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Eye Problems and How to Personally Diagnose Them

The human eye is one of the most important unit in the body. Even though man can still function properly without vision, we will be very disappointed if we loose our vision just because of carelessness.

Bad vision is something very common now in our days and most of the time goes undiagnosed for a very long time. We do not take note of our deteriorating ability to see because the loss of vision is a very slow process. Constant exposure of the eyes to strong light sources from the television and computer from the day children are born has accounted to the exponential increase in eye complications nowadays.

Therefore eye problems are no longer restricted to the old generation but to the younger generation too. Most children grow up missing a lot things around their surroundings since they have never seen the other side. They can only appreciate the beauty on the other side after their vision is corrected.

There are easy ways of personally diagnosing your eye problems.

Constant Headache: If you start having headaches or pain in the head frequently, you should suspect that your vision is maybe getting poor. People with poor vision have difficulties to see objects from afar or maybe objects too close to them. Therefore they start straining the eyes to focus to things they never did before. This mounts pressure to the nerves connecting the eyes to the brain and is followed by pain or headaches.

You now need to lean in front or backward of your normal computer or television to read: In most cases, you could read from your computer but now you need to lean forward and pay much attention before you can read. This means that your eye resolution may be giving way. As long as the distance of your eyes to your computer or television screen keeps getting shorter is a sign that your vision is getting worst. In the contrary, some people may constantly need to increase the distance between them and the television or computer set before they can see perfectly. This also a sign that calls for quick check up.

Missing out: Missing out here means always the last to take note of things around you. Bumping on objects without quick notice can mean lack of interpretation of information from the eye. It is also important to notice what people expect of you too see.

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Chiropractic Care For Children

The discipline of spine manipulation is another term for chiropractic. Because the spine connects to your nervous system and most system organs, anything wrong with it will probably need some manipulation of the spinal column in order to promote healing. This is how most people understand this healing method. It has been proven safe and effective, especially as any licensed chiropractic doctor will be highly trained and skillful. For many years, people favor the use of this scientific healing technique. Although there are a lot of controversies about it, today, both medical practitioners and chiropractors are working together to provide care for people’s health problems.

Although chiropractic is proven safe for adults, there are questions about its safety for children. As per government regulation, chiropractors are allowed to handle pediatric cases. In fact, chiropractic has a branch that specializes in healing children. Usually, chiropractic care for children is needed when they have dysfunction on the neck, back, or spine. However, special care is observed for these young patients because there are body conditions and structures that are unique to them.

There are parents who observe misalignment on their baby’s back. Usually, this is caused by trauma during birth and this is one of the more specific reasons to do chiropractic maneuvers on a child. There are other cases as well that would warrant chiropractic intervention.

Kids who are exposed to physically exhaustive activities such as sports could also result to conditions that may be helped by chiropractic treatments. It may not necessary to obtain chiropractic care, however, but for extreme cases in which the child actually experiences troublesome discomfort in the body, a chiropractor can surely help provide relief.

Common spinal dysfunctions that occur in kids may manifest as any of the following:

  • Abnormal sleeping patterns
  • Misaligned shoulders
  • Limited mobility of the head or neck
  • Recurrence of ear infection
  • Scoliosis
  • Constant headaches
  • Bedwetting
  • Persistent colds
  • Breastfeeding difficulties (for infants)

Sometimes, spinal problems may exist without visible physical symptoms but if a child is physically injured in any way, parents should go out of their way to check if there are more serious consequences of the injury. Getting chiropractic help will surely help. Depending on the specific condition of the child, seeing a medical doctor may be recommended by the chiropractor himself.

It is very important for parents to be open-minded about their children’s development, especially on matters of health. Although chiropractic was once dismissed as quackery, this has long been disputed and it is now widely recognized by the medical community.

Take Control of Depression

There are many wrong views and opinions about depression. In order to tackle the devastating effects of depression one must first understand what exactly depression is.

Depression is defined as sadness, gloom, dejection. Depression causes overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, guilt and unworthiness. Depression is most common in women.

What signs point to depression? Here are a few things to look for:

*Thoughts or feelings of suicide.
*Lack of interest in others.
*Loss of appetite
*Lack of Sex drive
*Being overly irritable
*Loss of energy, fatigue, tiredness

Although by themselves these symptoms to not point to major problem, having these symptoms combined may be a sign of depression. Depression hurts and there is no reason to suffer in silence. Talking about your feelings either with a professional Doctor or a trusted friend or loved one can release hidden inner feelings that need to come out.

It is always a good idea to look at the cause from depression. Various reasons for depression may be loss of employment, death of a loved one, recently having a baby, divorce, serious illness just to name a few. You will always do well to think on the positive side. Thinking positive may be the hardest thing to do when enduring the pain of depression, eating healthy foods and exercising at least 30 minutes a day can do wonders for your mental health.

Loneliness causes Depression

Loneliness and depression are closely linked. With the increase of modern technology people are becoming more and more distant from each other. Instead of having warm one on one conversations people have turned to sending text messages and emails. The problems with this lies in the fact that through a text message or email you can not see a warm smile, hear tenderness of a loved ones voice or feel a warm embrace.

Lack of human interaction causes loneliness and leads to depression. To avoid loneliness avoid excessive television viewing, video games, and hours of addictive internet surfing. Replace these activities with one on one human interaction such as making a phone call just to say hello, inviting a friend to your house for lunch or dinner. The point is we do not want to replace interaction with our friends and loved ones with lonely empty relationships developed over email and text messages.

Depression and Loneliness can bring you down, but start today by making an honest effort to make the needed changes for yourself to have a better tomorrow.

Why You Must Not Neglect Your Drugs

There is this false belief or erroneous impression that hypertension can be cured like other disease conditions; thereby making some patients not to want to continue taking their drugs the moment their condition improves. The moment they check their blood pressure and get a reading of 120/80mmHg or less, they conclude they no longer need to comply with their regimen.

However, the painful truth about hypertension is that it is an incurable condition that requires the sufferer taking his drugs for the rest of his life, except God performs a miracle on him.

We once had a patient who was on a regular medical check up in our company clinic: he was also on doctor’s prescriptions which were supposed to be adhered to, and only be changed after the doctor’s review. He adhered religiously to his drugs regimen for sometime. Suddenly, he disappeared and never showed up for review for over 6 months.

Then one evening as workers were closing for the day, we received a call that there was an emergency situation that required the doctor’s urgent attention. The young man suddenly started to experience bleeding from the nose (epistaxis). The ambulance rushed him into the clinic where attempts were made by our doctor to stop the bleeding.

After series of methods were tried and there was no success, he invited two other doctors from the other nearby company clinics. The young man kept bleeding profusely from the nose for upward of about 4 hours. Ice packs, adrenaline packs, digital pressure, etc. were applied, yet no positive result. Then they resolved to apply an in-dwelling catheter, which was inserted into the nostril and inflated. The ball eventually acted as a plug over the bleeding vessel and the haemorrhage stopped. He had to breathe with his mouth for the whole night.

He was very lucky the rupture had only occurred in the nostril and not in the brain; if it had occurred in the brain he would have suffered from stroke, and perhaps he would have died from the complications. Imagine the number of hours he bled from the nose and the failed attempts to arrest the bleeding. If it had been in the brain, there would have been unrestricted bleeding and his life would have been in serious danger.

There is a need to adhere to medical advice and never to assume you know more than the professional doctor. Don’t ever think hypertension would go away by itself or by merely taking your drugs for a few months. Always check with your doctor before adjusting the dosage of your drugs, and before going off the prescription for sometime if you ever need to do so.

You should not allow anyone to deceive you by claiming to cure your condition with whatever remedy. Be sure your doctor places you on close monitoring for a specific period of time, and that he’s satisfied with the result and claims (if you ever take alternative medicine) before you shout ‘eureka’.

Natural Allergy Relief

Anyone who suffers from any sort of allergy will tell you that it is never enjoyable. What is even worse is that many of the meds and antihistamines that are given out to fight allergies can give you a number of awful side-effects like feeling drowsy or making you really foggy. That’s why natural allergy relief has become so popular nowadays.
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In today’s world, everybody is getting more educated of the side effects of medication – and if you are suffering from allergies during the daylight hours, ingesting medications that can potentially make you feel sleepy is surely not the right answer!

Natural allergy relief has quite a few basic principles and the first step to drug free allergy relief is to learn what it is that causes your allergies or what it is that triggers them – this will help you avoid these triggers as best you possibly can.

Are there some fruits that give you an allergic reaction or could it be dust mites or certain weather conditions?

While a lot of people go for herbs as natural allergy remedy, others just find out what is causing their allergies and then they avoid those causes.

Here are some things you can do as natural allergy relief which doesn’t include using any type of drug whatsoever.

o Keep an eye on the weather and don’t go outside when the pollen level is high – also keep your windows shut and stay away from areas that are thick with grass.

o Wear sunglasses that are snug fitting so that pollen doesn’t get into your eyes.

o When you are cleaning your laundry, avoid any soaps or softeners that you could be allergic to and, if you are hanging your clothes outdoors, be wary of pollen getting stuck to it.

o If you are inside a residence that is carpeted and that collects dust easily, rather put in hardwood floors – another great tip for natural allergy relief.

o You should use a vacuum cleaner that uses a HEPA filter to clean clothes, carpets, couches and mattresses.

o Another terrific tip for natural allergy relief is to keep the humidity of your household and office on a level of lower than 50 percent.

o If you are allergic to pet dander, limit their areas. Don’t allow them on the furniture and clean your hands immediately after you pet them.

o For those of us who are allergic to certain makeup products, use fragrance free makeups as a form of natural allergy relief.

o Stay healthy and follow a balanced diet – this will boost your immune system and make you stronger against the effects of allergies.

These are all easy steps to follow for natural allergy remedy, if these steps do not work – talk to a homeopath and ask them to recommend one of Mother Nature’s other natural allergy relief options to you.

Improving Your Eyesight

Tips for improving your eyesight

You can use some natural eye drops to improve the way that you can view you the world as well as improving the outcomes for your general health status. Sometimes the eyes will suffer from different irritations that can cause some serious problems in terms of the health outcomes that you can expect. It is up to you to ensure that you are in the right frame of mind to deal with the different challenges that are coming your way. The use of the natural eye drops is one of the things that are recommended for the general public so that they get into the habit of looking after their eyesight. The loss of sight is one of the most challenging problems for some people in the world. Therefore you should give your eyes the very best opportunities to make a good clean breast of things.

One of the signs that you might need some natural eye drops are when there is watering in the eyes and you cannot focus on the things that you are doing. OTCs might do the trick but you have to make your own efforts to ensure that this problem is dealt with effectively. You have to watch out for the chemicals that may be found in the OTCs because they may cause harmful effects on your eyes which are not immediately obvious to the casual observer. You also need to question whether it is within your powers to continue using them if they seem to be causing you some problems in the long run.

When using the natural eye drops you should not forget to deal with the underlying problems that are causing you problems. It is in your interests to look at the different elements that affect your general outlook so that you are not left in a difficult situation. The use of the natural eye drops is something that you should incorporate within your routine. The end result is that you will be able to deal with the major problems that come your way. In the grand scheme of things the natural eye drops are just one step away from the things that you are doing. In doing so, you can receive the right kind of treatment. You should be cautious in the things that you are doing. The overuse of chemicals might not be good for your health.

There is also the issue of dependency that you need to consider. If you are always using the natural eye drops it might become a part of your life that you cannot get rid of. As a result you will develop a dependency syndrome that makes it very difficult for you to do anything else. That is not an idea situation and you would be compromising your health status in the process. Those are some of the things that you need to take into consideration when you are protecting your eyesight from long term damage and stress that can bring them down.

Panic Attacks Alternative Treatment Options

There are several options for your panic attacks treatment; each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, you need to weigh in your options so that you will receive the best possible method to treat this condition. However, in most cases, you may not have the choice on what option to use because it is always the physician’s discretion and choice on how to treat panic attack and other mental health issues.

Most doctors usually recommend using medication drugs as their first line option for panic attack treatment. This is very effective in stopping an attack and prevent panic episode to occur. However, use of prescribed drugs has its own major disadvantage; and that is placing your health at risk on acquiring one of its possible side effects. Because of this, some panic sufferers prefer the natural method to treat this condition.

Natural treatments usually involve counselling with well qualified mental health experts. These specialists usually guide patients on how to overcome and deal with the triggers of an attack. This further involves uncovering the root cause of the issue by identifying what triggers panic episodes. Once these triggers are identified then it would be easier to manage the condition by avoiding those triggers and learning how to manage them the moment the patient encounters such situations and events in life.

On the negative side of psychotherapy, it may take time before the effects are felt; hence, it is ideal for long term panic attacks treatment. Hence, what most doctors usually use is to combine both drug therapy and psychotherapy in managing the condition. Drug intake is prescribed for short term treatment; while psychotherapy is also initiated with long term goal of completely eliminating panic attack for good.

Apart from the aforesaid options; another method is learn some techniques on how to manage panic problems and prevent an attack to occur. This involves learning some relaxations techniques to manage the occurrence of an attack; as well as breathing exercises to stop an impending panic episode to strike. These are just few examples of the numerous other techniques which can be learn through various self-help programs that are available in the market today.

You may also choose one of these programs to go along with the recommended treatment initiated by your physician so that success rate for complete freedom from panic disorder is further improved. In any case, you have the aforementioned panic attacks treatment options to select that are well suited in your own situation.

The Truth About Blood Tests

Yesterday I decided it was time to clean out my filing drawers. There was so much paper in those drawers and now that I use a Macbook Pro, I have no need for paper. As I began tossing away old files and junk, I stumbled into some old diet paperwork from about three years ago. It was very interesting to look at results of an old blood test that I had done for the diet.

A couple of things stood off the page and whacked me in the head. One was that my blood spectrum report showed that I had abnormally high UREA in the blood, as well as URIC ACID. Also, my cholesterol level was high as were a few other minor markers.

This really intrigued me since all of my levels now are textbook perfect. Moreover, I am only marginally lighter in weight, so it was not the diet that made these changes. Given all of the research I’ve done in the past two years regarding alkalinity and its relationship to disease, I had a theory. After several hours research on the matter, I am now convinced that I am onto something worthy of further research.

Here’s my theory. If you take a glass of water and add blue dye to the water, the water turns blue. You could test that water and the lab would report a certain “parts per million” count for the dye. But if you let that water stand on the table for several days, some water will evaporate. There will be less water in the glass. Now, if you do another lab test on the water, the lab will report that the concentration of that blue dye has increased! In fact, there is no more dye in the water. What’s happened is that water molecules have evaporated – leaving the same amount of dye in less water.

The exact same thing is happening in our blood streams. At the time of my blood test, I was dehydrated. The report put me at 49% water. Humans should be up around 60% or better. Today I am 63% water. But when my blood was tested at a hydration point of 49%, concentrations of certain blood markers was understandably high. That means that these are false and misleading figures.

What is even more critical in this situation is that doctors do not account for hydration levels at the time they take blood tests. So when they test you and find that your cholesterol is high, the first thing they should do is find out what hydration level you are at. If you are at 49%, like I was, doctors should first put you on a plan to get you up to 60%. Once there, they should test you again. My cholesterol level fell by 30% by me just properly hydrating with high alkaline water. Water is NOT lowering your cholesterol, it is raising your blood fluid levels so that the test will be a fair measure based on standards.

This is another thing that big pharma is not going to like. If people normalize their hydration levels, then all of the skewed testing that is going on will have to be reworked. People will suddenly have normal levels and there will be much less need for prescription drugs.

I have a good friend locally who’s doctor put him on statin drugs to bring down his cholesterol. Within a week he had aching shoulders and joints. Of course he did! You need cholesterol to lubricate your joints. If you choose to bring down the cholesterol instead of bringing up the blood fluids, then your are going to artificially deprive your body of much needed cholesterol. Remember, if your body doesn’t have enough cholesterol it will make it.

I’m going to put my friend on 3 litres of high alkaline water per day and have him tested again after two months. I will report back once the findings are in.

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Smelly Scalp is a Problem

Smelly scalp have been a common problem to most individuals who had been exposed to seborrheic dermatitis. This is one reason why most of us often lose our confidence and end up keeping ourselves away from the crowd. Smelly scalp is a problem to many people, this is quite a condition which ‘til now has been observed and given importance on finding ways to resolve this. Smelly scalp may be associated with many conditions. Few of it is caused by a simple luck of good cleaning habits, while others are transmitted in some manner. Cleanliness to your surroundings pays a big credit to it, if you live in an unhealthy environment a greater risk for hair and scalp infections that may lead to a smelly and unhealthy scalp.

Most conclusions about smelly scalp are taken from scalp dermatitis and fungus. When we say about smelly this means that there is something rotten or a live bacteria infestation is present. On studies made, smelly scalp is often a result of improper hair and scalp care. This is when certain types of bacteria are present and starting to spread and develop. Thus more treatments were made and an ongoing medical research is still on the run. Scalp fungus is one of the many reasons for a smelly scalp. These types of fungus are often recognized by their itchy, flaky and scaly characteristics. Most often associated with scalp ringworm or the tinea capitis . These caused a very unpleasant odor that may cause a source of embarrassment and insecurity. Thus if your hair becomes smelly and bacteria is already present there is a very big tendency that you will be having hair louse. How will it be possible to prevent this?

One of the common treatments of this type of scalp condition is the use of scalp fungus shampoo. A shampoo specially formulated with zinc pca, zinc pyritheone or selenium sulfide. One of the most common elements that may prevents a smelly scalp condition. A frequent hair cleansing and washing using shampoo for damage or irritated scalp will also do. Though this will only be much effective if you keep a healthy habit with you. Avoid using or sharing someone else hairbrush, some factors also indicates that scalp dermatitis are often transferred by sharing hair brush from other infected people. Keep your scalp and hair free from strong chemical based hair products, this will not only make your scalp smelly and infected this will also damage your hair texture and may cause severe irritations. On tying your hair or before using hair clips, hats, and other hair decorations be sure to dry-up your hair first, this will allow your hair to be more manageable. Keep your bedding clean including your pillows, blankets, towels and all things that may be in contact with your hair. Avoid any thing that may be a reason for a smelly scalp this will really be a big problem if you have. Start using scalp fungus shampoo for treatment most of it can be bought with out prescription. If things get severe try to consult a doctor and seek medical advice.

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Cure Panic With Proper Dieting

Panic or anxiety is mostly seen in young adults. Even some children develop anxiety during their school days. You can cure panic with natural diet and simple exercises. What you need is confidence, positive approach and boldness to cure panic at the earliest.

Anxiety is caused due to stress, alcohol and drug intake. But, according to the physicians, even vitamin and mineral disorders can cause anxiety. Lack of magnesium in the body is also one of the reasons for this panic. In most cases, anxiety vanishes as they grow older and older. So, when you are young, you are not bold enough to face the general things. And this negative thinking is the cause for anxiety.

The major symptoms related to anxiety are: elevated heart beats, sweating, shivering, chest pain (rarely) and so on. Even people with healthy body will have all these symptoms, when they are under anxiety. Lack of confidence, negative thinking and unnecessary fear are some of the problems faced by the people who are under anxiety.

Now let us see, how to cure panic without pills and antibiotics. Meditating in the calm place is the easy method to cure anxiety. Just sit in a calm place or a prayer hall and close your eyes. Think, what happened on that particular day and what generated anxiety in you. Start your self education and instruct your brain not to fear for these simple things. This positive approach will definitely bring down your anxiety in few days. Continue to do meditation and self study regularly. You can also get rid of anxiety with breathing exercise.

I recommend you to do yoga every morning. Yoga is the safe and simple method to keep your life healthy and free from panic.

Nowadays, numerous online programs are available to cure panic. Step by step instructions are given in CD’s, through which you can exercise at home on your own and cure anxiety. Even yoga is taught online. So, if you have internet, find out which program suites you.

Other than the above, try to share your happiness and grief with others. Suppressing the feelings inside will increase the stress. Avoid staying alone at home. Never miss the night sleep. Most of the software programmers who work on night shifts are affected by this panic. Eat healthy food, especially green leafy vegetables to get magnesium naturally.
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So, if you can follow these simple instructions, you will be completely out of panic in few weeks.

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Overcoming Christian Depression

Overcoming Christian depression is a subject that many Christians are interested in because believers suffer from depression just like everyone else. However, because Christians are supposed to have the joy of the Lord, they are often ashamed to share or admit these feelings to others.

Also believers may not even be aware they are clinically depressed or if aware, do not have the courage to admit that they have such a problem or don’t know where to seek help. This forces them into suffering in silence and their only ray of hope of salvation lies in praying for deliverance.

Christian depression is no different from any other form of depression and refers to a state of the mind in which a person for long periods of time suffers from grief, sadness as well as emptiness. They will also become apathetic and will lose all interest in normal activities and may also become agitated and restless. Depression also leads to sleep disturbance and it can also disrupt a persons body weight and their appetite.

Depression represents an ascendancy of tyranny of a persons emotions that will overcome their entire being. Most depression is caused by prolonged negative thinking or a crisis like divorce or illness. The Bible says that a heart that is merry will give rise to a cheerful countenance, but when the person is overcome by sorrow, their hearts and spirit will soon break. Even David suffered from sadness and grief and his heart was very desolate and his tears were falling all night long.

Furthermore, women outnumber men as far as being victims of depression go. In fact, women are twice or thrice as likely to become depressed as compared to men. Overcoming Christian depression is all about understanding and identifying the causes of the depression and then looking for and using a suitable solution.

One solution in helping to overcome depression includes the use of herbs from God’s own pharmacy. There are several such herbs that are worth checking out and include, among others, St. Johns Wort, ginkgo biloba, Omega-3 Mood, SAMe, and 5 HTP. Christian meditation has also been know to help believers learn how to control or eliminate negative thinking, thus greatly reducing the feelings of depression.
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If herbal remedies don’t help or your depression is long-lasting it is important to see a counselor or mental health professional. They may prescribe pharmaceutical medications on a temporary basis. Generally, depression is treated best with a combination of medication and cognitive therapy, helping to counteract destructive thinking.