Laser Surgery for Acne Removal

If you have tried every possible option of acne treatment and are yet to get back your natural clear skin, then laser surgery may be the only option left for you. Out of all the possible treatments, laser acne treatment is the costliest but the most effective. Laser acne treatment deals with sending a beam of light through the skin and stops the breeding of the bacteria that causes acne.

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Laser surgery is perhaps the most effective treatment for removing acne scars and acne marks too, as the beam of light repairs the tissues of the skin not just superficially but also till the bottom-most layer causing complete healing. But when you go for laser surgery, you should have the patience to bear with it as this is a time-consuming process and it may take years for you to get satisfactory results. Laser surgery is not done in one sitting, and depending on the extent of acne it would require multiple sessions.

In acne scar laser surgery, the beam of light is focused on the top layer of the skin and it burns away the lesion causing a fresh new skin to grow and thereby reduce the prevailing scar. Apart from targeting the bacteria, laser surgery also inhibits the secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands that cause acne.

There is also another type of acne scar surgery that does not involve burning of the skin. In this type of laser surgery, the beam of light works at repairing the skin and not burning it. This type of laser surgery is said to be comparatively safer with negligible side-effects. Also as it is not as time-consuming, one can get it done even when one has a short break during office hours.

In laser acne treatment, the specialist decides the wavelength of beam to be passed through the skin, as different wavelengths are appropriate for different complexioned people. You can have a look at some acne treatment reviews on how effective laser surgery for acne is before getting it done on yourself. Being approved by the FDA, you can rest assured that you are getting a safe procedure done.

However as with any medical procedure, it is advisable to go to a specialist. The whole difference in the treatment and its effects lies in the wavelength the specialist decides to use on the person. This is a very important decision and a specialist with good experience would always make the best choice. Any wrong decision taken by an inexperienced specialist would leave behind scars that are a shade different than your skin tone and may not look too good. When you are already spending a considerable amount of money why compromise the expertise?

There have been cases of skin sensitization, redness and burning sensation after laser surgery for acne, but is known to subside with time. Specialists may prescribe some topical applications along with laser surgery to keep these side-effects in check. This is a very effective treatment, but should only be opted for as a last option as it would cost a lot and would not give instant cure.

Author: Health Care on May 26, 2011
Category: Acne

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