if it helps him to see me and he said ‘yeah’. So I asked how it helps and he glanced around a bit… I asked him if doing that helped him to not see the rest of the room and he again said ‘yeah’.

Cameron did this motion, almost ever night, quietly, sometimes completely without my notice, as his way to see me, and only me. Without interference or distraction. It occurred to me then that he had been doing this for quite some time, months… a year? I can’t remember but it’s been a while and it was always something I just thought was something silly he started doing.. like a child looking through the middle of a roll of toilet paper.

But it was so much more than that. I like to think that it’s his way of telling me he loves me…. that… he sees me.

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Ideal Diet to Reduce Inflammation in the Body

Yes, you heard me correct, there are many options available for the diet to reduce inflammation in the body. However, what is the best diet to control the inflammation in the body? Let us find out.

Generally speaking, any diet to reduce inflammation in the body is effective if and only if it has high amount of essential Omega-3 fats and low percentage of omega6 fats. Omega6 fats have inflammatory properties while n-3 types of fats have anti-inflammatory properties and hence can counter act the excess of inflammation in the body because of n-6 type of fats.

Ideal diet to reduce inflammation in the body includes reduced consumption of processed, oily, junk food (all of them have high amount of n-6 types of fats), and inclusion of fish oil supplements (they are rich in n-3 fats).

The food sources that are rich in n-3 fats are nuts, tofu, soya, green vegetables, berries, pumpkin, flaxseed, fish, etc. However, the best amongst them is the cold-water fish like Hoki, Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel, etc. This is because; fish contains DHA Omega-3 fats unlike other food sources that are rich in ALA Omega-3 fats.

Studies have proven that once eaten, the body can convert DHA to a chemical called Resolvin D2, which is a medically proven and effective anti-inflammatory agent.

Though the body can convert ALA to DHA, but since this process is not very effective, experts recommend having DHA diet direct instead. Therefore, fish scores more than the other dietary sources. However, with the increase in pollution in the ocean waters, fish caught from them are also full of toxins like mercury, lead, arsenic, PCBs, etc. This is the reason, there are many government warnings against eating too much of fish for DHA fats.

Rather, the most recommended and safe option is fish oil supplements. They are nothing but the sift gels containing the oil extracted from healthy and oily fish, therefore are rich in DHA fats. In addition, they undergo various refining techniques during their manufacturing process to filter out the unwanted chemicals from the oil. Thus, are safe for human consumption.

For best results, look for supplements that have at least 250mg of DHA per 1000mg of oil and have undergone the molecular distillation process. This refining process ensures that the oil is of pharmaceutical grade quality. In nutshell, the ideal diet to reduce inflammation in the body is a high-quality fish oil supplement that is fresh and pure.
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If you want to learn about my hoki-tuna blend supplement that my family and I have included in our diet to reduce inflammation in the body, visit my website mentioned below. This supplement has more than twice anti-inflammatory properties as in comparison to any other supplement available in the market.

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The Low Down on Hemorrhoids

If you think you may have hemorrhoids, but are not sure exactly what they are, then here is the low down on the matter. Hemorrhoids are a very common medical condition that affects millions of people. As a matter of fact, approximately 10 million people in the United States alone, suffer from hemorrhoids. They most often occur in individuals between the ages of 45 and 65, but can happen at any age.

The actual term hemorrhoid usually relates to the symptoms caused by hemorrhoids rather than the hemorrhoids themselves. Hemorrhoids occur when the veins located around and in the rectum and anus become irritated, inflamed and swollen. When these vascular veins swell and become inflamed they can cause symptoms which include: burning, itching, bright red blood spots on stool or toilet paper during bowel movement, and sometimes extreme pain.

Hemorrhoid symptoms can be caused by many contributing factors which include:
* Straining during bowel movement
* Diarrhea
* Constipation
* Pregnancy
* Being overweight
* Poor diet low in fiber and high in fat
* Heavy lifting
* Aging
* Prolonged sitting or standing

There are two basic types of hemorrhoids – internal and external. Internal hemorrhoid symptoms are usually not as aggravating and uncomfortable as external hemorrhoids. Their symptoms usually cause blood in stool during bowel movements and can cause you to have a feeling of fullness after a bowel movement. However, every now and then an internal hemorrhoid may protrude and become irritated. This is known as a protruding hemorrhoid and can be quite painful.

External hemorrhoid symptoms, on the other hand, can be quite aggravating and very uncomfortable. Symptoms can include itching around the anus, burning, bleeding, and sometimes extreme pain. Those suffering from sever cases sometimes find it hard to get on with everyday tasks.

Hemorrhoids, although many people joke about them, are anything but funny. They can be annoying, painful and embarrassing. Fortunately there are many treatments available today that can help to alleviate the aggravating symptoms of hemorrhoids. Many of these treatments are over the counter medications in the form of ointments, salves, creams and suppositories. All natural products that can be taken orally or that also come in ointment form have been quite effective in relieving hemorrhoid symptoms.

The bottom line is, if you suffer from hemorrhoids, there is no need to try to endure the pain. There are treatments that have proven to be beneficial in providing relief and at times even in alleviating hemorrhoid symptoms completely. So, don’t suffer unnecessarily, find a treatment that will work for you.

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Stop Smoking Without Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Cigarette smoking is an extremely difficult dependence to defeat, and if you’ve puffed on cigarette sticks for decades, you’ll have a hard time stopping. So many people attempt to quit using tobacco without nicotine replacement therapy (NRT); within a few days, they realise that the task is actually beyond their control. In addition, the use of NRT would make some individuals have allergic reactions, which will then boost their inability to stop using tobacco. Everybody should be able to enjoy much healthier lives and improve their life expectancy, and stopping cigarette smoking the natural way and also without nicotine replacement therapy is going to lead to fantastic results.
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Humans quickly develop habits as well as learn to do tasks in phases. This is especially true when it comes to improper habits, which happen to be acquired behaviours. When these improper habits turn into conscious acts, it indicates that these habits have been embedded within an individual’s subconscious mind as well as accepted as a natural part of living. Lots of cigarette smokers don’t realize that their own subconscious is an important ally when it comes to removing previous routines, setting up different habits or acquiring new attitudes. Hence, the result is that a lot of these people try to quit using tobacco and do not deal with the dependency’s mental component.

Any alternative therapy to quit using tobacco without NRT is made less effective if it’s commenced on the same day when a person makes up her or his mind to quit smoking; the lack of planning increases her / his odds of regressing. It’s crucial for people to make use of their own subconscious to forget smoking ahead of implementing a smoking cessation technique. Even though a person fully decides to stop smoking cigarettes, the subconscious doesn’t react that quickly in the case of ceasing a longtime dependency. Therefore, there are some things which should be done to guarantee success.

Right after deciding to quit using tobacco, you should come up with a schedule which accounts for the amount of time that your subconscious mind needs to adapt to the circumstances. Giving up cigarette smoking 4 weeks following your decision is sufficient. Over the next four weeks, you will need to remind yourself of the big day and include it in your day-to-day routine, preferably right before you sleep at night and once you get up each and every morning. It’s also highly recommended that you make a plan to stop smoking cigarettes as soon as you arrive at that specified day.

The subconscious mind responds favourably to suggestions; this is why hypnosis would be helpful as a smoking cessation method. The state of relaxation that an individual would be in during hypnosis is just like that found right before falling asleep and awakening, where an individual’s mind is most open to recommendations. Self-suggestion isn’t a difficult task, and it’s very simple for any individual to give themselves hints concerning how to improve their diet plan, shed a few pounds, etc. Then again, problems arise once an individual reflects on these tips. Reflecting on or going over an activity using your subconscious mind heightens your own cognisance and also rapidly removes your relaxed state.

You’ll have to have a routine each time you smoke throughout the thirty-day period. That ritual might comprise of holding the cigarette stick, looking at it carefully and taking note of its texture. Prior to smoking it, think of your approaching deadline. This will activate your subconscious mind as well as strengthen the significance of this particular day. If you purchase a pack of cigarettes, you could implement a similar routine.

Other techniques to quit smoking include acupuncture and herbal solutions. But you must bear in mind that while these strategies deal with tobacco users’ withdrawal symptoms, they do not enable them to forget about their dependency or cause the subconscious mind to overcome the dependence.
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After one month, a lot of folks realize that stopping tobacco use is less difficult than they expected. They usually have fewer tobacco cravings and see that having a timetable and strategy bolsters their attempt to give up smoking. Aligning your conscious and subconscious mind would provide you with a terrific opportunity for success and won’t compel you to use nicotine replacement therapy. An additional benefit is that when you have achieved this endeavor, you’ll be a lot more confident to begin a much healthier lifestyle and sustain it for the long term.

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Help From a Chiropractor For Your Back Pain

Back pain can cause many issues. For some people it causes sleeping problems. It can lead to limited mobility. It can interfere with your ability to work or just make it through daily activities. Chiropractic treatment can bring you relief, in some cases instant relief. No matter what is causing your back pain, a chiropractor can help.

A chiropractor uses their hands to manipulate the spine. Chiropractic medicine is based on the idea that proper alignment of the musculoskeletal system plays a large role in an overall healthy body. This type of medicine does not rely on surgery or extensive medications. Instead the body is pushed and pulled to help bring it back to alignment.

A chiropractor can help you to regain movement in your body. You will feel more flexible and see a change in your overall health. If you are suffering from back pain, then there is a very good chance that you will see relief after just one treatment. It usually only takes a few treatments to restore mobility and rally fight nagging pain. You can recover from almost any type of back pain, such as common pain you may feel when training for the local portion of the Colorado Marathon that runs through the city. When you visit a chiropractor you will not just be lying there. You will talk with your chiropractor. Chiropractors will evaluate your body and in some cases they may put you through tests.

Your chiropractor will not only use in office treatment to help you. A chiropractor will encourage you to do your part at home. You will be given information about preventing future back pain. You may get tools, such as sleep aids, that will encourage proper alignment in your spine and help you to avoid slipping back into habits that threaten to bring back the pain. It can also help to get up and get moving. Taking simple walks through the wonderful scenic streets or along the Cache La Ponce River is perfect exercise during back pain recovery.

It is very important to choose a good chiropractor. Local area chiropractors are rather plentiful, so take your time to carefully choose one. Chiropractic medicine is safe, but if you see a chiropractor that is not properly trained and does not know what they are doing then there is a risk. A good chiropractor can help you say goodbye to back pain for good.

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Urate Crystal

Gout is a type of auto immune disease in which the body is trying to defend itself from a perceived foreign substance that is not supposed to be part of the body. This substance is not a virus or bacteria. It is not a living micro organism.

It is a stone! It is a type of micro crystal that formed within your body. It is often seen in the needle like shape. These tiny mineral crystals can form in your blood, in the interstitial fluids between cells, and very often, it forms inside the synovial fluid of your joints.

Under certain conditions, it can appear through crystallization or disappear by dissolving itself back in the ions form in the fluid that contains it. When the concentration of uric acid level in your blood is close to the saturation point, these crystals will form like the flower blossoming during spring time. But when the uric acid level drops, these crystals will slowly dissolve and become uric acid again.

Urate crystal or uric acid crystal is among the common names for this bio-chemically form gem. Among the scientists and researchers, it is known as monosodium urate or MSU crystals. It is the formation of MSU crystals in the body tissues that causes the acute or chronic inflammatory response which is usually known as gout.

If the uric acid level of a gout patient is always on the high side, this provides an optimum condition for the formation of urate crystals and leaves no room for the opposite reaction which is the dissolving of crystals to take place. The result is more and more urate crystals will form within the victim body which will bring more frequent visits of the awful gout attack.

It takes years for those crystal deposits to reach a point that brings acute gout attack. Thus, it is not easy to remove them by dissolving them. None of the available gout drugs is created for the purpose of urate crystals removal. These drugs can only temporary suppress the symptoms cause by the gout attack and not dealing with the root of the problem.

This is why most of the medical practitioners will tell you that gout is not curable. All they can see and deal with are just the surface of the problem. Those drugs are either pain killer or anti-inflammatory. None of them is designed to remove the root.

If you do not want those crystals to keep forming in your body, then you should take active action to search for the alternative solutions. The truth is out there.

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Recording Important Vital Signs After Having Surgery

Whether you stay in the hospital for a few days or return home immediately after surgery, it is important that you or, better yet, a caregiver keep a journal tracking some vital information. If this information is not recorded and an emergency occurs, information recounted from memory could be convoluted and partial, at best. At worst, it could be erroneous which could lead to your doctor recommending an inappropriate, potentially harmful, treatment. Below are five vital statistics that you or your caregiver should record after the surgery.

1. Temperature

Periodically take a reading of the patient’s temperature. Whether you use a mouth, ear, or other type of thermometer, make sure that the reading is as accurate as possible. Record the temperature and the time it was taken. It is a good idea to do this every four hours, unless the doctor specifies differently.

2. Blood Pressure

So many vital body functions are affected by blood pressure, particularly post-op, and spiking or plummeting blood pressure is an indication that something is wrong. Like the patient’s temperature, take an accurate blood pressure reading and record it along with the time. Your local drugstore will have a good selection of moderately priced digital blood pressure monitors. These monitors are very easy to use and will provide you with the readings you will need to record. It’s efficient to take and record temperature and blood pressure at the same time.

3. Medicine Taken

Record the name of the medicine exactly as it is written on the bottle, the dosage amount (number of pills or amount of liquid), the milligrams or micrograms of the medicine, and the time it was taken. Also, note any side-effects experienced by the patient. For example, if the patient’s pain medication causes dizziness, write it down.

4. Food/Liquid Consumed

Anything that goes in the patient’s mouth should go down in the journal. Whether the patient feels good enough to wolf down a hamburger or just nibble on a few crackers, write it down. Whether the patient takes a few sips of ginger ale or gulps down a large smoothie, write it down. Record the type of food or drink, how much was consumed, and when it was consumed.

5. Frequency of Urination and Bowel Movements

Important? Yes! And vital information in the eyes of a doctor. Record when (date and time) the patient urinates or has a bowel movement. Note if there is anything unusual, such as the presence of blood. Also, jot down any complaints from the patient (e.g. the patient feels constipated).

Of course, this list provides only the basic vital sign information. Depending on the nature of the surgery and the health of the patient, it may also be beneficial to record other information such as the patient’s blood sugar level or amount of sleep. Should your loved one require any emergency post-op care, the doctor will be happy to have the journal of symptoms to help determine a quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment options. Hopefully, in just a few days after surgery, your friend will be healing nicely and you can toss the journal in file thirteen.

Dental Implants And You

Dental implants have a high success rate of 90-95% depending on which area in the mouth is being treated. They serve as replacements for the tooth root and are usually placed in the jawbone. They can hold either one or several teeth in place. This can cause replacement teeth to have the look and feel of natural teeth.

Besides having a high success rate there is the added benefit of being easy to clean. You can floss and brush in the same way as if you had your natural teeth. There is no need for soaking as there is in the case of dentures and there is also nothing to take out.

Not only can you clean them the same way you would clean your own teeth, they also function in the same way. Eating and speaking are definitely easier, because there is no need to be afraid of the implants being loose or coming out of place. There is also no need to worry about the dentures breaking because you bit hard on a particular type of food this is something that has happened to many people. This means that you can perform these functions with confidence. You can rest assure that they will always be there.

Whenever teeth are missing in the mouth, bone loss can occur over a period of time. Implants help to stop this by imitating the roots of natural teeth, giving the replacing tooth the support it needs to operate as a normal tooth. This can also help to prevent shrinking of the jawbone.

Partial denture clasp may be damaging because of the pressure that is placed on the other teeth. This is especially true if you are not wearing one that is tailored to your particular needs. They also does not look very attractive and can alter the way you bite. Replacing them with implants can eliminate the need for dentures altogether.
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Dental implants fit in with the rest of your teeth, so nothing will look out of place. They also do not change the natural structure of your tooth. In this way no one will be able to tell at first glance if you implants or not unless they know you.

Dentistry has greatly improved over the years in providing options to traditional methods of replacing missing teeth. This has eliminated the need to replace fixtures every few years. The results are a more attractive smile, and teeth that look as natural as any other. It is still a good idea to do your research to know if this is something you need.

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Uterine Preeclampsia-Eclampsia

Pregnancy is related to a host of medical complications by which clinical management requires an understanding of both the underlying physiology of pregnancy and the pathophysiology of the specific condition. The syndrome of preeclampsia-eclampsia, characterized by hypertension, proteinuria, and edema, is chosen for focus for several factors.

Very first, preeclampsia-eclampsia is one of one of the most common causes of maternal death within the United States and also the developed world. Second, it illustrates how pathophysiologic mechanisms in being pregnant might be far more complex-and the clinical consequences far a lot more serious-than would happen to be expected from a easy consideration of each of the presenting symptoms in isolation. Third, advances have significantly altered existing considering about the pathogenesis of this condition.

Hypertension can develop during pregnancy as an isolated finding, pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH), or as a component of the harmful disorder, preeclampsia-eclampsia. Remedy guidelines for PIH are various than those for vital hypertension in the nonpregnant patient; elevated maternal blood pressure is frequently left untreated unless symptomatic or if severe hypertension develops.

Because placental perfusion is dependent on a stress distinction in between the maternal and fetal circulations, decreases in maternal blood pressure can cause underperfusion of the placenta. This can result in placental insufficiency and fetal distress.

The hypertension observed in preeclampsia is associated with proteinuria and edema. This syndrome occurs in approximately 5% of pregnancies in the United States. Eclampsia, the superimposition of generalized tonic-clonic seizures on pregnancy-induced hypertension, can occur as the initial presenting sign of this syndrome or during its progression.

Preeclampsia-eclampsia is believed to derive from faulty implantation, resulting in a systemic condition of endothelial cell activation (see later discussion). Predisposing factors for the improvement of preeclampsia include first being pregnant, obesity, preexisting diabetes or hypertension, hydatidiform mole, malnutrition, along with a loved ones background of preeclampsia.

Pathology & Pathogenesis:

The placenta of preeclamptic patients shows signs of premature aging, including degeneration, hyaline deposition, calcification, and congestion.

The maternal decidua also shows hemorrhage and necrosis with thrombosis of spiral arteries and diffuse infarcts. Normally, blood vessels with the uterine wall undergo striking morphologic changes at the site of implantation, facilitating placental perfusion. The diameters with the spiral arteries increase and the muscular and elastic components are lost.

However, for unknown (perhaps immune-mediated) reasons, these early angiogenic changes of implantation do not occur-or at least not fully-in patients who will develop preeclampsia-eclampsia later in gestation. As a result, a condition of relative placental ischemia is established, with the release of lipid and protein elements that damage the maternal vascular endothelium, at very first within the decidua and later systemically. Oxidative injury is believed to work with maternal elements (eg, obesity, diabetes, diet, genes) to cause generalized endothelial cell damage.

Endothelial activation has two important pathophysiologic consequences. Very first, the balance between vasodilation and vasoconstriction is altered, specifically by diminished production of vasodilator products such as prostacyclin and nitric oxide, increased production of vasoconstrictive thromboxane, endothelin and platelet-derived growth factor.

As a result, there is increased vasoconstriction of small placental bed arterioles, with hypoperfusion and ischemia of downstream tissues and systemic hypertension. Second, the endothelial cell barrier between platelets and also the collagen of basement membranes is breached. As a result of the latter changes, additional events are set in motion, including platelet aggregation, activation with the clotting cascade, and production of vasoactive substances causing capillary leak.

This results in further tissue hypoperfusion, edema formation, and proteinuria, the hallmarks of preeclampsia-eclampsia. Because these processes lead to further vascular endothelial damage, a vicious circle is established. Interesting speculation has centered on the potential of serotonin to modulate vasodilation and angiogenic growth elements. New data also invoke a role for agonistic autoantibodies directed against the second extracellular loop with the angiotensin II AT1 receptor, resulting in the vasospasm related to preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia has a plethora of manifestations. Beyond the presenting symptoms of hypertension, edema, and proteinuria, patients also can have increased deep tendon reflexes, or placental abruption. Hepatic periportal congestion, hemorrhage, and necrosis can lead to elevated liver function tests and ultimate rupture of the hepatic capsule.

Severe preeclampsia also can produce renal changes, including glomerular endothelial cell swelling, mesangial proliferation, and marked narrowing of glomerular capillary lumens. The renal cortex displays significant cortical ischemia that might progress to frank necrosis and acute renal failure. Thrombocytopenia and disseminated intravascular coagulopathy (DIC) as well as cerebral vascular accidents also may occur.

Eclampsia, or maternal seizure resulting from cerebral ischemia and petechial hemorrhage, can occur in this setting or can appear as the first manifestation of the disease. Preeclampsia-eclampsia also carries risks for that fetus. Placental deterioration and insufficiency can lead to intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) and fetal hypoxia. Delivery of the fetus and placenta is the only definitive cure for this syndrome, which carries a high mortality rate for mother and child.

Honeydew Facts and Information

Honeydew is a variety of muskmelon, considered the sweetest of all melons. They’re also called winter melons because they’re harvested late in the season, peaking during late summer, fall and winter, though honeydew is available almost the whole year round. Most of our U.S. honeydews come from Arizona, Texas or California with imported melons from Mexico taking up the slack during winter months.

Where did Honeydew originally come from?

No one is exactly sure the origin of honeydew but Persia is named the likely humble beginnings for this succulent melon. Columbus carried honeydew seeds to America and now it’s one of our favorite melons behind watermelon and cantaloupe.

How To Pick A Honeydew Melon:

Things you want to look for when picking out a perfectly ripe melon are no bruises, soft areas or cracks. Don’t bother shaking or hitting it, that won’t tell you anything. Sniff the stem end (which should be somewhat smooth): if you can smell it, then it’s ripe. Also, a ripe melon should be somewhat firm, if it’s a little soft that’s ok but if it’s very soft, put it back, it’s overripe.

Honeydew Nutrition:

Like other melons, honeydews contain a large amount of water and are happily quite low in calories. Additionally, they’re fat-free and cholesterol free. They’re also a great source of Vitamin C and potassium.

How To Store Honeydew Melon:

You can refrigerate cut honeydew in a covered container for up to three days. Make sure to keep it covered though, as the smell can mix with other foods thanks to its wonderful aromatic properties.

Want to keep that sweet taste of summer with you all year? No problem, you can easily freeze honeydew. Just slice it up, freeze it on a cookie sheet and place in freezer baggies. You can also add syrup or sugar if you like.

Some Honeydew Serving Suggestions:

Before cutting into it, it’s best to wash your melon with soap and water because honeydew is grown on the ground and can make contact with fertilizer and other contaminants you don’t want to ingest.

Serve it barely chilled. If it’s been stored in the refrigerator, remove it from the fridge 15-20 minutes before serving. You can put it in a fruit salad, whip it up into a frothy cool summer drink or drizzle lemon on top to add tang to the melon’s natural sweetness. A clever serving idea is to use a half-cut melon as a serving bowl, perfect for yogurt, cottage cheese or even ice cream if you’re feeling mildly decadent.

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The Window to the World

Our vision is the most important thing that we own. It is what allows us to experience all that the world around us has to offer. When our sight is bad or we lose it, we are in a position that we have to find alternate methods of getting around. Our eyes are what allow us to enjoy the color of the blue sky, or the bloom of a fresh rose. When it begins to fail we need to ensure that we are able to fix the problems before they becomes too serious. This is easy to do when caught well in advance. There are several things that can lead to our eyes not being in the best of shape that they could be in. One thing that causes a lot of eye strain and weakness is daily stress.

Many people will turn immediately to either glasses or even surgery in order to correct their problem. There are advantages to this as well as many disadvantages. One reason glasses are not always a good choice is because people can feel that they are not attractive with glasses on. Other people are not wild about surgery simply because of the fact that the procedure scares them. When people don’t wish to pursue these two options, there is the option of using eye exercises that they help strengthen the eyes.

Before you begin to think that this will take a lot of your time, one of these exercises actually can take as little as three minutes a day to do. This exercise is very easy and will require no equipment. This exercise is one of the more popular ones to do. The purpose of this exercise is to relax the muscles in your eyes while making them stronger. All you need to do is find a distant object and cover your left eye with your hand. Look at the object with your right eye and then at the side of your nose. Do this several times in a row. Now switch eyes and do the same thing for a few minutes. It’s that simple. You can do this anywhere at any time thereby increasing your eye muscle strength. Stronger eye muscles mean that you can experience better eyesight without having to spend an arm and a leg on expensive glasses or surgery.

Another great exercise that will help to relax your eyes, is called palming. Now this is like what it sounds like. You will take your hands and place the palms of your hands on your cheekbones. Your fingers need to be resting on the top of your forehead. The palms of your hands will be placed on your eyes with moderate pressure. You will then want to slowly blink your eyes, this will help to relieve a lot of the stress that you have in your eyes.

Your eyesight is very important to you in your life. If anything happens to it you will be in a position that you will need to rely on the other senses. This will make your life a little more difficult and as a result will mean that you have to also rely on other people to help you in your daily life. These exercises are a good way to help preserve your most valued asset. Take care of your eyesight so you don’t regret it down the road.

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