Acne – How It Affects Teenage Girls

Most teenage girls are susceptible to the problems of acne. Acne is just another aspect of growing up and girls seem to suffer in more ways than boys. Girls are just realising that they are becoming attractive to boys and when they discover that they are breaking out with acne, they will worry about their future.

Girls will normally see the blemishes on their faces as a signal that they are not going to be attractive to boys and this can often lead to depression. Teenagers are prone to be unsure of themselves and the added problems of acne do not help the situation.

In these days when there are many ads on television showing beautiful models extolling the value of this or that beauty product, a teenage girl can wonder why she has the various blemishes associated with acne. She will naturally resent what is happening to her looks at a time when so much is changing in her body.

Parents are in a position to help their teenage daughters through this difficult part of their lives. Listening to their thoughts and complaints with a sympathetic understanding can be of great benefit. The positive attributes of their daughters should be discussed so that they will realise that all is not negative for them.

Parents can assist too by helping the teenager girl to understand what can cause acne. It was always thought that diet alone was the cause, but this is not the case. Diet is just one aspect but is not the only culprit.

Hormonal changes in the body are really the major causes of the problem. This is why teenager girls are the main sufferers, but adults are also liable to suffer. During puberty, one hormone in particular, androgen, seems to be the major player. This hormone causes the sebaceous glands to expand and the result is the production of excess oil. It is this oil when mixed with bacteria and dead skin on the surface that will block the pores in the skin.

When the bacteria in these blocked pores multiply, inflammation happens and shows on the surface of the skin.

It is normally at this point that the teenage girl will turn to over the counter remedies. Some of these will work and some will just be a waste of money. To be honest, the drug companies revel at this time, as when one product fails to produce the desired results, another is purchased and so the merry-go-round begins.

After some period has elapsed and the acne is still present, the teenage girl would consult a dermatologist. These experts will often achieve results, using prescribed medication which is not cheap. Some will try to get to the root of the trouble and investigate diets, habits in regard to skin care and other aspects.

At least they are trying to remove the actual cause of the acne, not just treating the symptoms. Teenage girls affected by acne go through agony and they need all the help available.

Just like any other problem within the body, acne can only really be cured by removing the cause. Chinese acupuncturists have always looked for the cause of a problem and treated that. We should all take note of this approach, after all Chinese doctors have been successfully sorting out ailments for many years. Unfortunately Western medicine has lost sight of this basic understanding.

The successful curing of acne does not take place overnight and for a teenage girl who wants miracle cures, this is not really acceptable. So parents should guide the teenager in this regard.

Acne No More is the holistic and natural way to cure acne. This method was created by a one time sufferer who researched until he found out how to cure himself. It can remove the problem faced by teenage girls.

Author: Health Care on April 21, 2011
Category: Acne

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