The Best Way How To Treat Children With Asthma Naturally

In a nutshell, the best and the only way you should be treating childhood asthma is as naturally as possible. That includes addressing the 4 key factors for natural asthma management.
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The 4 key factors are, Diet, Exercise or Fitness, Environment and the most important Breathing. There is a lot of information I notice all over the internet information for asthmatics on diet, exercise, air filters, dust mites, mold, pollens and dehumidifiers. BUT rarely do I see sites talking about the most important thing, BREATHING.

With proper breathing asthma is going to vastly improved over improper breathing.

Asthma is a difficult condition for even adults to properly manage, imagine as a child. The younger the person with asthma is, the more problems, stress and anxiety asthma can cause. A child lacks the communication and understanding skills of an adult. They cannot control their emotions and may not be aware of all of their triggers for asthma. Therefore, a child suffering from asthma will need a lot of support from parents, care givers and teachers when at school, to be able to cope and live happily despite the ever-present risk of asthma.

The biggest challenge or the MOST IMPORTANT thing that you need to do as a parent is instill confidence in your child over their asthma. For them to feel confident over their asthma, it is important that they completely understand it. They need to be educated. They must be aware of what will happen during an asthma attack, what causes them and what to do in the presence of one if you or nobody else is around.

Sometimes the information that you need is not found where you think it should be. Your local Doctor, may not be aware of the many effective natural treatments for asthma. They may not have heard of breathing training for asthma. They may refuse to believe that certain anti-inflammatory foods can help. They have many conditions that they have to treat and it’s hard to be an expert on all of them. Not to mention that they are trained to prescribe pharmaceuticals. But that doesn’t mean we should not explore natural solutions, especially for our children.

Thankfully there are many natural options available to treat childhood asthma naturally, that do work. It is important to follow expert medical advice; however a natural solution to a natural problem, in my opinion should always be sort first before resorting to drugs.

Diet, exercise and the environment that you live in all play a part in how asthma is managed, however nothing is more important than proper breathing.

Author: Health Care on March 2, 2011
Category: Asthma

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