Sassafras Tea

Make It: Place 6-8 rounded teaspoons of roots or bark in a non-aluminum pot and cover the herbs with two quarts cold water. Heat slowly to a boil with pot covered, and gently simmer for 25-45 minutes. The longer you simmer the herbs, the stronger the tea will be. Warm or chill, dilute to taste & sweeten with agave nectar or stevia as desired.

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A cup of sassafras root tea is a traditional spring tonic in the South for hundreds of years, and was part of the home medicine of the early American colonists, who learned of its use from the Iroquois and Seneca tribes.

Sassafras tea was considered to be a blood purifier and the essential oil was used in liniments.

Sassafras was exported from the colonies to Europe where it caused quite a stir.

As a blood tonic, its roots maturing in the spring contain mineral salts that can thin the blood to help man survive the hot summer months, and then when these same plants matures in the fall they develop mineral salts that thicken the blood for those cold winter months.

NOTE: The oil is toxic and should never be taken internally for any reason. Sassafras is not for long term use. Not for use in pregnancy.

Herbs are an all natural way to help maintain health and wellness as well as preventing illness to begin with. Here is to good health.

Author: Health Care on June 30, 2011
Category: Allergies

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