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Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate): A drug praised by all

March 27 is a great day for men all over the world. On this day, in the year of 1998, the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Viagra, forever changing the conversation about men’s sexual health and the use of stimulants in the bedroom. This drug, fondly referred to as “the little blue pill” was an instant hit because it solved a health problem that had no good treatment options and thus impacted the lives of millions of men as well as their partners. Today, Viagra remains as popular as ever, but it has become much more diverse in its form, quality, and methods of acquirement. At our website, you can learn everything there is to know about this drug and get the greatest offers on this product, without the need to risk your financial security or sacrifice a large portion of your budget.

There is more to the story

Sildenafil Citrate

When we look at a game-changing drug like Viagra, we naturally want to know how such a breakthrough was achieved. You can find plenty of fascinating stories for various inventions, just as you can find many with a standard pattern of hypothesizing, researching, developing, testing, and releasing. Interestingly, Viagra does not follow this formula and has an unusual story. Even though this drug is often associated with America, Viagra was invented by a team of researchers in England. These men, whose names include Nicholas Terrett, Andrew Bell, and David Brown, were employed at the Pfizer pharmaceutical company, and were working on a medication based on a compound named Sildenafil. They were hoping to come up with an effective treatment for high blood pressure and angina pectoris (chest pain associated with heart disease).

When the first version of the drug was complete, they opted for clinical trials, and the results they got were hardly what they expected. Sildenafil did not prove to be as effective in treating the aforementioned conditions as they hoped, but many of the men who took it noted that they experienced prolonged erections, and asked if they could keep remaining samples. Impressed by the potential of Sildenafil in this regard, the company decided to modify the drug and take advantage of this unexpected development. In 1996, Sildenafil was patented, and in 1998, it was approved and sold under the name of Viagra. Learn more about viagra, canadian viagra and generic viagra types at

An abundance of choices

At the time of its introduction, Viagra was the only product of its kind, but it didn’t stay this way for long. While it had a firm grasp on the market of male sexual enhancers for several years, alternative drugs like Levitra and Cialis soon appeared. It was only a matter of years before generic versions of the drug appeared as well. All of this has contributed to the situation we have today, when many men don’t know what to choose, and there is a certain distrust of generics among consumers. However, what you need to understand is that generic Viagra is not different from the product sold by Pfizer, at least not in its characteristics, indications, and terms of administration.

Generic versions of a drug can be produced if an original patent has worn out or lost its validity. This can happen under many different circumstances, and gives freedom for other drug makers to produce the same drug and sell it at a reasonable price. Naturally, low prices and lack of brand recognition on generic drugs concern the average customer, but they should understand that generics are strictly regulated by government agencies and are equal in nearly every way to original drugs. Furthermore, the benefits of generic drugs are not only limited to pricing. These products are much easier to get and often inspire new drugs modified with new or improved qualities. For example, Viagra Professional and Viagra Super Active are both stronger versions of the original drug, but they also offer faster reaction time and longer erection.

The demand for Viagra is huge for a reason

Viagra appeals to millions of men all over the world because it serves well both as a temporary sexual enhancer and a form of treatment for the problem of erectile dysfunction. While all sexually mature men have probably had difficulty attaining erection at one time or another, erectile dysfunction makes this a full-time problem. When we read accounts of this problem or see jokes about it on TV, we often fall under the impression that erectile dysfunction only affects old men, but scientific studies speak otherwise. Erectile dysfunction can affect adults of different age groups and has many different causes. For example, we know that some activities already known to be harmful to men cause ED, including smoking, excessive drinking, overeating, and taking narcotics. Sometimes, erectile dysfunction takes a long time to develop, and occurs as an effect of illnesses like diabetes, atherosclerosis, neurogenic disorders, and multiple sclerosis. There are also certain medications that include erectile dysfunction as a possible side effect. Other causes include surgery, mental disorders, psychological problems, kidney failure, hormonal disbalances, and cavernosal disorders. Viagra and its related versions tackle this problem by causing smooth muscle relaxation and improving blood flow to the penis.

Customers must stay vigilant

Despite the fact that it has become easier than ever to get Viagra and other drugs on the internet, consumers still face an array of risks and dangers. If you do not deal with reputed and popular services like ours, you run the risk of buying products poor in quality or falling into the traps of scammers aiming to steal your money. Fortunately, you can take advantage of our service to find the best offers of Viagra and many other drugs online, as well as save your money by accepting the great deals offered. However, customers must remember that the ease and convenience of obtaining this drug should not trivialize how it is used. Drugs must be taken according to their indications and only in doses specialized by medical professionals.

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