Low Purine Diet For Gout

A low purine diet for gout is necessary if a person wants to relieve himself from all the aches and pains associated with the disease. But first, what is purine? Purine is a natural substance found in our body and in all the food that we eat. it is found in plants, animals and in our genetic chemical structure.

Some seafood like mussels, mackerel and sardines, have a high level of purine concentration. Animal sweetbreads too, for that matter. How then can purine be harmful to our body? When purines metabolize, they become uric acid which in normal amounts, act as an anti-oxidant to our body.

An influx in the production of uric acid will make it difficult for the kidneys to catch up in keeping the uric acid blood levels balanced. This would lead to the uric acid buildup into crystals. These then would deposit themselves into joints, tendons and other organs in our body making us feel pain in some areas. This condition is called gout.

To prevent this, a low purine diet for gout must be followed. Protein rich foods that we are commonly eaten every day, unfortunately, have a very high concentration of purine. Goodbye steak and lobster. Red meat and seafood must be avoided at all cost. Limit alcohol intake.

A simple one day meal plan would include soup, toast with fruit jam, and coffee for breakfast; a salad and a small burger for lunch and a grilled, skinless chicken breast and rice with lightly buttered broccoli for dinner. Desert could be a fruit sherbet or a fruit salad with very little or no cream. Not bad for someone with restrictions.

Eating right, following a low purine diet for gout is one of the first steps into recovery.

While you’re at it, try losing weight gradually. If you lose weight too fast you can actually trigger a gout attack.

Author: Health Care on November 27, 2010
Category: Arthritis

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