Easiest Way to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

How to stop smoking, a question we ask ourselves on a daily basis. Stop smoking is one part mental, and one part action. There are hundreds of people who quit smoking constantly, and you can add your name to that list with this simple and easy How To Quit Smoking Guide.

How to prepare.

That’s right, quitting smoking causes a little bit of preparation. First you need to make sure you have positively decided this is what you want to do FOR YOU and not for someone else unless its your children, don’t let co-workers or family pressure you otherwise you won’t feel serious and you won’t really want to quit. Avoid thinking about it negatively.

Decide the reasons you want to quit before hand, list them and hang them on your fridge or somewhere you will see daily, this will help remind you why you want to quit. Listen the positive affects of quitting smoking, and you will always get to see the good in it!

Also make sure you are prepared mentally and physically, drink more fluids and keep yourself healthy. Maybe even go to the store and find your favorite snack – this will be your best friend while quitting smoking.

Set your goals.

Make sure you have goals set out for this, set the date you want to be completely smoke-free, set a date for when to “involve a friend” if you are having issues. Set little goals and achieve them, set a big goal too but focus on the little steps. Each success will help you feel like you are closer to stopping smoking, and the more little successes you get the better you will feel about quitting.

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Try different ways of quitting.

When you quit.

Upon quitting you will notice a few things that may bother you such as your teeth, breathe, and other things. You can try some nice gum or have the dentist clean your teeth of the stains, this will show you how beautiful your smile can be again.

Figure out what to spend your money on, realize how much extra money you will have in your pocket, this will by default reduce any financial stress to an extent and will help you have those couple extra bucks when you need it!

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