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Carnivorousness and Vegetarianism vegeterian

Meat has introduced such poisons in your organism that today it is a unity of impurities. If you had a normal sense of smell, you would stay far from each other – the smell of those, who eat meat, is so bad. When somebody tells me that he is ailing, the first condition for improvement of his health is to change the food he eats. “What shall we eat then?” The answer is – fruits.

What will one gain if he eats? Will he become stronger. However, if he eats vegetable food, he will become cleaner. Carnivorous animals are stronger, more cruel, more predatory. If you are a wolf, you will eat meat. If you are a sheep, you will eat grass. The desires of the wolf are desires of the Black Lodge, and the desires of the sheep are desires of the White Lodge.

Carnivorousness is the disobedience of God’s law.

In order to understand which food is healthier, let us do the following experiment: we will put somebody on a diet – three months we will give him to eat only pork and three times a day he will drink half a liter of wine. We will put another on a fruit diet. In the course of two months he will eat exclusively fruits and drink clean hot water. We will watch both of them during the experiment and will see what their relationships with their relatives and people round them will be.

You may eat meat and cheese, but they cannot create in you a clean body, a noble mind.

One, who cannot avoid meat, cannot get rid of evil. Blood is purified through food. A full vegetarian may be the one, whose ancestors, the previous four or five generations, were vegetarians.

Pigs are the most unclean animals, and so is their meat. One thinks that together with his gut disposal all impurities are removed. Wheat is the purest food.

People die, because carnivorousness exists.

I deny meat, because I know that all crimes throughout the world are due only to it. One, who eats meat, will suffer for sure.

The extreme killing of mammals creates an anomaly in Nature. Most diseases are due to that killing, which stops their evolution, and all powers that shall create their welfare remain unused, thus forming a chaotic state, which is the reason for the various diseases. Do you know what happens after the animal blood flows out promiscuously? From the evaporation – various serums and favorable conditions for harmful germs form and from there evils in the organic world come.

No one, who eats pork or goat, may become great. John the Baptist ate honey and locusts. He was very energetic. Honey softened his character. Locusts imparted gaiety and good mood GlobalCanadianPharmacy.

You have studied fruit-eating with angels, and you have studied carnivorousness with the fallen spirits. Carnivorousness came into the world when it was broken the connection of the human soul with Cod, with Love.

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