Advances In Cognitive Therapy

Normally, people love to be engulfed, surrounded, and entertained by words used in stories, speaking, and tales expressed in books. That is why advertising and the media are such booming industries. That is why people read newspapers, and why people love reading about stories they’ve experienced themselves. And the more the person can become a confident story teller, the more people will become attracted to that voice, that personality, that therapist, or that entertainer.

Words, when delivered positively, are the life-blood of communication! When things feel positive, everything falls into place. The sounds of a ticking clock, metronome, musical instrument, animal call, running water, ocean waves, and singing voices, are all very effective means of soothing us. All these sounds have the ability of summoning the capabilities of the subconscious mind. A great example of this is when a mother sings her child to sleep. The short, soothing song, classified as a “lullaby” has pacified many a baby to the point of falling asleep in its mother’s arms.

Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind:

Holding The Elephant Captive – In a sense, our minds can hold us captive. Because of conditioning, our beliefs can become set, depriving us of all hope, of even attempting to change our ways. Conditioning can go both ways – it can either hold us captive, or it can release us from our bondage. And one way to become released from bondage is to practice repetition so positive, that the mind will come to believe it is so.

When wild elephants are captured in Africa they are fenced off and left there for a certain period of time. After a form of brainwashing, they become tamed. Then, upon being taken to a circus, for example, they are shackled to the ground by one leg for long periods. In time, they grow accustomed to it, with the understanding and acceptance that they cannot break loose from the chain that held them for so long. Through repetition, they come to believe they cannot escape their bondage. Weighing in at several tons, it is obvious to anyone, that with one simple tug the elephant could be off and running. But these elephants don’t know this – they have become conditioned to believe it is not possible, so they give up trying. And so, we too, tend to give up when things seem fruitless – when we cannot seem to break away from the chain that binds us. That chain can be broken; the chain that holds us down is our belief system.

Author: Health Care on November 11, 2011
Category: Alternative medicine

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