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Do Toddlers Need Chiropractic Care?

No parent can stand seeing his or her toddler in pain. As parents, we seek all possible solutions to relieve our toddler of any pain. Therefore, for the question do toddlers need chiropractic care, my answer is yes. Let us see why and how.

When a baby is born, the vertebra measures about 24 cm. By the time, the baby turns a year old, the spinal column increases to about 50% of its size. It doubles its length when the baby turns 5 years old. It is at this stage that toddlers are so busy and move about so fast, which can lead to traumas. The vertebra is greatly affected by the traumas they encounter. If this is not attended to, it can totally affect the toddler’s growth and health.

As soon as babies start to crawl or attempt to stand up, they encounter small accidents such as falling on their back while trying a step — and to think that they are not even a year old! These small mishaps can cause the improper alignment of their spinal cord that gives pressure to the nerves.
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Some toddlers may complain of any pain that they have but oftentimes, they will just cry aloud. For that reason, parents must be well attuned to their toddler’s behavior. The crying can mean something more serious. As a parent, you must look for signs that will tell you that something is ailing them.

By seating your toddler, you can easily spot if he has problems on the neck and spine. Inability to turn his head in both directions implies that he has some sensitivity or soreness making him not to turn on the other direction.

Some activities, which were received by the toddler when he was an infant, also contribute to his having vertebral misalignment.

Parents may not know but the manner of changing the nappies put strain on the vertebra of your infant. Just try to recall how it is done – we raise both feet using just one hand while the other is busy removing the nappy and cleaning the baby. This is done repeatedly straining the spine of your infant. Just try to recall your infant’s position when you change nappies – is it not very awkward?

Picking him up by his arms or shoulders can also strain the vertebra.

Infants must learn how to crawl first before learning how to walk. However, some parents are so excited that they encourage their children to walk at an early age. This is especially true for first time parents. Once they see their baby crawling, they will hold him up and let him stand on his feet and guide him to walk. This is ridiculous! One activity must be mastered first before jumping into another — we all know this! Again, this forced action stresses his spinal cord.

Once the crawling stage was preempted by walking, the baby loses so much body coordination, which is all-important for his development. Such body coordination that gets affected are eye and hand synchronization, good hand grasp and visual perception, good right and left brain dexterity, communication and enhanced muscle growth all over the body.

Rushing an infant or toddler to activities that is beyond his capability put so much strain on his spinal column that can lead to further irritation. If this is not corrected, the toddler will have more problems that can hinder his performance.

Hence, chiropractic adjustments can give much benefit to toddlers suffering from these misalignments. A toddler with spinal subluxations will have to be seen by a chiropractor for him to have a healthy life.

It has been observed, too, that chiropractic treatment gives more long-standing health advantages to the toddler.

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Getting Your Rotator Cuff Back On Track

A rotator cuff injury is tough, just ask anyone who has experienced this type of injury. Now only is there extreme pain from this tear, but the natural arm movements that are taken for granted, suddenly become next to impossible to do. This injury can be life altering for many people and take along time to heal. There is also the road to recovery and information you will need to be familiar with to decide what is the best healing option for you.

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Medical experts know that for the most part, a rotator cuff injury doesn’t just happen, unless there is some type of blunt force trauma put on the shoulder area such as a bad fall or vehicle accident. The usual culprit is continued repetitive use over years of wear and tear on the muscles and tendons in the area. These repetitive movements over time can cause enough damage, and given the right situation will make a tear rather easy and almost a certainty.

The two major options you will have when dealing with recovery is either surgery or becoming involved with a physical therapy program. First you should talk with your doctor and get their professional input as well as spending some time on line and reading about other patients experiences with these two very different roads to recovery, before you make your final decision. Records show that doctors usually recommend surgery for patients who have experienced a sudden tear. Sudden tears are very painful and require daily doses of pain killers and can take 6 months and physical therapy to heal naturally.

There are still medical mysteries such as why some people don’t seem to be getting better despite their best efforts at following the advise of their physician. In the case of a cuff injury and the recommended exercises don’t seem to be working, many will decide to do the surgery to quicken the healing, easing the constant never ending pain and to shorten the time to regain the use of their otherwise useless limb. It is much harder and almost impossible to do many daily activities with only one hand, from getting dressed to packing the groceries.

Surgery for some is very helpful, for others it can be just as painful and limiting as the cuff injury itself. Surgery is not a sure fire quick fix for all. It can bring mobility and functionality as well as pain relief, much quicker than other options. If surgery is not a viable option to pursue, it is absolutely crucial to make physical therapy and exercises part of your daily routine. This will not improve the function of your arm and help you regain use of this very important limb.

Aromatherapy Soy Candles

While people are demanding more naturally based products, more companies are starting to meet the demand. The public is becoming more knowledgeable about what is good or not good for our environment, and our bodies. Since candles are a preferred choice for scenting the home, consumers want them to be made of natural substances. The traditional candle is made of paraffin which is a petroleum based product. They emit carbon dioxide into the air in the home. They also leave a film of soot on the walls after a period of time. Aromatherapy soy candles are better for the respiratory system. They are not only better for the respiratory system and atmosphere, but they last longer than paraffin candles.

Another popular way to scent the home or any other space is with essential oils. Aromatherapy is healing and provokes certain endorphins, and triggers in the brain. The limbic system controls these responses to aromatic and body oils. People tend to have multiple uses for essential oils. Some choose to make their own blends using top, middle and base notes.

Others use them to alleviate ailments using selections such as:

  • Bergamot – acne, chicken pox, depression, gas, boils, cysts, abscesses
  • Eucalyptus – cuts, burns, bronchitis, asthma, sores, muscle aches, rheumatoid arthritis
  • Clove – bronchitis, indigestion, nerve tension, toothache, colds
  • Chamomile – gas, gout, depression, headaches, irritable bowel, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, blisters
  • Frankincense – asthma, nervous tension, colds, bronchitis, uterine tonic (for heavy periods and post childbirth)
  • Geranium – burns, eczema, edema, PMS, poor circulation, tonsillitis
  • Jasmine – anxiety, lack of confidence, cough, headache, laryngitis, dry skin
  • Lavender – dandruff, eczema, flu, headache, acne, anxiety, sinusitis, circulatory problems
  • Neroli – anxiety, depression, digestion, insomnia, panic attacks, dry skin, stress

Many oils work best in combination with others. This is where a professional mixologist will be of help. Online sources are available that will mix personal concoctions for most needs.

Scented aerosol sprays can irritate the sinuses which is why a better option is spray bottles. Essential oils can be combined with water and simply sprayed in the air. Some people use vaporizers or humidifiers to distribute aromatherapy throughout their homes. Essential oils can be used in aromatherapy soy candles as well although essential oils are used in most natural candles. It is just as popular to use oils in diffusers with sticks. The wood absorbs the oil and distributes the scent throughout the room.

Oils and aromatherapy candles can be found online, sold wholesale or retail. There are also brief lessons on how to extract essential oils and make aromatherapy candles yourself. It can take hundreds of petals to make milliliters of oil, so it is a good idea to consult the experts. Mixed in aromatherapy candles, it goes further than spraying. Spas are growing all over the country. This is contributing to the demand for natural candles and other products. Many women create their own spa experience at home. Somewhere in the closed quarters of bathrooms around the globe are women taking luxury oiled baths with several candles lit around them. These are the demanding consumers.

How to Stop Sweating

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is one condition that affects a minority of the population. This condition is characterized by profuse sweating in the armpits, face, feet, and palms. Oftentimes the sufferer would be reluctant to be shaking hands with another person because of excess sweat in the palms. Or you are concerned of the visible sweat rings in the armpits. Even body odor (which stems from excess sweating) is also an issue.

A lot of information is available on the Internet on how to stop sweating so much. Certain methods may work for some and some methods will not work for others. These methods would be helpful if they are implemented with a doctor’s prescription. So if hyperhidrosis is disrupting your day to day activities, it is advisable to consult a doctor on possible treatments. Meanwhile, there are also things you can do outside the doctor’s office to stop sweating so much. This article mentions a few of the possible solutions to take care of your problem.

One thing to consider is the clothes you wear. Wearing tight clothes or the wrong fabric cause the body to heat up, resulting in excessive sweating. Wear comfortable clothes and fabrics that let your skin breathe. Cotton is a recommended fabric. You might also want to wear dress shields. Carry a few spare dress shields with you, wherever you go. Avoid wearing clothes with nylon fabric. A good antiperspirant product is also recommended for you to stop sweating so much.

Relax! One may be puzzled why this is essential in stopping excess sweating, but let us try to understand why relaxation helps. A little sweat causes anxiety, tension, and embarrassment. These emotions make you sweat more. By gaining control over the psychological aspect of your excessive sweating, you will reduce the severity of your hyperhidrosis. Some tips to reduce anxiety and stressful emotions include yoga, deep breathing, and meditation.

You might also want to be ready for some contingencies. Carrying extra items with you can be helpful to reduce stressful situations and excessive sweating. These items include disposable dress shields, a bottle or can of antiperspirant, a spare blouse or shirt, moist towels, and an extra pair of tights or socks.

Excessive sweating cannot be totally cured, only controlled. There are no miracle remedies to this problem. The best one can do is trying several remedies. If none works, try other remedies. By trial and error and the doctor’s help, you can make big steps on your way to a happy, sweat-free existence.

Managing Colic With Homeopathy

Colic accounts for one of the most dreaded pain types in most patients. The intensity is really very devastating and the patient almost rolls on the floor to get relief. Colic refers to the pain originating from a tubular structure. Thus, we have renal colic originating from the ureters, biliary colic from the biliary duct, and intestinal colic from the spasmodic affection of the large or small intestine. Usually the acute prescription in the colic state is fairly achieved by keynote method. In this article, we will discuss few of the prominent homeopathic remedies for managing colic.

Aconite: the colic causes intense panicky state in the patient. The patient looks pale and cold due to anxiety and can even faint more due to the anxiety than the pain. The pains are extreme and patient can’t bear to be in hot room, even though feels chilliness. The primary selection should be based on the anxiety, the absence of which contraindicates the remedy.

Belladonna: Severe colic associated with fullness in the stomach, flushing of the face and dilated pupils with full and bounding pulsations all over the body. The attack comes suddenly and progresses to the highest degree in a very short time. Pace, congestion and intensity indicates this remedy.

Chelidonium: suits to the patients of biliary colic who have fullness in right hypochondriac region with heavy flatulence and severe pain in abdomen precipitated by consumption of fatty food. The pain is situated around the back and radiates to the right shoulder. Pain is better by hot applications or after drinking very hot water. The remedy helps in the treatment of the gallstones, not only by relieving the pain but also by assisting the smooth passage of the gallstones.

Berberis: The most striking characteristic of berberis, in renal as well as biliary colic, is the pain radiating in all directions. It is mostly a left sided remedy. There is an intense urge to pass urine, which is quite painful. The pain shows marked aggravation from any kind of motion.

Colocynth and Mag-phos: both are useful in colic of any kind. They are quite identical in their symptom manifestations. In both cases, the pain is significantly relieved by external pressure and by warmth. Mag-phos shows more amelioration by rubbing the affected part, while the patient of colocynth prefers a steady yet firm pressure. In both cases, the colicky pain is intermittent. These drugs show a marked sensitivity to cold, especially in case of mag-phos. Colocynth colic is brought about by irritability or suppressed anger, even in case of a uterine colic. It is also a result of overeating cheese. I have seen wonderful results by Mag-phos in case of spasmodic dysmenorrheal, in young pubertal girls.

There are many more remedies like lycopodium, raphanus, ipecac and opium, that can be used effectively in colic. These remedies not only act fast but also give a mild, gentle and permanent relief.

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Facial Hyperhidrosis

The cause of facial hyperhidrosis is usually divided into two categories; primary and secondary hyperhidrosis. Primary hyperhidrosis is caused by an over activity in the sympathetic nervous system located in the brain. The sympathetic nervous system is in charge of the flight-or-flight reflexes of the body and notably responsible for anxiety. Sweating in the face tends to make a person anxious which causes them to sweat more, making it a very uncomfortable cycle. Secondary hyperhidrosis is caused by a medical condition known as hyperthyroidism, diabetes or Parkinson’s disease.

Even though hyperhidrosis is a constant, the symptoms are not always active because most times, this excessive sweating is triggered by different stimuli such as, caffeine, nicotine and social anxiety. It can also be caused by a simple elevation in humidity or the general room temperature. The condition may also quickly manifest in any other heightened situation, even if it is not considered stressful. Women who have this condition find it difficult to wear makeup as sweating profusely will make it run. Facial hyperhidrosis can also manifest is many forms. It sometimes extends farther than the face, affecting the scalp and neck. Women usually wear their hair short and some persons wear towels around their neck.

If sweating is caused by the abnormal imbalances brought about by hyperhidrosis, particularly an overactive sympathetic nervous system and most importantly the one located in the chest cavity, this can thankfully be treated more effectively. A doctor can easily rule out any further medical problems that may disguise themselves as hyperhidrosis. There are four types of treatment utilized, and sometimes combined to help control facial hyperhidrosis; these are: oral medication, Botox injections, simple topical solutions, and finally Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy.

Oral medications like antidepressants are prescribed when the main trigger may be social anxiety. Anticholinergics are prescribed only when excessive sweating occurs in areas like the armpit, feet or palms. These, like any drug carries some side effects such as dryness in and around the mouth and drowsiness.

Prescription antiperspirants are the basic, store bought variety, only in a higher solution. These may also be suggested to cut down on excessive hyperhidrosis and the effects may become noticeable in as little as a week.

Botox injections have been used as an instant but expensive fix. These injections do not last forever and after about nine months they will have to be redone. They are usually recommended when sweat comes from a small localized spot, like the chin or forehead.
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Another option would be ETS also known as Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy. This treatment is still very controversial but is an effective treatment for palmar and armpit hyperhidrosis. It is reserved to be questionable with the treatment of facial hyperhidrosis because rates of success have not been as high with it in this respect. Its side effect is also compensatory sweating so willingness to go this route is minimal.

Sinusitis Symptoms in Children

Children, especially toddlers are more susceptible to diseases and infections such as sinusitis than most adults, mainly because before a child reaches the age of 14, his immune system is not fully developed.
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Many kids endure sinus infections nearly as many as those who develop ear infections immediately after birth and both infections are commonly caused by germs and bacteria.

Some experts would also say that this could be the result of milk-based products for toddlers, since milk contains lactose, a very prevalent allergen. These dairy products such as milk makes the mucus thick which makes it a good trap for different fungi and bacteria that becomes a yeast-like compound in the nasal channels.

Sinusitis in children is often a reaction to cold virus but the infection as I have mentioned above is from the bacteria in the sinuses which makes the cold virus symptoms. Sinusitis is not contagious in children but the cold virus that causes the infection could be very catching.

Whenever your child has a sinus infection, this is usually stemming from the thick mucus accumulating in his nasal airways. The best thing to do here is to gently thin the mucus so that he can breathe freely.

Signs and Symptoms

According to experts, the symptoms and signs of sinus disorder in kids are much like that of continuous colds that usually lasted for about 10-14 days. The symptoms may possibly comprise of clear or colored mucus discharge, sore throat as results of post-nasal drip, persistent cough that often worsens at night, fever, and halitosis or bad breath.

The following will further help you determine if your child is having some sinusitis symptoms:

  • Seeing the yellowish or greenish gooey-liquid running out of his nose, this isn’t just a runny nose but signs of sinus infection.
  • Noticing them swallow and spitting mucus frequently, have a broken and cracking voice, experience difficulty in breathing, clearing mucus from the sinuses by snorting which is somewhat be relieved by blowing his nose which are also the signs of post-nasal drip.
  • When you observed that he’s having some difficulties in breathing.
  • When he’s having a feeling of pain in the upper stomach following the urge to vomit due to the increase of mucus in the stomach. This causes him to cough consistently as well.
  • When you notice his puffy eyes, his excessive petulance, weariness, and throbbing headache. Also when he’s having fever and colds for more than a week.

The aforementioned signs and symptoms could be wrongly diagnosed for respiratory infections; hence it needs to be verified on whether the problem is viral or bacterial to avoid incorrect or worthless treatments. At any rate, its very important that you begin sinusitis treatments right away.

Maca, a Powerful Adaptogen

No matter how hard we try to avoid it, stress is still an everyday part of our lives. It stems from the daily decisions we have to make, from our interactions with the people around us, and from our environment and surroundings. How well we deal with this stress determines how happy, healthy, and fulfilled our lives are. People looking for ways to help achieve such balance will be happy to know that there are all-natural foods capable of boosting your body’s general resistance, making you better equipped to face life’s everyday challenges. Such functional foods are called adaptogens, which not only boost your immunity to illness and disease, but also impart a feeling of general well being and accomplishment.

Currently, one of the most nutritious, potent and sought after adaptogens on the market is the powdered root of the plant lepidium peruvianum, more popularly known maca. The maca plant is grown in the forbidding altitudes of the Andes Mountains of South America. It is the plant’s root that contains most of its active ingredient, and it is often crushed into a fine powder before consumption. Scientists credit maca powder’s special immunity boosting properties with helping the indigenous people of the area adapt and thrive in such harsh environmental conditions.

Maca is more famously known for being a powerful aphrodisiac, libido enhancer, and fertility supplement. In fact, it has been used for this purpose for thousands of years. However, modern science has revealed that maca has plenty more to offer its users than an improved sex life. Researchers and herbalists have discovered that the secret behind maca’s potency is its ability to subtly affect the workings of the body’s endocrine system. The endocrine system is made up of several key glands and organs scattered throughout the body, which secrete and regulate our body’s many hormones. These hormones affect the way that our cells grow, develop, and behave. Our metabolism, blood sugar levels, muscular development, and fertility are just a few of the important bodily functions dependent on the endocrine system. Thus, whenever this system fails to function properly, serious ailments and diseases are often the result. This is where maca comes in handy. Its unique combination of over 60 phytonutrients exerts an equilibrium inducing effect on the endocrine system, making it more effective and efficient.

This special property has made maca one of the most popular functional foods on the market today. People suffering from adrenal or thyroid deficiencies use it therapeutically, and in some cases, some people have been able to stop taking their medications altogether. Couples seeking to reignite their passions use maca as an aphrodisiac, and its users swear by its ability to enhance sexual desire, improve performance, and reduce cases of erectile dysfunction. Women use it to find relief from the symptoms of PMS and menopause, and boost female fertility as well. Athletes and bodybuilders have increasingly come to rely on maca as a safe, all natural replacement for performance enhancing drugs. Teenagers have found maca’s hormone balancing capabilities to be extremely helpful in helping prevent and clear up acne. Elderly people on maca enjoy more energy, a reinvigorated libido, and a new lease on life in general. Maca has also been shown to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression, which is part of the reason why it is so effective in helping people deal with stress.

Maca’s other main advantage lies in the fact that it is an all natural food, containing no potentially dangerous artificial chemicals, contaminants, or compounds, with no dangerous side effects. As a food item, it can be used in the preparation of all sorts of dishes and beverages, and can even be eaten raw on its own. It is this kind of safe, wholesome, healthy, and high quality functional foods that Hidalgo Foods aims to deliver to our customers. We specialize in supplying wholesalers, retailers, and consumers with nature’s finest and most potent superfoods. In doing this, we hope to promote healthier lifestyle choices for people of all ages and from all walks of life. As part of this commitment, Hidalgo Foods supplies only the finest maca powder available, sourced straight from the altiplano high up in the Andes Mountains, where the plants are grown naturally and organically, untouched by any artificial fertilizers or contaminants, the same way they’ve been growing for thousands of years.

Killing the Killers in You

Roundworms are parasites that can infect human beings via contact with animals, particularly animal feces. Poor hygiene habits can also cause roundworm infections. An inadequate diet and constipation are contributing factors.

Roundworms (nematodes) include ascares lumbricoides, hookworm, strongyloides stercoralis, ancylastoma caninum, whipworm, pinworm, toxocara canis, dirofilaria immitis (dog heartworm) and trichinosis.

Symptoms include, but are not limited to, restlessness, bruxism and spasms. Left untreated roundworms can lead to other health problems including digestive disorders, a dry cough, blood in the stools, anemia and weight disorders.

Among the allopathic doctors, there is little knowledge about parasites as the cause of disease in human beings. Conventional doctors have few diagnostic tests for parasites and very few drugs to treat parasites of any kind.

Fortunately, there are numerous alternative health remedies for roundworms. Any one of the following suggestions can be highly effective.

  • Take one half cup of raw pumpkin seeds per day for a period of three days.
  • Consume one garlic clove per day. Press it with the edge of a dull knife blade to release the active constituent allacin. Do this twice per day for ten days in a row to expel roundworms.
  • Eat three to four figs, preferably white figs, daily. Do this for 10 days in a row to paralyze roundworms.
  • Take the anti-parasitic herbal supplement Rascal, which is a combination of pumpkin seed, garlic, cramp bark, capsicum and thyme, four capsules, three times per day before meals until the bottle is gone.

A tea of wormwood has long been know to expel all kinds of parasites, including roundworms. Two cups of this tea morning and evening can remedy parasites. Alternatively, a tincture of wormwood can be taken two to three times per day. Do not use wormwood beyond approximately two weeks as doing so can be detrimental to health.

Wormseed, also known as Mexican tea and chenopodium ambrosiodes, is effective against roundworms. The oil should not be used because of the dangers of easily overdosing.

According to “A Modern Herbal” by Mrs. Grieve, “The expressed juice of the fresh plant is also employed, in tablespoonful doses. The drug should be given in one full dose, fasting, and then be followed, in about two hours, by an active purgative, such as castor oil.”

As an adjunct to any of the above treatments for roundworm, drink two cups of senna leaf and peppermint. This can be used as a follow up remedy that helps expel parasites from the colon. Add ginger and hot peppers to your daily diet.

These herbs should not be used by those who are pregnant or nursing. Never use wormseed in oil form, it is highly toxic.

Electronic “zappers” that operate on the same frequency range of internal parasites are used by many people to treat parasites. These relatively simple devices can be constructed by people who have some knowledge of electronics.

Colloidal silver can also safely kill parasites, including roundworms. A standard dose of colloidal silver is two to three tablespoons daily, taken morning and night, in divided doses. Colloidal silver kills parasites by destroying them in their egg stage, so it must be taken over an extended period of time to be fully effective.

Energetic Acupuncture

A few days ago I received a call from a woman who told me this:

“I have just been to see my GP, and she told me that for what I was suffering I should consult an acupuncturist, but not any kind of acupuncturist. It must be somebody dealing with energetic Chinese acupuncture, which is a kind of higher level of practice. Do you practice energetic acupuncture?”

I do get this kind of question from time to time. Depending on my state of mind or my mood the answers I give can be quite different. I might be quite curt because actually the question could be interpreted as having some rude implications (if I don’t do energetic acupuncture I am not good enough). But usually I just say that the acupuncture I apply is efficient, modern, adapted to our world, and based (partly) on a scientific understanding of what is happening in the body when I treat patients with acupuncture.

Depending on my disposition of the moment I could eventually explain that I have been practicing for forty years, that I teach, write, promote and defend quality acupuncture, that actually my life IS acupuncture.

The people who ask me this kind of question about acupuncture can be quite persistent.

“Yes, but what about the energies? Do you control them enough to treat this or that disorder?”

What can I say? The term “energies” (yes, plural) has got so many meanings, people understand it in so many different ways that it is a little bit discouraging to try to explain anything. From the Chinese Qi, a beautiful concept to express what is happening in the body, a very dynamic and adaptable notion, to the theories of Einstein on the relation between mass and energy, landing nowadays in an understanding that everything in the body is moved by energies. Every culture has its own perception of this term: Tibetan, ayurvedic, maya or Aztec, Egyptian or shaman, related to a specific religion or not. But each time it weaves around life a more or less complex network of beliefs.

I know of course that the persons asking me candidly this question are talking about the Chinese idea of energy and not the Australians aborigines or the First inhabitants in Canada or in the US. But even then, to translate the idea of Qi by energy is in itself an anachronism and a kind of betrayal. So whatever the answer I give to the question I feel uncomfortable, even though I have to defend my position and what I believe in.

So to the last person who asked me the question this is what I said:

“Madam, whether we want it or not, as soon as we put a needle in the body, we interfere with the stability of energies in the body, whatever significance you give to the term. When I treat patients I know that I trigger some kind of electrical or chemical movement within the neurological web which can result in harmonizing the general state of the body or some specific and localized disorder. In other words the body itself will change its balance because its natural tendency is to strive for the best possible existential equilibrium, physical, mental, emotional. Practicing acupuncture always implies that one deals with the energies of the body, whatever the meaning we give to that term. But it is true that, while I am thinking as a western trained doctor in treating patients, simultaneously I reason in terms of Qi, meridians, points, needles of course.”

Obviously this person appreciated what I said because I have already treated her twice for recent headaches, and her condition has already improved. Next time I see my students in my “how to do acupuncture” courses, I will tell them that story. It is an interesting topic with never ending discussions and exchanges, but I find it personally very stimulating. And in a near future I will write more on the subject. Or maybe I will insert it in one of the chapters of my next acupuncture book.

Excessive Armpit Sweating

Most of the people experience excessive armpit sweating. Sweating is necessary for the body as it removes the unwanted substances from the body. Excessive sweating can occur due to changes in the hormone. Another reason for this reason can be consuming spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol. Excessive armpit sweating can give you an uncomfortable situation to move with the public. So people start avoiding social contact. Excessive sweating can also create an unpleasant body odor. It is always good to consult a doctor when the condition is severe so that he might suggest some good treatment based on the symptoms. Since excess sweating produces stains people are more concerned about this issue. Excessive armpit sweating can be as a result of diabetes and thyroid.

If the toxin levels are very high in the body then the body can produce a lot of sweat. The best way to eliminate armpit sweating is to go for natural treatments. Even antiperspirants can be used that prevents the armpits from sweating. One method that is used to remove excessive armpit sweating is termed as Iontophoresis. In this method low intensity electric current is passed to the armpit region. This treatment injects a medicine through the skin to stop excess sweat. An antiperspirant can be used which blocks the armpit from sweating. Care should be taken to choose a best antiperspirant such that it doesn’t produce any side effect. Using this constantly will brink great relief from excess armpit sweating.

It is good to take bath twice a day to remove bacteria from the skin. It is better to use a deodorant soap to fight against the unpleasant odor caused by sweat. Make sure the armpit gets enough air circulation. Regular waxing in the armpit area will really help us to eliminate sweating to a great extent. Apple vinegar can be applied to the armpits to reduce sweating. People who work in air condition for a long time when they are exposed to change in temperature they experience excessive sweating. Regular yoga and meditation helps you relax and make the mind stress free. We must include healthy food in our diet.

Eating food items that can make your body cool is necessary, if you wish to stop armpit sweating. Botox injection can be used to reduce excessive sweating. These injections prevent the sweat gland from producing sweat. The last step is the surgery. This is usually carried on when the condition is severe. This surgery is performed by clipping and camping methods. In this surgery few of the sweat glands in the affected area are removed permanently. Sometimes this might cause excess sweating after surgery. Therefore it is strongly not recommended. So it is better to always choose natural treatments.