Depression Treatment

Our dreams are extremely important. I had to specialize in dream interpretation according to the scientific method in order to find salvation from neurosis and a prominent schizophrenia. The salvation I found thanks to the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung had to be found by many other desperate people. I started curing many people through dream therapy, since I began in 1990. This was how I simplified Jung’s method.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is a true doctor. By following the unconscious guidance in dreams we overcome all problems.

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Depression is the first sign of your necessity for salvation. You cannot continue living the way you do. You may believe that you are a victim of other people’s evilness, which you cannot change. However, your dreams will show you how much you are influenced by your anti-conscience, which is your wild conscience. This is the main subject of all dreams. This is also the main reason for your suffering.

Instead of complaining about other people’s mistakes, you’ll learn how to correct your own mistakes. After correcting your mistakes, you’ll understand how to influence other people and transform your life.

When you understand the dream language you understand the seriousness of your psychological problems. You also understand that the materialistic and atheistic mindset of our world is totally absurd.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams has a divine origin. I could understand the unconscious sanctity, which Jung couldn’t believe.

I saw that we suffer so much in our lives because we are absurd and cruel. However, this is not our fault. We have inherited too much craziness and evilness in our anti-conscience. We must acquire consciousness through dream therapy so that we may eliminate the anti-conscience. This psychological transformation is also a process of spiritual purification.

The unconscious mind shows us in our dreams all the mistakes we make, analyzing our behavior. We are constantly influenced by our anti-conscience. On the other hand, even our human conscience is one-sided. It needs development in order to become really intelligent.

For example when you see many people you dislike in your dreams, this means that you are imitating their behavior. These people represent parts of your own personality. You cannot admit that you are wrong like them because of your ego. This is why the unconscious mind sends you symbolic messages using images and scenes, instead of speaking through words.

You have to understand the unconscious logic if you want to understand the meaning of your dreams. Thus, you must abandon the mistaken concepts of our crazy world, ruled by violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed. You have to see the truth as it is.

When you see the entire truth about your behavior, and you understand your own mistakes, you stop suffering. You stop being a slave of your ego, which is manipulated by your anti-conscience.

You learn how to correct your behavior and find peace. You also understand how to organize your life, instead of being a victim of various situations, and a victim of people who disrespect you. Your dreams show you how powerful you are, helping you develop your own intelligence.

This is a true depression treatment that completely eliminates your deep sadness, and puts an end to your despair. Dream therapy helps you transform your personality, and completely change your life. When you are intelligent and sensitive you acquire many powers. You feel strong like a hero. You understand how to change your life instead of accepting your suffering.

Author: Health Care on May 26, 2011
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