10 Herbal Tips to Look Beautiful and Remove Acne

All girls want to look beautiful in spending lesser money on themselves. Chemical and company products are too expensive now a days and it’s not possible to spend too much money to buy those products for everyone. Herbal and home made remedies are really more effective for the parts of our body to look more younger and glowing skin. Acne is also the biggest problem for today’s generation so instead of using to much company products just take care of your body with home remedies herbal tips.

1. To make your digestive system clear drink just half cup or 5 sips of lemon tea, mint tea or green tea in the morning before having breakfast. To make lemon tea just take simple boiled water half cup and keep tea bag in it for 30 seconds then put 2-3 drops of lemon in it.

2. Don’t eat junk food and don’t eat white and red meat, just eat green leafy vegetables with wheat chapati.

3. Drink juices everyday after lunch.

4. Drink vegetable soup daily before lunch.

5. Drink 16 glasses of water everyday.

6. Use egg with your shampoo for glowing and strong hairs. Just take one egg white, beat it nicely then put one spoon of shampoo in it and apply on
your hairs for 5 minutes then rinse it with normal water.

7. Use spray of orange peel off daily on your face to remove acne and for younger skin look. Just put orange peel off into the boiling water and leave it for a day then use that water as your acne spray.

8. Have your dinner before 8PM.

9. Do exercise for 15 minutes daily anytime in a day.

10. Do meditation for 10 minutes daily and repeat affirmations for 5 minutes ” I AM BEAUTIFUL AND ATTRACTIVE TOO”.

Try this out just for 15 days and then see the magic of herbal tips in your life. It will enhance your beauty in few days. Beauty is just in your hands without spending any single coin on it. Look beautiful, healthy, smart and fresh too.

Acne is a big problem specially for the teenagers. The fast world is not giving time to anyone to pay attention on their diets and on their skins care. Acne is the skin disorder they may occur on the face, neck and the chest too. Junk food are the common reason of our health and of our skin disorders. Normally school going and college going boys and girls have acne problems because of bad diet. Hormonal changes are also the main reason for the acne in teenagers. Touching of skin again and again with nails and with the fingers also create pimple in the large amount on the face. Red spots after pimples make our face beauty less.

There are few home remedies which will remove your acne in a natural way. Just not spending too much money for buying costly creams or to go to the skin specialist now no need just try these natural remedies for your skin care and remove acne in few days.

1. Apply fresh mint juice every night on your face with cotton to remove acne it is a good home remedy.

2. Apply neem leaves paste daily on your face will make your acne remove in 5 days.

3. Apply sandal mask or paste daily at night with rose water and wash your face with a sandal soap in the morning is a good home remedy to remove your acne in 2 weeks.

4. Wash your face with the dried basil daily is a good home remedy.

5. Apply neem spray is really an effective home remedy for removing acne and look fresh.

6. Apply cold rose spray is one the best home remedy to remove acne.

7. Apply orange peel spray is a good home remedy to remove acne and extra oil from the face.

8. Drink fresh orange juice in the morning will also cure your skin disorders.

9. Apply tomato juice daily for 30 minutes will easily remove your acne in few days.

10. Apply neem paste, neem soap and neem spray on your face to remove acne and the redness of the skin quickly.

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Insider Tips for Managing Pimples

Anyone who suffers from pimples can find them embarrassing and may become self-conscious because of them. Not surprisingly though, most of us at some point will get pimples to a greater or lesser degree so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about!

Getting rid of pimples may take a little bit of effort but its worthwhile. The skin care manufacturer Dermalogica have a unique approach to this they have a range called Clean Start, uniquely formulated for teenagers skin. Not wishing to leave us adults out there is also the Dermalogica Medibac system developed specifically for adult acne. Of course knowing what causes pimples and spots is the first step to being able to tackle them, preventing further breakouts and get the glowing, clear skin we all want to have!

Some of the basic causes and ways of treating pimples are:-

Hormonal changes

Pimples are a common occurrence during puberty and occur because of the hormonal changes all adolescents go through. These hormonal changes bring about major changes in the body and, in many people, in the condition of their skin. Pimples are one of the most obvious symptoms of the changes adolescents go through. Women are also prone to getting breakouts at various times in their lives which also happen because of hormonal changes, such as during menstruation, pregnancy and the menopause. However, breakouts are common in both genders! Eating healthily and adopting a good skincare regime can keep hormonal related breakouts under control and keep skin healthy and clear.


If stress is persistent or repetitive then the body’s stress hormones keep on being secreted, which has an adverse effect on the body. This can take the form of mood swings, headaches, sleeplessness, weight loss and breakouts. By managing your stress levels you’ll be happier, healthier and your skin will be in good condition.

Oily skin

Having this type of skin means that pores will get clogged more easily than, say, in people who have dry skin. Using skincare products that are specifically formulated for oily skin will help keep oiliness at bay and keep your pores clean and clear. Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash is a naturally foaming cleanser that has been specifically formulated for acneic skin and skin that is prone to breakouts. It contains anti-acne ingredients including Arnica, Bergamot and Milk Thistle, as well as ingredients that help eliminate acne causing bacteria, such as Golden Seal, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree. It also contains Salicylic Acid which stimulates natural exfoliation, and it’s free from artificial fragrance and colour.

Dirty skin

Dirt and germs will build up on skin that isn’t cleansed frequently enough and this can lead to breakouts. Touching your face a lot with dirty or greasy hands can also lead to breakouts and to skin becoming irritated. Also, if you scratch any spots or pimples this can lead to them spreading and getting much worse. So, you should at all costs avoid scratching and picking at your face, and also avoid touching your face with dirty hands!

Chemicals in cosmetics

A lot of makeup and skincare products contain many chemicals which are potentially very harmful, not only to our general health but to our skin as well. These chemicals can be very irritating to skin and can lead to breakouts and rashes, for example. Look out for skincare, haircare and cosmetic brands that are free from harmful ingredients and try to minimise your use of makeup. Also, remove makeup before going to bed. If you go to bed with your makeup still on then your pores will become clogged and your skin will get congested.

Junk Food

Eating a diet that is loaded with junk food is bad for anybody’s health and skin, but it can also exacerbate oily skin conditions and lead to breakouts. Junk food is laden with saturated fats, high levels of sugar and salt, artificial colouring and artificial flavourings which are all very bad news. Eating healthily is essential for good health and skin, so by making sure you eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh fish, eggs, whole grains, etc, not only will you feel great but your skin will look wonderful as well! You should also keep well hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day as this will flush out toxins from your system and help keep your skin clear, soft and radiant.

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Macular Degeneration Symptoms

Macular Degeneration Symptoms

Due to access to physicians, awareness among patients, physician access and major improvements in treatment, macular degeneration is being increasingly commonly diagnosed. As more people get older, there is an increased risk by as much for the condition of macular degeneration and it is a challenge that is formidable to both the doctors that treat it and the society as well since the cost of delivering high quality care increase. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD or ARMD), or senile macular degeneration (SMD – a term that has now been discarded) are other names of this condition.

In this condition, the macula which is a portion of the eye that has the retina is affected by pathological conditions and the central vision is affected. This is the part of vision that one sees directly in front of them as opposed to periphery vision which is the vision to the side. With the deterioration in the retina, the macula or central part of the retina that is used in color and detailed vision, for reading as well for activities like threading a needle, signing a check or recognizing faces is affected. It is the macula that, as part of the eye and the nervous system, that facilitates human beings to have vision that is 20/20, or something very small like a rodent far below the ground.

Affecting about 1.75 million people or more in the US, macular degeneration is the cause that causes the most number of people past the age of 55 to become legally blind. Due to the increasing population, it is expected that this number will cross the 3 million mark by 2020. It is a major cause for public concern due to an increase in the overall life expectancy.

The two types of age-related macular degeneration are:

  1. Dry (atrophic) form: The breakdown of cells that happens gradually in the macula, causes the central vision to gradually start blurring and drusen which are round, small, single or multiple spots that are yellow-white in color are the identifiers that are key for the form that is dry. An examination of the eye’s retina using lenses that are specifically engineered, an ophthalmoscope or a slit-lamp biomicroscope helps detect these spots that are located in the outer retina at the back of the eye. These spots become visible typically when the individual is in their 30s and become more common as they get into their 70s and beyond. It is possible for individuals with these spots to have no symptoms and excellent vision and this condition starts with the dry form that affects most people and is more common than the wet form, fortunately. Geographical atrophy is a condition where there is an advance in the sensory retina and the change in the nerves that is wasted progressively and this is the primary cause of the loss of vision in the dry form of AMD.
  2. Wet (exudative or neovascular) form: Growing under the retina’s center, there are abnormal blood cells that are created newly and these bleed, leak and scar the retina thereby distorting the central vision. There may be rapid loss of vision in the wet type of macular degeneration.
  • Two-thirds of affected people have loss of vision; however about 15% of people alone with macular degeneration that is age-related are affected.
  • There are 200,000 new cases or more of the wet form of macular degeneration that is age-related occurring each year.
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How to Keep Allergens at Bay in Your Home

When you or members of your family have allergies to certain products and items around the home, it’s important to do whatever you can to minimise yours or their irritation. From choosing the right air conditioners to making sure your beds sheets are changed frequently, we’ve got some simple but effective tips to keep allergens at bay in your home.
It may seem obvious, but cleaning your sheets regularly can help improve your sleep, by ensuring you don’t wake up sneezing and feeling hayfever coming on. Ever fortnight is ok, but if you are finding you are waking up with blocked sinuses, try washing at least once a week. This should help you to sleep easy.

Vacuum regularly. Carpets, rugs and floors can look clean, but if you take a closer look they can be harbouring germs and other nasties that can set of a sensitive nose. By vacuuming regularly, you are giving your home of the best chance of minimising the build up of dust and dust mites which can cause hayfever.

Taking care of your pets. If you have allergies or sensitivities to pet hair, it’s a good idea to have your dog clipped if it has long hair. This will prevent their hair constantly shedding. It’s also a good idea to keep them out of your bedroom where you sleep at night as their hair can irritate your sinuses while you sleep. Another important tip is to keep their bedding clean, washing it regularly. If their bed and kennel is clean, then the more likely they will be too.

For outdoor activities including gardening and mowing the lawn, it’s a good idea to wear a mask to protect your face from the pollens and other allergens in the air, especially during the spring time.

Air conditioning – Quality air conditioning is important to ensure that dust and pollens from outside don’t end up inside. If you are wanting to purchase a wall mount or ducted air conditioner, make sure that it has features which help to filter the air. Many air conditioners now have this feature which is not only great for people that suffer from allergies, but for everyone. Otherwise, if you have a system that you feel does not do this efficiently, why not purchase an air purifier? There are many on the market and are great for the times of year when pollens are raging in the air.

Aim to do a big clean of your home every few months. Rather than just doing a big spring clean, it’s a good idea to clean every area and surface in your house once every few months, to remove any built up mould or dust which can accumulate and cause hayfever to resurface.
By taking a few easy steps in your home you should notice yours and/or your family members hayfever and allergies diminishing. I hope our tips have given you a few extra ideas on how to help keep allergens at bay in your home.

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Diabetes Control

In the United States, approximately 5% of the population with diabetes has Type 1. Here, your pancreas no longer produces insulin so you must inject it. The rest of the diabetes population, about 95%, has Type 2. Type 2 may require insulin but it also is frequently controlled with diet and exercise and/or pills. If insulin is necessary, insulin pumps are available as well as insulin pens and syringes. You must use insulin needles for any of the above devices. There are different types of needles that meet the needs of certain body types.

The recommendation for those people taking doses over 100 units, or less, at a time is 1 cc. People taking 50 units or less would use the ½ cc and those needing only 30 units or less would use the 3/10 cc syringe. It is important to inject into your fat not your muscle! Injecting into the muscle will hurt! And it may affect the absorption rate of the insulin. The stomach is the most neutral site to inject into. If you inject into an area that you are working – your thigh or arm – the medication will absorb more rapidly and may influence your blood glucose levels.

The length of the needle can vary as well. The standard size for a needle is ½, “5/16 is for thinner people and is a shorter needle and 3/16” is for pediatrics – the shortest needle.

Whether you are taking insulin or not, it is important to test your blood glucose so you are aware of the effect food, exercise, medication and stress have on your body. Diabetic testing supplies are readily available to you at your local pharmacy, online or by mail order.

Some of these supplies include blood glucose monitors, testing strips, control solutions and lancets. Safety lancets are available as a one-time use needle. They come in various sizes to meet the needs of different body types. The lower gauge (25 or 28) would be a thicker needle for those who have a tougher skin and the 31 or 33 gauges would be a finer needle for those with more sensitive skin.
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Your education needs to go far beyond simply knowing how to inject insulin or test your glucose. You want the insulin to work its best, absorb well and hurt the least. You need to know what numbers you are striving for. Diabetes educators can assist you with all of those questions.

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What Is Asthma? An Introduction to the Basics of Asthma

Asthma is very common among children, teens and adults. It is a disease that causes the lungs to tighten. An asthma attack is when your lungs are not getting enough air to breathe. The symptoms include: trouble breathing, wheezing, coughing, chest pain and chest tightness.

First of all, drugs alone will never affect a cure and the condition will become more firmly established over the years although drug is needed in some cases to relieve the symptoms. There is evidence to suggest that chronic allergic asthma in a young person which responds easily to inhaled steroids will gradually becomes irreversible chronic bronchitis for which steroid are little use.

The following can be done as part of a holistic plan:

(a) Identify the culprits

All allergens and irritants can be reduced to some extent but you need to know what you are allergic to and how to avoid them properly. Dust mites, pollen, animal hair and danders, waste, moulds and fungi are all going to be problematic. If you are not sure what causes your allergies, a skin prick test, blood test (RAST) and IgE antibodies test may help you to some extent.

(b) Clean your house properly

Dust mites excrete tiny particles into the air each day. It’s the protein in it that irritates people, causing allergic rhinitis. Dust mites can be gotten rid of and you need a very powerful vacuum cleaner (vacuum slowly and patiently for about five minutes one square foot) or by exposing them to extreme temperature, such as a 60 degrees washing machine cycle or around 12 hours in the freezer. A superficially clean house is not necessarily allergen free as the mites are usually inside cushions, sofas, pillows, mattresses and other bedding and puff out when you lay or sit on it.

You should swap carpets for wooden floors, remove pets from your house, invest in a good dehumidifier and vacuum cleaner; swap curtains for blinds, meticulously vacuum or steam clean your carpet and soft furnishings, hot wash and change your bedding and mattress covers; wipe all surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom with a chemical free cleaner (or simple mix water with lemon juice and vinegar) to wash away moulds and bacteria deposits. Note that dust mites flourish in a moist environment and that is why a dusty home which is dry may contain very few dust mites or dust mite allergens whereas a superficially clean home engaged in frequent dry-dusting can boost levels of dust mite allergens in the air.

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How to Get Rid of Acne

People from all over the world suffer from acne. It may have started from you were a teenager growing up and may have continued into your adult years. Some people sail through adolescence without a single spot and as soon as they get to the adult stages their faces start breaking out. This can be quite frustrating and uncomfortable when you walk on the streets and people keep staring and pointing at your face. As a result you tend to close yourself in and not venture into the world because of fear of what people may think and say about you. You may think you do not have control over these constant breakouts, but the truth is you actually do….You can get rid of acne.

There are several remedies that you can try in order to get rid of acne.

• Wash the face twice a day with special acne soap. You can try getting a sulphur based soap specifically for acne and try to wash the face at least twice for the day for best results. Once when you wake in the mornings and before you go to bed at nights.

• Keep the hair away from the face. If you have extremely long hairs and bangs, it is best to keep them away from the face. The hair contains oils and this is what helps to contribute to the breakout of acne. As an extra tip, be sure to wash the hair on a regular basis thereby reducing the amount of dirt and oil that will be transmitted to the facial area.

• Take a multi-vitamin. Having regular breakouts of acne can be a sign that there is something wrong inside. Your skin actually feeds off nutrition and often times we do not even feed out bodies properly. Once your body is not getting the proper nutrition then it automatically starts fighting back by producing extra sebum that clogs the pores and reduces the ability for your skin to heal and fight bacteria

• Avoid squeezing or picking the pimples in the face. I know this may be hard not to do but you should definitely try to avoid squeezing, scratching, rubbing or irritating the pimples. When you squeeze you are in truth and in fact damaging the membranes below the skin which will cause infection and sebum to spread underneath the skin causing more pimples.

These are just some simple remedies that you can try in order to get rid of acne. That’s not all however, you can discover the amazing way to cure acne fast within 14 days without too much hassle.

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Dangers Of Acne Medication

Isotretinoin, marketed as Accutane in the US, is prescribed as a last resort in severe cases of acne. Accutane is a form of vitamin A, which lowers the amount of oil released by your skin, and also helps your skin renew itself more quickly. Accutane is used to treat bad cases of nodulocystic acne, mostly after other acne treatments have been tried without success. A course of Accutane in tablet form is an effective acne treatment, but the dangers of this acne medication are that it could cause serious side effects in the user.
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These include severe birth defects in developing foetuses, which is why FDA regulations insist women of childbearing age take two pregnancy tests before starting a course of isotretinoin. And also use two kinds of birth control for a month before therapy begins, during the treatment, and a month afterwards. It is also imperative that they don’t breast feed during this time.

And there are other possible side effects from taking isotretinoin – severe chest or abdominal pain, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, thinning hair and depression.

Oral contraceptives can also be used to cure acne in female patients by suppressing their overactive sebaceous glands. They can be used as long-term acne therapy, but should not be prescribed to women who smoke, have a blood-clotting disorder, are over 35, or suffer from migraine. While the new low dose contraceptive pills are much safer than earlier versions, they still present some risk to users.

Oral contraceptives work by targeting one of the four main causes of acne – excess sebum. Sebum is a natural oil which protects the skin against moisture loss, but which clogs pores when your body makes too much.

Dermatologists don’t usually prescribe an oral contraceptive until other acne medications have failed to work. Benzoyl peroxide and topical retinoids are usually the first treatments tried. Depending on the type and severity of the acne, an oral antibiotic can also be part of the treatment plan. If a woman’s acne does not respond to these treatments, an oral contraceptive may be the next step.

Spironolactone, a synthetic steroid, is sometimes used with oral contraception to treat acne in adult females. Prescribed off-label to treat hormonally influenced breakouts, Spironolactone is used as an acne treatment for women only.

This medication isn’t a first line of defense against acne breakouts, being effective only against acne caused by hormonal fluctuations. But it can be especially helpful for women with hormonal disorders which trigger acne. The side effects can include irregular periods, breast tenderness, headaches and tiredness.

Bottom line? Modern drug treatments for acne are effective, but carry their own risks. Do your due diligence before you try them – and make sure you carry out your doctor’s instructions to the letter regarding check-ups and possible pregnancy.

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Sore Throat in Children

Sore throat in children is very common. Experts say it is one of the leading causes to the absence of kids from school. It normally comes accompanied by a cold. Viral throat infections are stubborn and take time to clear. You have to bear in mind that even though a sore throat can clear on its own, it is a good idea if you let a doctor examine the child and recommend the right drugs that will clear the infection completely. Many parents make the mistake of not taking their children to the hospital. They buy over the counter drugs. If your child has had recurrent sore throats, you should have a test done to establish the cause. Here are some easy steps that you can take to help children who are affected by a sore throat.

Doctors recommend that the child take a lot of water. These fluids should be hot or warm. Cold ones will make the situation worse. It is a good idea to avoid very acidic drinks as well too much sugar. The fluids will help to wash out the toxins in the body and make the child again. It is not easy to convince kids to take a lot of water especially young ones who do not understand the importance. You can add honey to sweeten the drinks. There are other things that you should not forget such as telling your child to speak in a low voice. The louder they strain the voice, the worse the condition will become. You should encourage them to breath through the nose. There are some foods that can promote healing and they include fresh vegetables. Avoid foods that are too acidic.

You should see a doctor for a good diagnosis. There are throat specialists who will be able to tell the problem with your child’s throat. In some cases, home remedies might work but you should not ignore the condition if it takes time to clear. You have to see a professional who can prescribe the right antibiotics. If you let these infections go without the right treatment, the bacteria become resistant and can have some very negative effects on your child’s health with time. You should ensure that you go through the recommended treatment.

You should make sure that you get any specialized treated that is required as early as possible. The main reason to have your children tested for the sore throat infection is to ensure that you can get the right treatment. However, it would not be use if you do not listen to the doctor’s instructions. Some of the medical procedures are scary to the kids but if they are meant to give them a better health, you should not hesitate to take them through. A wide research by the medical experts has shown that there are some problems that can be easily treated in children rather waiting till they are grown up. Sore throat in children has to be treated well with the right medication.

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Water and Anxiety Cures

Thousands of people struggle with anxiety every single day. Whether they feel anxiety because of work related stress, because of home related problems, because of past trauma or because of just a generalized feeling, this anxiety can be frustrating and even life altering. Many people just deal with their anxiety on a daily basis. However, if you are facing a problem with recurring anxiety, you must remember that you can find anxiety cures that are very real, very helpful, and very effective.

One of the most important anxiety cures can be found right in your kitchen in abundance. Chances are, you are not getting enough of it, and chances are, that could be contributing to your anxiety. I am talking about water, of course. Many people do not realize it, but dehydration can actually lead to anxiety. If you are curious as to how, then read on.

Most people are in some state of dehydration throughout the day. They may not even realize it. However, when you are dehydrated, your body starts sending out signals that something is not right. This can actually create anxiety for you. In addition, when you are dehydrated, you will find that you are more irritable and you may not sleep well, causing exhaustion, which will lead to further anxiety.

You cannot count on other beverages to treat this problem. In fact, many beverages contain sodium, which will only make dehydration worse. Your body is made up of three quarters water. It needs water to continue functioning properly.

Water also helps to cut down on the concentration of negative effects from bad foods we eat. The whole diluting process can keep sodium from being absorbed into our body as well as fats and cholesterols. By keeping enough water in your body, you can dilute these things and help yourself become healthier. The healthier you are, the less your body will send out anxiety signals.

Because your body includes so much water already, it is no wonder it needs to be replenished on a regular basis. It is also no wonder that not enough water will send out trouble signals to the brain, triggering anxiety. Of all the anxiety cures that are available, water is one of the most effective options. In addition, water is prevalent and easy to access. If you take the time to drink water on a daily basis, you may be surprised to find how much more at ease you can be throughout the day.

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Difference Between Vegan and Vegetarian

A vegan is generally dedicated to using no animal products at all. This would include avoiding wearing leather shoes, leather clothes, jackets, gloves, consuming no animal products such as eggs, cheese, fish. They eat purely fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and beans. A vegan diet has proven to be quite healthy according to recent best seller, “The China Study,” by Colin Campbell. Dr. Campbell, who was chosen to head up this study because of his expertise, became a vegan by the end of this thirty-five year study.

Modern culture has perpetuated a protein myth, where it is thought we need large amounts of protein on a daily basis, yet this may in fact be some of the cause of modern illness. When we simplify our diet and the body begins taking in its nutrition in a simpler way, we actually utilize simpler forms of protein, as long as we get a good variety.

A vegetarian enjoys a little more complex diet. They consume generally all fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and beans. However they may also include dairy products such as eggs, cheese and milk. A vegetarian who eats dairy products is called a lacto-vegetarian; one consuming eggs, milk and cheese is called lacto-ovo-vegetarian. Some may also consume fish, and might say “I don’t eat anything with legs.”

Experimenting and becoming dedicated to vegan or vegetarian practices can be a dance or an art, choosing a lifestyle that harmonizes with one’s spiritual, environmental and dietary beliefs and commitments. Often, vegans and vegetarians may have a spiritual commitment not to kill in order to eat.

From a health standpoint, it is a growth process on a journey of experimenting to find what works for each person’s body. Genetic heritage, blood type and environmental habits and exposure, all play a role in our adaptability to such dietary practices. It is learning how to do this dance, how to find what works for our own body, in our own growth process that helps us cultivate dietary choices and lifestyle that we can live with on a daily basis.

Popular healthful dietary practices today, often include a range of various stages of transition into vegan, vegetarian and all raw lifestyle. These dietary practices are being proven today to give us greater health, youth and longevity. We have so many foods available at all times of the year in our modern world, we have the luxury of enjoying diverse vegan and vegetarian foods.

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