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Angelman Syndrome

Angelman Syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by a fault in chromosome 15. There are many ways to treat the disorder but unfortunately, there are no proven methods to cure it. However, researchers are continuing to search for ways to permanently cure the disease. Angelman Syndrome, sometimes called AS for short was once known as ‘happy puppet’ because of the patient’s sunny outlook and jerky movements. It was later renamed after Harry Angelman, the physician who pioneered investigation into symptoms of the disease in 1965. AS causes developmental delay and neurological problems, and can affect any person regardless of their race, gender, or age.

Angelman Syndrome is usually not recognized at birth or in infancy since the developmental problems are nonspecific during this time. Parents may begin to suspect the diagnosis after reading about AS or meeting a child with the condition. The most common age of diagnosis is between three and seven years of age, when the characteristic behaviors and features become most evident. A child who has Angelman Syndrome will show many symptoms, some which are omnipresent and others which can remain dormant for long periods of time.

Some symptoms that are always present include severe speech impairment, hyperactive behavior, movement or balance disorders, and developmental delay in sitting, crawling, walking, or mental retardation. Jerky marionette-type movements, stiff-legged walking, hand flapping, and unique behavior with an inappropriate happy demeanor that includes frequent laughing, smiling, and excitability are also some of the usual symptoms in a diagnosed child. Symptoms that are not always evident include having a small head, characteristic EEG abnormalities, tremulousness of the limbs, and seizures onset before three years of age. Many children with this disease will also have a protruding tongue, disturbed sleep, frequent drooling, and feeding difficulty during infancy. Microcephaly and Epilepsy are both common in children with this irreversible disorder.

There is no standard course of treatment for Angelman Syndrome because there is no known way to prevent or cure it. Treatment is mainly focused on providing physical therapy and adaptive devices to assist with gait and balance problems. Early language evaluation and intervention is also recommended. Patients with epilepsy are often prescribed anticonvulsant medications. Parents of children with AS usually find strength, valuable information, and comfort from support groups.

Occupational therapies, communication therapy, and behavioral therapies are important in allowing individuals with Angelman syndrome to reach their maximum developmental potential. Most individuals with AS will have severe developmental delays, speech limitations, and motor difficulties. However, people with this irrevokable disease can have normal life spans and generally do not show developmental regression as they age. Early diagnosis and the tailored interventions and therapies listed above can help improve the quality of life for those who were unfortunately diagnosed with this dire genetic disorder.

Angelman Syndrome is caused by an abnormal expression of a group of genes on chromosome 15. Researchers have found a very small deleted area in this chromosome in patients with AS. This deleted area contains genes that can be either activated or inactivated, depending on which parent the chromosome was inherited from. The gene for this disease is called UBE3A. When this gene is turned on, Angelman Syndrome does not occur. However when it is turned off or missing, Angelman Syndrome occurs. In patients with Angelman Syndrome, a missing UBE3A gene only occurs in the chromosome given by the mother.

For this reason, it seems that the UBE3A gene is turned on only on the chromosome inherited from mother. Researchers have also found that Angelman Syndrome is caused when a child inherits both chromosomes 15 from the father. This condition is called paternal uniparental disomy (UPD). In this case, both chromosomes have their UBE3A genes turned off. There is a control region, called the Imprinting Center (IC), which can control or turn on or off the action of the UBE3A gene. Mutations in the area of the Imprinting Center can also cause Angelman Syndrome, as well as many other genetic disorders.

Some disorders have similar or even the same symptoms as Angelman Syndrome. Therefore, when a doctor is diagnosing a patient, he/she must somehow rule out the other disorders to ensure that they will come up with a precise diagnosis. Some of the other disorders include Prader-Willi Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Rett Syndrome, Idiopathic Epilepsy, and Static Encephalopathy. AS is a fairly rare disorder. While an exact count of cases in the United States is not available, the Angelman Syndrome Foundation (ASF) has found around 1000 cases in the U.S. and Canada. However, the most important aspect of this disease has yet to be recognized: a cure.

In the recent years, there has been some beneficial research into the location and identification of the genes causing Angelman Syndrome. Now efforts are being directed towards examination of the precise functions of these genes. There is still much progress to be made in understanding the symptoms of this condition, particularly the communication problems and the seizure disorder. Therefore, the research is divided into two categories. One is Scientific research, which involves using laboratory techniques to find out about the basic chemical, physiological and anatomical abnormalities in the condition and aids diagnosis.

The other is Clinical research, which involves the observation and study of patients themselves. Both types of research will be vital in the quest to cure AS. It is thought to be unlikely that gene therapy will ever be able to cure Angelman Syndrome, due to the fact that some of the effects on early brain development are irreversible. Understanding of the genes involved, however, could be a valuable guide as to which drugs might be used to treat the condition. Quality clinical research can help to teach more about which therapies are particularly useful in the management of AS. There are now many centers all over the world which are involved in researching a cure. With all these ideas from major centers, as well as help from Angelman Syndrome families, researchers should be able to understand more about how the genes on chromosome 15 cause the symptoms of Angelman Syndrome.

Impotence Treatment

Male impotence, which may also be referred as ED, is a sexual condition which affects millions of males around the world per day. It is simply a sexual dysfunction problem which hinders a male from gaining an erection. Apart from the well known sexual dysfunction which it may have on a man, it is also likely to affect the emotional and psychological state of a man as it hurts their self-worth. Several categories of men rate their sexual virility when they are referred to as being “man enough”.

There are methods used to cure impotence which I will reveal to you right away.

  • You should reduce the quantity of alcohol you take on a day to day basis. This is mainly necessary if you drink huge quantity of alcohol. You must have known that smoking constricts the blood vessels while alcohol acts to amplify or expand them. It will in turn enable blood to move as it likes out of your penis region, thus it will be difficult to keep an erection as a result. It will be best for you to cease from drinking about 120 minutes before you engage in sexual activities. This will help to prevent male impotence from striking you. The initial step you need to take and stand by it is to quit smoking. Whenever you smoke, it will cause the circulation of blood in your body to be inadequate. It may also cause the blood vessels in your pelvic region to constrict which will lower your penile flow of blood. Therefore, the outcome will be difficulty to gain an erection.
  • Someone who is on a high level of stress may find it difficult to gain an erection. Stress is among the triggers of male impotence. You should take action to minimize the signs of stress which may be baiting your wellbeing. You can also use stress management as a well to tackle stress. The outcome of applying this idea could help you to combat male impotence as time goes on.

General Anxiety Disorder

The need for anxiety awareness is very important as a large number of people are suffering from this disorder. Studies show that a large number of the total population of this world goes through anxiety in their lives. Different people who are suffering from anxiety have different reasons and symptoms. But, still there are some very common things that happen to all of them. Anxiety affects the overall health of an affected person. They find it difficult to lead a normal life, instead of sharing their problems with other people, they isolate themselves. The purpose of this article is to guide people about the roots causes, common signs and some best available natural methods to cure anxiety.

Different General Anxiety Disorder Signs:

1. Anxiety Panic Disorder – The affected have reported panic attacks. They feel a frightening experience and they live with an extreme fear that the next attack may happen at anytime. People experience chest tightness, breathing difficulty, increased heart beat, stomach cramps, disorientation, and irrational thoughts.

2. Obsessive-Compulsive Anxiety Disorder (OCD) – Affected people experience repetitive and uncontrollable thoughts that are very disturbing. They feel unsatisfaction in performing different tasks in daily life. A feel of something bad may happen constantly disturbs them.

3. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – There are many people with whom when any kind of traumatic events like accident, violence, abuse etc. happens, they find it very difficult to let go the whole incident out of their mind. Post such incidents, they experience difficulty in sleeping. They experience nightmares, anger, lack of emotion, and flashbacks of past incident happened to them.

General Anxiety Disorder Treatments:

1. Foods – You should eat foods that are rich in ‘Complex Carbohydrates’. The carbohydrate-rich meals are very useful in increasing serotonin levels in the body that supports calming. Whole grains, root vegetables and brown rice are great source of complex carbohydrates. The energy of these foods helps in forming a balance of mood in your body. This is a great GAD solution.

2. Tryptophan – Studies have proved that tryptophan is a great source for enhancing the mood as it boosts the serotonin levels in brain. This element is available in many foods like chocolate, milk, oats, egg, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and it is also available as a as a supplement.

3. Stimulants – You should avoid Stimulants that are the psychoactive drugs that induce temporary improvements in body and mind. They are used for different things like enhancing alertness, wakefulness, etc. Some other sources are – caffeine, nicotine, amphetamines, Modafinil, MDMA, cocaine, Ampakines, NRIs & NDRIs etc.

So, these were the symptoms and some very useful natural treatments for anxiety affected people.
One very important thing to remember for this situation is that you should never put stress on your mind. If you live in fear and depression most of the time, then you are not going to find any solution. Think positive and never be negative about your condition.

Prostatitis Treatment

Prostate disorders have become very common and are of much concern among the men population world over.Especially the men crossing the age of 40 are susceptible for the prostate disorders and the chances of prostate disorders are more among those crossed 50 years of age. Identification of prostate problems at an early stage is an important requirement to avoid severe effects of this malignancy. Despite the nagging commonness of prostate cancer, the disease seems to have eluded the medical community. The precise cause of the cancer is unknown, but a combination of factors is believed to be the culprit. Because American men account for the majority of prostate cancer cases, with Britons coming in second, doctors believe prostate cancer may be linked to the geographic region one lives in.

Beta-Sitosterol is one of the significant ingredients in Saw Palmetto berries which are known for providing relief in prostrate problems. Saw Palmetto is extracted from this herb, Beta-Sitosterol, which can reduce the prostrate size effectively and hence is a key relieving agent in BPH. Beta-Sitosterol can help in reducing the inflammation of the enlarged prostate and hence the patients find relief in urination. You should consider the physical symptoms and decide whether you truly meet the criteria. There are websites that have simple questionnaires that help determine if you might have an enlarged prostate, or even the severity.

To gain relief from symptoms, it may be necessary for the patient to monitor their urinary habits. Urinating frequently will reduce the pressure that causes painful urination. Warm baths may also provide relief for those suffering from prostatitis because it provides relief to the perineal and lower back muscles that can become sore due to an inflamed prostate. Radioactive seed implants. The radioactive seed is implanted in the prostate gland having gained the popularity at recent years as treatment in the cancer of the prostate. These implants are also known as brachytherapy, they are delivering high doses of radiation than with the external beams, and all over this is a substantially longer moment of time.

Most of the time if the cancer has not spread; treatment with Radiation Therapy will be the recommended procedure. Another common form of treatment is Radical Prostatectomy. This procedure involves having the whole prostate and its dependent parts removed. Post prostate surgery incontinence is unfortunately a common side-effect after the surgical procedure. The lack of bladder control is known as incontinence. In this situation the person is unable to prevent leakage of urine out of their body. The most surprising fact is that even though it is common, only a few men come forward with this problem for a cure. The hormone testosterone is responsible for the growth of the male sex organs and therefore contributes to the growth of cancer in the prostate. A non-invasive prostate treatment is to cease the production of testosterone, thus stopping the continued growth of cancerous cells. Tests have shown that after this prostate treatment is complete, testosterone levels generally return to normal or almost normal.

radical prostatectomy

The treatment given for prostate cancer depends on how advanced or widespread the disease is. If the cancer is small and only present within the prostate gland, it is possible to treat it with surgery (radical prostatectomy) radiotherapy (either external beam radiotherapy or brachytherapy) hormone therapy.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Since STD‘s are something that we must deal with and protect ourselves from in society, it is important that you know as much about them as possible. Even though you may think that this is something that only happens to other people who are not careful, you could just as easily be a victim. There are far too many people who just don’t know nearly enough about the way these diseases are transmitted, and what they can do to avoid getting one.

We will start off by examining some of the more common stds out there, such as HIV/AIDS. The important thing to realize is that HIV and AIDS are two different conditions. HIV is the virus that initially infects the body when transmitted by way of blood, semen, vaginal secretions, or breast milk. It is called AIDS when the body’s immune system can no longer fight off the virus. There is currently no cure for it, only treatments. To avoid getting this dreaded infectious disease, you can protect yourself by using condoms if you are a man or a vaginal ring for women when engaging in any type of sexual activity whatsoever.

The second common STD that we will discuss is chlamydia. This is an std that is quite common among younger people who are promiscuous and have sex with multiple partners. The type of bacteria you are infected with when you get this std is called chlamydia trachomatis, and it is considered to be an infection. One of the scariest things about these types of std’s is that you may not show any symptoms at all if you have it, until it is too late to treat. Some noticeable symptoms include pain while having sex, a burning sensation, and unusual discharge from the penis or vagina.

The last STD that we will cover is called gonorrhea, and effects the tissues in the reproductive system of the individual who is infected. Gone untreated, it can be a very serious condition that can effect a man or woman’s ability to conceive children. One of the most common mistakes made by people is confusing gonorrhea with chlamydia, because the symptoms tend to be so similar. Although there is a treatment for this infection, you can avoid it all together by protecting yourself whenever having sex, as well as limiting the number of sexual partners you have.

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Gynecomastia Exercise

Surgery is not the only solution for reducing your man boobs.There are plenty of alternative means to achieve the same, the most common being special gynecomastia exercise. These exercises focus on your chest and upper body to cut down the fat and firm the muscle in your breasts.

You can begin by doing short, intense sprints. The recommended distance to sprint is about 40 yards, which is pretty short considering the speed at which you will be moving. Set a mark at the end of the 40 yards and then stop when you reach it.

Take a breather for a few minutes then walk back to the starting point. Repeating this exercise intensifies the rate at which your calories will be burned. Work towards cutting the rest and increasing the sprint.

Stair sprints are another way of exercising to decrease gynecomastia. They are convenient if you live in a flat or block of apartments, or if you have stairs in your home. Stair prints are a good workout because they exercise the chest and upper body due to the balance you will need to go up the stairs at a fast speed. Be careful not to trip and fall on the stairs to avoid injuries.

Pushups are a popular method of reducing chest fat and building lean upper body muscles. They are ideal for your biceps and triceps, as well as exercising your core. You can include pushups in your gym time, or do them from your home.

A good cardiovascular workout to generally burn calories from your body is another gynecomastia exercise. This burns fat more evenly and gives you good muscle tone and an even better physique. Cardiovascular exercises include walking, skipping rope, cycling and swimming, among others. You should include these in your daily routine and keep doing them after your man boobs have decreased to stay fit.

You can also lift dumbbells as a gynecomastia exercise. These concentrate on your chest area and can be done in the gym or at home. Try all types of, mainly incline, lifts in a 30 minute workout session and continue them over several weeks and months to get your chest in shape.

Remember to personalize your workout to your lifestyle, and do not compare your abilities to others because it can be demoralizing. Keep to your gynecomastia exercise routine even after your results have been achieved for the sake of remaining fit and keeping man boobs away.

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Angular Cheilitis Home Remedies

Are you suffering from dry cracked skin at the corners of your mouth? Is it causing you a lot of pain and discomfort? Well if so then you are most likely experiencing angular cheilitis. It is a very common dry skin condition that affects a lot of pain. But what most do not know is that there are many things you can do which will help you get rid of that problem skin fast. All you need to do is start following a few simple tips at home.

The first thing you will want to do is stop licking your lips. The main reason why most people suffer from chapped lips and dry skin around the mouth is because they lick their lips. And this may bring you relief for awhile but once you start licking your lips the dryness just keeps coming. So what you need to do is stop. There is no need to keep licking your lips unless you want to have to keep dealing with dry skin. So instead what you should so is start using some lip balm. But you will need to make sure that you use only the natural flavored ones. These are the ones that actually work best and will make sure no dry skin stays.

Another thing that helps eliminate dry cracked skin is relieving stress. Believe it or not stress has a major impact on your skin. If you want to get rid of that dry skin then getting rid of stress is your first step. You can do things such as exercising, yoga and even sleeping to help get rid of stress.

There are many ways in which you can naturally prevent angular cheilitis. So instead of continuing to suffer you need to start using these tips.

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Types of Walking Canes

There are many different types of walking canes, and fortunately these days, the Web has opened up a tremendous amount of vendors to any person looking to purchase a cane. Whether it’s for health, to an aid an injury, or just to look good, canes can be found that match each one of these criteria or both at that. For anyone in the market, the problem won’t be finding a cane, but finding one through the immense number of commercially available as well as antique and artisan models that are currently up for sale. If you’re recently in the market for a cane, there are a few basic styles to keep in mind in order to make the shopping process much simpler.

Most people are familiar with the medical cane and these are necessary either due to injury or just weakening joints and muscles. Doctors prescribe these products and they are available from a number of sources. The distinguishing feature of these models is that they are very strong and light (usually made of metal like aluminum) and they have firm grips that make them easy to hold and use. They come in either single or four legs depending upon the needs of the patient.

Even though, you may have a medical need doesn’t mean that you have to have a cane that is medicinal in appearance. Instead there are many different stylish versions available. The most popular of these are smooth wood models that are often dyed with a rich deep brown. These products are not just helpful to walk with, but they are also good looking too. Most are made to go with a variety of outfits, so you will look all the better after purchasing one of these products. In addition to their fine wood appearance, many models feature smooth metal heads that are comfortable to grip and slide easily in the hand. These products come in a plethora of sizes so you can decide based on your style preferences rather than only physical needs.

More rustic varieties, handcrafted models from natural pieces of wood, can also be found. The products for sale are often just as reliable as a commercial product and so can be used as an aid just the same, but with a more country-feel.

Prices vary on these products, but many of these costs can be supplemented by insurance if needed. Nonetheless, it’s important to watch out for extra costs like gold inlays and such that add nothing to the use of the cane except look. Though if you do have the money – why not have a little fun?

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Arteriosclerosis is the name given to the loss of elasticity and hardening of the arteries of the body. It occurs at all ages but is more truly a degenerative disease, affecting people in the older age group as their bodies begin to wear out.

Some men and women have an inherited tendency toward this illness, but it is more likely to be severe in patients with, sluggish thyroid, and those with high blood cholesterol. Most frequently it affects the arteries supplying blood to the brain, the extremities, and the heart. The aorta (the major artery supplying the body) is also frequently involved.

Cholesterol, saturated fats, and particularly excessive intake of refined carbohydrates such as sugar are believed to play an important role in the development of this disease. Certain diets raise blood cholesterol, cause fat to be deposited on the inner wall of the arteries, and hasten the clotting of blood. Thus, the formation of blood clots may be related to both the arteriosclerosis and the blood changes caused by diets rich in cholesterol. It would seem that diet is important both as a cause and a preventive in the most important form of arteriosclerosis-that involving the primary arteries.

Symptoms. When the disease is generalized there may be few or no symptoms. When the brain is involved, there may be decrease in mental activity, loss of memory, dizziness, and confusion. Coronary arteriosclerosis, perhaps the most important form, results when the arteries feeding the heart become so narrowed that sufficient blood cannot get through.

Complication. Stroke, heart failure, gangrene of the legs, and the development of the blood clots in the larger blood vessels of the body are possible complications.

Prevention (or lessening of impact). Much can be done today to delay or control arteriosclerosis. Patients with family history of high blood cholesterol or blood vessel disorders should be conscious of the importance of diet. They are urged to avoid the overuse of foods rich in refined carbohydrates, such as pies, cakes, and soft drinks, and concentrate on lean meats, fish, milk, and vegetable products. Smoking should be avoided. Exercise, as prescribed by the physician, should be a routine part of living. The doctor will also prescribe the proper thyroid extract for patients with hypothyroidism and high blood cholesterol. Any underlying disorder that might contribute to the development of arteriosclerosis should be treated promptly. In some cases, where the legs are involved, the diseased artery may be replaced surgically.

Vascular (blood vessel) disease in diabetics are controlled where possible by treatment of the diabetes it self. For arteriosclerosis occurring without clear-cut contributing disorders, some drugs of limited effectiveness are available to moderate the disease.