Relief From Lower Back Pain

How To Achieve Fast Relief From Lower Back Pain

Your spine carries the entire weight of your upper body including your head, which can weigh about 5kg (2.3lb). The spine is supported by groups of muscles and like any structure, this complex integrated composition is restricted by its design as to what it can carry.

Would you load a 1 Ton pick up truck with 1.5 Tons and expect it to last its natural term of life?

Comparing the spinal anatomy to a mechanical structure suggests that like anything mechanical, it requires servicing to work efficiently for a long time. Unfortunately, we cannot inject oil or replace worn parts of our spines at will so the only way we can service our mechanical back is to maintain a reasonable weight, eat a healthy diet and keep the core muscles strengthened.

Most back pain, especially lower back pain, is caused by muscle strain. Simply by sitting, the muscles are in use to prevent you from falling over. Stress, anxiety and depression are frequently linked to back pain. Stress causes muscles to contract, which reduces blood flow to the tissues and often leads to pain. Stress hormones can heighten the perception of pain.

HOW then can we achieve fast relief?

An EPIDURAL STREROID INJECTION is a common spinal injection, often referred to as a nerve block. It uses a steroid combined with a local anaesthetic, which is injected into the epidural space (this is the space between the membrane covering the spinal cord, known as the “Dura” and the wall of the spinal canal). The medication travels up and down the epidural space to coat the spinal nerves and facet joints near the site of injection.

The procedure will be performed by a suitably trained clinician and results may vary with many patients experiencing instant pain relief, which can last from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the cause of the back pain. In some cases the injection is ineffective. It can take several days for the steroids to effect pain relief as they gradually reduce inflammation.

The main goal of this type of pain relieving strategy is to assist the Para spinal muscles to relax. As mentioned above, when muscles contract, they reduce the blood flow to the tissues and like a bruise, pain is experienced.

It must be stated although it should be obvious that pain emanating from a damaged spine, be it from trauma or degeneration, will not be relieved for long if at all. Irrespective of the cause, it is always a good idea to have your doctor prescribe some simple core muscle strengthening exercises as part of the servicing agreement you should have with your spine.

Author: Health Care on December 17, 2010
Category: Back Pain

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