Foods That Cause Gout

Gout is a kind of arthritis which occurs when uric acid starts accumulating in the joints. This results in severe pain for the sufferers. When human body fails to eliminate adequate amount of uric acid, it often results in gout attacks. The level of uric acid tends to increase when foods with purine are consumed. You need to take a note of those foods that cause gout, especially those with high cholesterol or fat contents. These foods can contribute to sudden gouty attacks.

Here is a list of foods that cause gout:

Hot Dogs & Bacon

They might be your favorite but both contain high nitrates and purines. At the same time, the sodium contents of these foods can dehydrate your body fast. They prevent proper blood circulation and lead to uric acid accumulation in the joints. On the other hand, hot dogs contain animal protein which includes higher level of purine.


Not all seafood contributes to gout. Certain shellfish and fish must be avoided like salmon, crab and shrimp. All of these contain high level of chemical purine. Although salmon contain essential omega 3 oils, it is better to supplement them. That’s because salmon nearly contains twice the level of purine when compared to poultry.


Compared to red meat, white meat contains lesser purine. But it is advisable to consume in less amount if one is susceptible to gout. In fact, it would be sensible to consult a doctor or nutritionist to know the right amount for consumption. There are cases where gout patients suffered sudden attacks after consuming chicken, but with turkey nothing has been reported as yet. Thus, depending on the condition of your body, poultry should be consumed.

Alcoholic Beverages

Under no circumstances, gout patients are allowed to have alcoholic beverages. These beverages contain moderate to high amount of purines. Doctors even indicate that beer is the root cause of gout in the recent times. Beer contains more than 8 times of purines when compared to wine.

Dairy Products

Other than poultry and alcoholic beverages, few vegetables and dairy products should also be avoided by the gout patients.


Vegetables like mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, peas etc. contain high level of purines and are “blacklisted” foods that cause gout.

Game Foods

Pheasant, venison, squirrel, goose etc should also be avoided by gout patients for containing high level of purines. Though they are not steroid filled meat products, but gout patients should stay away from them.

After learning about the above list of foods that cause gout; a patient can now plan out a healthy diet. It is important to include carbohydrate enriched fruits and vegetables. In most cases, doctors or nutritionist recommend a combination of foods to help patients avoid the severe gout pain. In fact, along with recommended diet plan, patients are also asked to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday to keep the body hydrated. This prevents crystallization of uric acid in joints. Moreover, following a healthy lifestyle helps to fight gout successfully!

Author: Health Care on October 12, 2010
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