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Traditional Asian Cooking

“Spicy.” This is what usually comes to people’s mind when they hear about Asian food. Some people find it hard to appreciate after only one bite, while others consider it one of the best foods around. But is Asian food really spicy?

Spiciness in some Asian dishes is an integral part of a delicious culinary tradition. It may be ordinary in parts of Asia, but not all Asia, and while some Asian food is spicy, not all Asians eat spicy.

Traditional Asian cooking is healthy. It is typically low in cholesterol and saturated fat, a combination that many health professionals believe to protect against many chronic diseases. Real traditional Asian meals contain lots of high-fiber foods such as rice and other grains, breads, noodles, potatoes, fruits and vegetables including the sea vegetable seaweeds, as well as plant-based beverages comprising tea, coffee, chocolate, beer and wine.

Almost every Asian meal provides essential micronutrients from plant fibers believed to be rich in vitamins, carotenes, minerals and antioxidants that promotes general well-being. Asians are fond of herbs, spices, nuts and legumes. In fact most homes cultivate their own garden of these healthy greens. Because these substances are abundant everywhere, they are commonly incorporated into food in differing proportions. If consumed in sufficient amounts, the traditional Asian diet contains all of the essential nutrients needed by most adults.

Dairy foods such as milk and cheese are considered optional or low to moderate amounts in an Asian-style diet. Studies show that this general lack of dairy products in the diet may elevate concerns with regards to calcium requirement. This is why the use of calcium supplements is suggested. However, the plant-based and dairy-free diets of much of Asia associates low occurrences of osteoporosis and breast cancer than other countries. Soy is another healthy component that provides a main source of protein and iron. It contains isoflavones, known to be compounds that can stop the mutation of regular cells into cancer cells.

Cooking Asian food is simple and easy to prepare. It’s mostly only about whole grains, slightly cooked vegetables, and a little bit of everything else. In Asian cooking, most recipes employ fast cooking and the cooking part is the fastest and shortest part. Asians believe that the secret to a healthy diet is not just about taking time to make a dish sophisticated, it’s also about finding the right foods in the most natural way.

There are many misconceptions about why Asians are thin and healthy despite eating so much. I think it’s the culture and attitude towards exercise and diet in most Asian countries that leads to a lower obesity rate. I would say that in general, Asians live a healthier and more active lifestyle with more vegetables and less red meat in what they eat. So the secret is probably what Asians eat. Perhaps this eating style makes the Asian meal a healthy diet that helps improve general health and well being, making them feel better; stay fit and more active. It’s probably the reason why Asians remain thin and healthy even though they also eat so much!

Healthy eating basically begins with learning how to eat smart, and if you think eating delicious but well balanced meals can be the best way towards a healthy eating style, then the Asian diet may be ideal for you. This can even help make you achieve that great shape you’ve ever wanted. Maybe it’s time you get this edge and show the world that you’re worth a satisfying, healthy diet.

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The Benefits of Cold Stone Therapy

Cold stone massage is a good way for you to provide stress relief and help your body in relaxing. This method also aids your mind so that it can let go of all its anxieties and trauma. If someone is suffering from a sporting injury wherein the muscle becomes swollen and inflamed, a good cold stone massage should do the trick as well. Together with a soothing human touch this massage will be able to calm your body and senses. This type of massage is currently gaining popularity because of all the advantages that you will get from it. The following are just some of its benefits:

  • Smooth marble stones are normally used for this therapy because it has the ability to retain cold temperature. The coldness that these stones provide, once it is placed on your body will help you ease up your anxiety level. These cold marble stones will assist your mind so that it will only focus on the body and not on the pertaining mental stress.
  • It also helps to soothe would be sinus problems. What therapists usually do is place this cold stones on top of a cloth and then position it over the face. The coldness of the stones will work to diminish the nasal swelling and therefore, it will reduce the sinus congestion.
  • Menstrual pains and bloating can be a monthly problem for most women. If you are suffering from this type of condition every month, then it is recommended that you also get a this type of massage regularly. This is because menstrual pains can be calmed by this type of massage. Once cold stones are placed in the abdominal part of the body, the swelling of the uterus will be lessened thus diminishing any menstrual discomfort that you are feeling at the moment.
  • It’s also a good way of boosting blood circulation. If cold marble stones are placed strategically on the correct locations on the body, it will definitely improve the overall blood circulation of the body. When this happens, this may also reduce the possibility of high blood pressure.
  • Tendinitis and other sports injuries may also benefit from the treatment that you will get through cold stone massage. Cryotherapy or cold therapy actually soothes the inflammation of the muscles and joints by radiating through the painful area to reduce the swelling.
  • Studies also indicate that getting regular cold stone massage can support a healthy immune system. Since this type of massage helps in reducing the level of stress hormone cortisol through its relaxation properties, enhanced immunity is very possible.
  • One of the benefits also includes the revitalizing of your energy levels. When you undergo a cold stone massage, the cold stones that hold and radiate the cold temperature will help contract the muscles in your body. It will also help alleviate any bloating and would boost the energy levels throughout your body.
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Diabetic Glucose Testing 101

Diabetic patients should be cautious about their glucose levels on a daily basis. This will help safeguard against the disastrous effects that could develop if left unmonitored. Recently, the procedures have become pain-free. They also can be completed quickly before and after meals. When choosing the process that is right for you, you should consider when and where you will be testing. Also, you should consider all of the different types of devices that are offered.

It’s critical to plan ahead of time how you will want to conduct the testing. Appropriate testing times should be before and after each meal, while exercising and right before you go to bed. Consider using a bathroom or kitchen in order to ensure proper hygiene and privacy. Find a surface that provides stability for the device. The diabetic test strips and the lancet used should be properly disposed of immediately after each use.

Type 1 diabetic patients are advised to test themselves no less than three times per day. Type 2 diabetics, whom do not use insulin, do not need to test as often. However, testing should be done at least once per day. Type 2 diabetics use oral medication and diet to control their sugar levels. Also, both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics should conduct the A1C test regularly in order to manage their glucose levels on a long-term basis. It is not advisable to depend on a urine test for glucose results. However, urine tests can detect ketones, which can be a sign of a serious complication of Type 1 diabetes.

There are many types of diabetic glucose meters that are available to meet the many different needs of diabetic patients. Some have large screens to make reading them much easier. Some are audible for those who have vision difficulties. All of these standard machines will require a small blood sample to measure the glucose level. For children, young adolescents and patients with more serious cases, it is advisable to use a machine that can download data directly onto your computer. This ensures a continuous record of your results. It also protects against tampering with the results. There is a new device that has been FDA approved that uses a small electrical current to draw fluid through the skin rather than drawing blood with a needle. Regardless of the device you choose, you should have it checked regularly to make sure it is operating efficiently and correctly. This can be done at the clinic during your visits.

Testing for blood glucose levels on a regular basis can be quite costly for many patients. Many research and development projects are being conducted to try to ensure easier and more affordable means for diabetics. The new methods are becoming less painful which will encourage patients to conduct their own tests regularly. Remember to maintain your diet, exercise regularly and check your blood glucose level at least once every three months even if you are not diabetic. For those with diabetes, you should always follow your doctor’s advice.

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What Is Gout And Can It Be Cured?

Most of us have heard a lot about this medical condition. Some have had painful experiences with it. But exactly what is gout? What are its common causes? And can it be cured or avoided at all?

Gout is actually a form of arthritis. An attack can happen all of a sudden seemingly unprovoked. Many people say that it comes on suddenly in the night and it is so painful that just the slight touch of the sheet causes intense pain. It can be found in any joint but it is commonly first reported in the large joint of the big toe. It can be in several other joints as well, it is not limited to the big toe. The wrist, hand, knees or ankles can also be an affected joint. Any joint where uric acid builds up can become very painful and swollen.

Too much uric acid is the cause of gout symptoms. When the body cannot rid itself of enough of the acid it will accumulate in various joints. The crystals that form can cause much swelling and pain. Affected joints can become swollen or red. The condition can last for just a short time, or several days.

It is treatable with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These can be obtained at a local pharmacy without a prescription. However, a doctor can prescribe stronger pharmaceuticals that can help ease the pain and swelling.

There are other things that can be done to help alleviate a painful attack. Although over the counter drugs are effective during a painful attack watching what you eat and drink may keep further attacks from beginning. Eating foods low in purine and high in Vitamin C can help keep uric acid from building up in the blood stream. Drinking plenty of water can also help the body get rid of excess uric acid. This will prevent further attacks as well.

Another method of preventing the onset of an attack is to maintain a proper weight. Obesity can be a contributing factor for developing gout. It can also aggravate the condition during an acute episode. Eating a healthy well balanced diet is advisable. Avoiding foods high in uric acid, such as red meats, organ meats and some seafood can also help evade a painful episode. Consuming lots of fruits, vegetables and other low fat foods can help immensely in the fight against gout.

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7 Benefits of a Whole Food Diet

What are whole foods? Whole foods are natural foods such as vegetables and fruits, unpolished grains, oatmeal, nuts, seeds and non-homogenized milk. Unprocessed meat, poultry and fish are also whole foods.

In short, pretty much all unprocessed and unrefined foods, or those who only undergo a little refining and processing before being consumed, are considered whole foods. Whole foods do not contain any added sugar, salt or other preservatives. Obviously, cured meats like bacon and hotdogs, cannot be categorized as whole foods.

Why is a whole food diet advocated so much in today’s day and age? What are their benefits? We can think of 7, and we’ve listed them below:

1. They are chockfull of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need for optimal health. Because they haven’t undergone processing yet, vital nutrients are not yet lost and they retain their health-giving benefits compared to processed foods that have already lost much of their nutritive power. Fruits like apples, oranges, berries, mangoes, grapes and vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, kale, carrots, squash, celery and others are whole foods that you need to eat everyday. Consumption of 9 servings each day strengthens the immune system and keeps our heart healthy.

2. Whole grains, barley, brown rice and oats have high amounts of fiber that keep our digestive system functioning well. They also naturally detoxify the body of harmful toxins that cause a wide range of diseases from simple stomachaches and digestive upsets to serious diseases like colon cancer. Fiber also keeps our hearts functioning well. The Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion recommended that individuals consume at least three servings of whole grains everyday to lower their risk of cancer and heart disease.

3. Whole foods have less fat and hence, keep “bad” cholesterol levels down. They also keep problems like obesity and heart-related illnesses at bay.

4. They have low glycemic index values. Whole foods do not cause spikes in the glucose and insulin levels of the body. Raised amounts of these are potentially harmful. Diabetics know this for a fact.

5. They do not cause one to overeat. Because they are full of nutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals, whole foods need time to be digested properly. Besides, whole foods are generally more filling and as a result keep one from consuming too much food, thus lessening calorie intake and preventing obesity and other corresponding illnesses. This also results in more energy and vitality for performing work or doing exercise.

6. Proteins can also be taken from lean unprocessed meats and fish. Moreover, fish like tuna and salmon are rich in omega-3 that have been proven to lower triglyceride levels which prevents heart attacks. Omega-3 has also been linked to improved mood and overall better psychological health.

7. Whole foods are free of harmful chemicals like preservatives and genetically-modified substances that contribute to the build up of toxins in the body.

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High Blood Pressure, Homocysteine and Pycnogenol – A Review

We live in a culture that attacks our health in many ways. There are work pressures, problems raising children, financial problems, and for some people, plain outright boredom that wears on our bodies. The result is a nationwide high blood pressure problem. But are the pressures of living the only cause of high blood pressure? By no means – as a matter fact, I am convinced that the environmental pressures we blame for this problem are very minor causes.

Gorging on unhealthy foodstuff is a key reason for high blood pressure and is not limited to the middle class. It permeates the entire society. What you put in your mouth has a direct relationship to your health. But, when it comes to high blood pressure, the bad foods are just part of the problem. Even your good protein foods are part of your problem. The bad foods cause us to store bad fat throughout our bodies, especially around our mid section and around our vital organs which may cause serious problems.

The biggest culprit in producing high blood pressure is homocysteine which is produced as a by-product of digesting protein foods. It is an acid and, if not quickly broken down into harmless salts, damages your blood vessels. As a defensive mechanism, your brain orders your body to make extra cholesterol to use in patching the damaged vessels. As the cholesterol builds up on the vessel walls, it restricts the flow of blood as well as being a hiding place for bacteria which, in turn, produces pain.

If the blood vessels are not somehow cleansed and the offending homocysteine removed, eventually your veins are going to become so restricted you become a prime subject for a heart attack or fatal blood clot. Your doctor is going to prescribe a statin drug, or in other words, high blood pressure medicine. The medicine will reduce the blood pressure, but in the process, stop your body from producing enzyme CoQ10 which is essential for your heart to properly function. You become subject to a sudden and unexplained heart attack.

Testing your homocysteine level is much more important to your health than testing your high blood pressure. You can have perfect blood pressure and be subject to a fatal heart attack due to your homocysteine level.

Research has shown that increasing your intake of vitamin D, folic acid, B 6 and B 12 vitamins breaks homocysteine down so it can be purged from your body. (It would be better to use a quality natural mega-multi-vitamin that includes not only mega B vitamins but also many other essential nutrients for good health.) What could be simpler? As the cholesterol is being purged from your body, a strong antioxidant such as pycnogenol, when used at a high enough concentration, can go in and help your body repair your damaged veins. From my personal experiences working with other people,the enhanced version of pycnogenol has been a God send to them.

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Harmful Effects of Cigarette Smoking

Health and medical organizations, from all across the globe, have found strong and sound evidences, that cigarette smoking can cause a number of severe health problems. Latest studies have revealed that people, who smoke cigarettes, possess very high chances of suffering from lung cancer, in comparison to those who are nonsmokers. Other critical health problems, which can be triggered by cigarette smoking, are lung, throat and oral cancer, as well as various other types of illnesses, like emphysema, smoker’s cough, loss of endurance and stamina, premature wrinkles, decline in libido and bloodshot eyes.

Researches have confirmed the fact, that in reality, a single cigarette stick contains nearly 4,000 different types of chemicals and among them 60 types of chemicals have been identified to cause cancer. The majority of individuals believe that lung cancer is the only major disease, which is caused due to cigarette smoking. However, they are not aware of the fact that apart from lung cancer, smoking is also responsible for causing other fatal ailments leads like bladder, pancreatic, cervix esophageal and kidney cancer.

Nicotine, a chemical widely found in cigarettes, is extremely addictive as well as poisonous. Pets and toddlers can even die, if by accident they swallow cigarettes or cigarettes butts. Moreover, the smoke emitted by cigarettes, consist of deadly, carcinogenic compounds, like radon and radium, which are found to be responsible for causing lung cancer. Cigarette smoking also significantly raises the blood pressure level and the heartbeat, which happens mainly due to the presence of nicotine, which stimulates the central nervous system. Smoking also reduces the oxygen amount that travels to the brain. It also leads to blood coagulation, which in turn enhances the possibility of blood clots. Excessive clotting of blood leads to different cardiovascular diseases, like strokes and heart attacks.

Tar produced by the smoke gets deposited inside the lungs, which in turn causes harm to the air sacs, resulting in various lung problems, in due course. Emphysema is a major lung disorder caused because of cigarette smoking. This type of ailment weakens the lung tissues and cause damages to the capillaries, which sustain as well as nourish the alveoli. Due to emphysema, the lungs airways collapse during expiration.

Smoking is also considered to be extremely harmful for women. It only triggers various health problems among women but also cause harm to their physical appearances, by producing premature wrinkles. It is exceptionally dangerous for pregnant women, since passive smoking can induce miscarriages. If a woman smokes during her pregnancy, there is a higher risk for her child getting exposed to the adverse effects of smoking.

So, in order to live a fit and healthy life, it is advisable to quit smoking cigarettes, forever.

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Do Not Let Loneliness Eat You Up

Among the many factors, which adversely affect people’s minds, loneliness would be the worst. If one worked from the comfort of his home as a writer, designer, or photographer, he would have thought that he could accomplish more without constant interference from his family members, his spouse, children, or even from his dog. Then his wife goes away to take care of her old and sick mother in her hometown for a month. She is taking the entire family except her husband. He may think that he could then work more efficiently. It would actually be the opposite.

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He would wake up in the morning and find there is nobody who cares about what he did. He would think that one more hour of sleeping would not hurt. He would end up sleeping the entire morning. In the afternoon, he might remember that he forgot to watch the movies he rented last week and would start watching them. He would then promise himself that he would not be this lazy the next day. The fact of the matter is that things would stay this way, until his wife comes home.

The above may be an extreme example. You may handle your loneliness better than the person I described in the paragraph above. However, the point is that one’s productivity, when he is completely lonely, would go down lower than when he is with his family or colleagues. Disturbances are negative impacts on one’s productivity. Even after subtracting this negative factor from the overall performance, the productivity of a human being is higher when he or she is not lonely.

Loneliness is not just a negative factor in one’s productivity. It affects the stability of one’s mind. Homesickness is one of the adverse effects of loneliness. If one kept lonely for a long time without interacting with others, he could start suffering from mental disorders which could include visual or audible hallucinations. It is thought that the loneliness is one of the main causes of addictions such as drugs or alcohol. As a matter of fact, many of these addictive diseases can be cured by social interaction such as group therapy.

Is there any advice that could help avoid any mental problems resulting from loneliness? There seems to be only 2 pieces of advice:

  1. Find the cause of your loneliness. Talk about it with people who do not have conflicting interests.
  2. Avoid being isolated. Continue to seek social interaction.

One can get professional help, such as a psychiatrist or mental therapist. One can go to church. He can volunteer to do community service. He can meet with his friends. Next time when our work is disrupted by our wives, we should be thankful for not allowing us to become lonely.

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Hair Loss Treatments Created for Women

Nowadays, hair loss treatments for women are increasing in popularity. The topic is becoming more and more well-known as more women are experiencing it. This used to be a big concern for women, but with today’s hair loss products, they have a better chance at bringing back their hair.

Hair loss is an upsetting condition to have, much more if you are a woman. There can be a lot of teasing involved and you would most likely be the main course. Some women would even freak out when they see themselves in the mirror. Holding up inside their houses and not going out for days, even weeks. Usually, when we think of women, we picture out flowing locks of silky smooth hair. Having bald spots would bring that picture crashing down like a wild duck during hunting season.

However, the good thing is, there exists a product that can be used to treat this kind of problem that some women are experiencing. This product is safe to use and it is effective. Therefore, you do not have to worry about losing your money because it is assured that you will be satisfied with it.

With all the many products available, one product is confirmed to solve hair loss in women: Provillus hair loss treatments for women. As of now, many women are already using this, and so far, all of them are satisfied with the result.

Provillus only uses natural ingredients that concentrate on the main cause of hair loss in women. It strengthens hair follicles and encourages hair growth. Having only natural extracts means that no foul-smelling or harmful chemicals can damage your skin. Provillus takes into consideration that women with delicate skin and scalp will use the product.

All of the company’s hair loss product treatments have been approved by the food and drug administration. This approval signifies that Provillus has gone under rigorous tests and studies to establish its safety for daily use.

The approval of the food and drug administration is not easy to get. The product has to follow all the required procedure set in place. These regulations and policies need to be fulfilled to sustain a high standard of quality.

Additionally, on-site inspections and checks are necessary to make sure that the production goes smoothly. It’s also to make sure no contaminants get included in the production. This strict process is necessary to ensure safety of consumes. This also maintains Provillus’ position at the top of the consumers’ ratings.

Hair loss solutions for women that sport the Provillus name offers its customers a wide range of support services. From email to hotlines, these steps make it easier for their customers to contact them in case they have any questions, or should they encounter problems while using this product. These measures increase customer satisfaction, which ultimately leads to product loyalty.

With its high regard for its customers, it’s not a wonder then that Provillus remains being one of the top hair loss treatments available for women.

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Cardiologists and Heart Attacks

There are many things that cardiologists treat and one is the malady of heart attacks. Here are some things to think about.

Cardiologists are medical practitioners who specialize in the care of the heart. He or she diagnoses, treats and performs tests on this vital organ and all that is connected with it. Heart attacks, strokes and related diseases have become more prevalent in our society. Much of this is related to coronary artery disease.

Lifestyle, dietary choices and genetics have a lot to do with it as well.

  • Coronary artery disease: This is often referred to by the initials CAD. CAD occurs when plaque builds up within the arteries, causing a clog. Oxygen cannot get through these blockages and this becomes dangerous and detrimental. It can become fatal.
  • Lifestyle: High stress lifestyle, drug use and cigarettes have all been attributed to this problem. When a body is in constant “fight or flight” mode, chemicals are released that can eventually lead to devastation. Every human being will have some stress in their life but they can counter it with relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep breathing, meditation or exercise. Recreational drugs and cigarettes are never a wise choice for well being.
  • Diet: Having a high saturated fatty diet has been shown to lead to clogged arteries, higher blood pressure and obesity. A healthy diet complete with lean proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies and lots of water will go a long way in coronary health. A well nourished individual has an arsenal against coronary disease.
  • Genetics: Some individuals have inherited a tendency to become prone to coronary problems. If it runs in a person’s family, this is even more reason to alter lifestyle and dietary choices.

Signs of a heart attack include:

  • Shortness of breath: Many sufferers begin to feel short of breath and are not sure why. This may be a red flag of impending problems.
  • Chest pain: The pain may be spread over the entire region, not just in the center. This is a major red flag of trouble.
  • Body pain in other regions: Pain in the neck, shoulders or down one or both arms is often a sign of coronary difficulties.
  • Upset stomach: Many individuals who are in the throes of an attack may feel nauseous and even vomit.
  • Sweating: Excessive perspiration combined with any other symptoms or even alone is a symptom. If the room is not hot and a person starts perspiring for no reason, this points to trouble.

Many people think that a cardiac problem is like a dramatic scene out of a movie. This is simply not the case. One reason that many individuals die from this is that they wait too long to get help. If a person thinks that they or someone they’re with is exhibiting symptoms of a heart attack, they need to call 911 and get help immediately.

Cardiologists can help people who have suffered this malady or with an array of other cardiac related issues. If a person suspects that they have anything problematic in this area, they need to get to the doctor right away.

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Eye Illusions – Perception Isn’t Always the Reality

An eye illusion occurs when what you perceive is different from what you are seeing in reality. When you see an object, an image is captured on the retina which is then transferred to the brain where it gets processed. Because of some reasons, the brain perceives the image differently from what it is in reality. There are mainly divided into two types; physiological and cognitive.


Physiological eye illusions occur as an after result of seeing images which like bright lights. Every response has a dedicated and individual neural pathway during the beginning stage of a visual processing. However the repetitive response of some channels can cause physiological disturbances which can change your perception. Mach Bands and Hermann’s grid illustrations are the two types which prove helpful in explaining this unusual phenomenon. Lateral inhibition which causes an increase in the sharpness and contrast of a visual response explains the Mach Bands as well as the Hermann grid.


Another type of misconception is the cognitive eye illusion. This is mostly a result of people’s individual differences in perceiving reality. During this type your eyes and brain make subconscious interpretations. This phenomenon is widely called as “mind games”. They arise as a result of individual beliefs about worldly aspects causing subconscious interpretations. These Cognitive fallacies are further divided into four kinds namely fiction, ambiguous, paradox and distorting.

  1. In fiction, you see things which do not exist and which only you can see. This could be a result of hallucinations and or schizophrenia.
  2. In ambiguous, there is a perceptual replacement between two alternating inferences when you see certain objects or images. A famous example of this type of illusion is the Necker Cube.
  3. In paradox the hallucination is triggered as a result of seeing objects which are impossible or paradoxical in reality. Objects such as the Penrose triangle are an example of this type of hallucination which is supported as a result of the misunderstanding perception that adjacent edges have to join.
  4. In distorting, the objects we perceive are distorted in curvature, or length and size. Famous examples of these types are the M?ller-Lyer and the Caf? wall creation.

Many artists have incorporated these deception techniques in their works. These deception techniques are also incorporated in films by the forced perspective technique. Christopher Nolan’ latest film ‘Inception’ has incorporated the impossible staircase or Penrose stairs creation to explain how impossible creations are possible within the dream world.

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