The Best Methods for Battling Acne Skin

Acne is a skin condition that just about everyone has had to personally deal with at some time in their life. The teenage years are when most of us contend with the problems associated with hormonal changes that tend to promote acne breakouts. If we are fortunate, our dealings with acne fade away as we reach adulthood and our bodies and skin mature.

Unfortunately for a small group, their bouts with acne are much more severe than the typical case and their acne follows them into their adult years. Severe acne can negatively affect a person’s social life and confidence.

Blemishes can be treated with topical medication, oral medication and laser facial treatment. Some cases of severe acne react very favorably to topical and internal treatments. The key ingredient in topical products is benzoyl peroxide. Others may find that oral medications in the form of antibiotics are the answer to their acne problem. An aggressive form of acne removal will often involve combining the use of antibiotics such as Bactrim and Erythromycin with topical remedies.

The problem is long term use of antibiotics can result in a bacterial resistance. Also, one of the more successful drug treatments includes the ingredient isotretinoin. Although it is very effective in treating sever cases of acne, it is also known to cause severe birth defects when taken during a pregnancy. Isotretinoin is also known for more common side effects such as peeling skin and dry lips.

The most aggressive acne removal option is laser removal. This treatment is normally recommended for the most stubborn of acne cases. One of the benefits of lasers is that they can be used to benefit the patient in two ways. Acne laser treatment stops bacterial growth under the skin. This helps to elude outbreaks. Laser removal can also deflate the sebaceous glands which will cause less sebum to be excreted, leading to fewer acne breakouts. The sebum is what blocks the follicles causing the acne.

Acne laser skin treatment is so precise; the surgeon is able to accurately target only the affected skin tissue thus no affecting the bordering healthy skin. He can judge the depth to which the laser penetrates precisely, enabling him to remove the entire affected area of skin. This is very important when this kind of surgery is used on delicate facial skin.

In cases of severe acne, laser removal is the most effective and has the least amount of side effects.

Author: admin on May 21, 2011
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