Dental Plans Are a Great Alternative to Dental Insurance

If you have decided that you are going to get some dental work done, whether it be a cleaning or some other care, you will undoubtedly start thinking about money and how much the care will cost. This is a normal response, since dental care can be very expensive. But do not believe that you can’t get the care just because you don’t have dental insurance.

Like medical insurance, dental insurance can be very expensive. If you are able, it is a good idea to have dental insurance to supplement your medical insurance. This will allow you to get the very best of dental care without having to pay a lot of money out of pocket. But if that is not an option, there is something else that you can do. You can first talk to your dentist to see what kind of discounts you can get as a patient. Some dentists will offer such discounts for past patients or new patients. Always ask about specials.

If that doesn’t get the price where it needs to be, you can start looking into dental plans. Dental plans are a great alternative to insurance, since the cost is lower and can offer some great savings. If you are looking to research some plans that might fit you or your family well, you can start your search online. There are many places to look for the very best dental plans.

You should consider the following when looking at dental plans.

1. The cost to savings ratio should be considered. If you are looking to get just a cleaning or some other simple dental procedure, you may find that it is cheaper to pay out of pocket. If you need orthodontics or some other major treatment, a dental plan will give you savings greater than the cost of the plan.

2. Look at plans for individuals or for the family. Family plans are great, but only if you need the extra coverage for a family. If not, you can save some money going with the individual plan.

3. Always make sure your dentist accepts the dental plan you are considering. There are many plans and there are a lot of dentists. Whether your dentist accepts a particular plan can only be verified at the dental office. Don’t take the word of the plan provider, as their job is to sell their service. Always do your own research.

In the end, you should do what is best for you. In terms of dental care, there is no reason to skip dental care just because of cost. There are always resources available to help you maintain oral health.

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What Is Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Sciatic nerve pain is more commonly referred to as sciatica. It’s a type of pain that is due to an irritation in the sciatic nerve. Usually, the pain starts on the lower back or lumbar area and then spreads down the thigh, until the knee. The reason behind this is that the sciatic nerve is located from the spinal cord in the lumbar area and extends down the buttocks. It is the largest nerve in the body.

The pain can also radiate to the hips. It can make walking extremely difficult or even impossible. Aside from the pain, sciatica also has other symptoms. A person may also feel numbness and tingling or burning sensations from the lower back area, upper buttocks, thigh or the back of his legs. Sometimes, these symptoms are worsened by bending the waist or by walking. It may be partially or completely relieved by lying down.

There are several causes for lower back pain. Usually it is caused by a lumbar disc hernia that presses directly on the nerve. zithromax mexico. This could either cause an inflammation or irritation in the sciatic nerve. Other causes can include tumor growths, infection, internal bleeding, trauma, and different injuries. The nerve can also be irritated by any adjacent muscle or bone. On some cases, it could also be caused by pregnancy.

The three common causes of sciatica are spinal disc herniation, spinal stenosis and piriformis syndrome. In a spinal disc herniation occurs when a person suddenly bends or twists their waist. When the spinal disc is herniated, it can press on a nerve and cause swelling on the surrounding tissues, which further progresses on the nerve. With lumbar spinal stenosis, the space for the spinal cord is narrowed. It pinches and irritates the nerves including the sciatic nerve. Piriformis syndrome is a condition wherein the sciatic nerve goes through the piriformis muscle instead of underneath it. When this muscle is overused or injured in people with this syndrome, it compresses or strangles the sciatic nerve, causing lower back pain.

In order for lower back pain to be treated, it needs to be diagnosed first. Checking for the symptoms, along with a physical exam and medical history will help with the diagnosis. Diagnostic tests such as electromyogram, X-rays, MRI and CT scans are helpful for determining what the exact cause is.

There are several treatment options for sciatica. Aside from treating the underlying cause, medications and physical therapy are also helpful. The main goal of medications is the relief of pain and inflammation. On the other hand, physical therapy focuses on strengthening the back. Lower back stretching and conditioning exercises greatly help people with their recovery. Although bed rest is not an absolute essential for recovery, it still helps relieve symptoms and it is still being encouraged. On some cases, surgery is needed to treat sciatic nerve pain. It is indicated for persisting and chronic sciatica that is due to a compression of a nerve in the lower back area. Other times, specialists on pain management are consulted to help people treat with chronic sciatic nerve pain.

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Will Air Purifiers Help to Reduce Mould and Help Allergies?

Many people suspect that mould in their homes may be causing their health problems, others may find mould or musty smell in their homes unpleasant, but don’t believe it causes problems; they just want their homes to smell fresher and to have a clean indoors. What is the truth about mould? Is it a problem or a part of nature that we have to accept? If it is a problem, how much of a problem is it and is there anything to be done about it?

Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from visitors to our website involve the issue of mould in the home. Most people understand the seasonal allergy problems associated with pollens, but are confused as to whether or not mould and mildew might be contributing to their asthma and allergy symptoms, or their poor health. The article below explores some of the issues of mould and possible solutions.
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Many people aren’t sure if air purifiers will help with reducing mould in their homes. Mould is a real issue that can cause health problems. The right air purifier especially when used in conjunction with a dehumidifier will most certainly help.

Mould spore size can range from 1 to 100 microns, Air purifiers will trap and kill these mould spores, the spores die inside a HEPA air purifier filter because it is a dry, sterile environment, mould requires dampness to live so if you also reduce the humidity level with a dehumidifier you will solve the problem. A good quality HEPA filter will remove airborne mould spores, if the mould is embedded and can’t be removed such as you may find in mouldy smelling basements, filters that also remove odours such as Blueair Smokestop air purifiers will be best.

In nature mould plays an important part in the decay of leaves and trees. So mould is good… outdoors! Moulds inside your home or workplace are not good. Airborne mould spores inside your home really become a problem when they land on moist or wet surfaces. Then they are free to reproduce via the production of tiny invisible spores, and rapidly increase to amounts which cause humans discomfort and even illness.

Mould particles are small enough to pass through the cilia in your sinuses and are too small to be easily exhaled, so they can become lodged in your lung tissue. In comparison, larger particles such as dust are usually caught by the cilia before they enter the lungs. (Some moulds, called mycotoxins are potentially very toxic). Thus moulds which are inhaled do cause allergic reactions in many people – generally in the form of runny or sneezing noses, red eyes, rashes, and the generally unwell feeling you get when you have a cold or suffer from hay fever. The reaction is often instant but sometimes may be delayed for hours. Asthmatic people can also have allergic reactions to the inhalation of mould. As is often the case, infants, children, and the elderly can be more greatly affected by mould inhalation than healthy adults.

Most mould spores range from 3-100 microns in size but some can be as small as 1 micron. When looking at air purifiers to handle mould, it is important to find one that takes out at least 3-micron size particulates or smaller. All the HEPA air purifiers can remove mould spores.

If you cannot entirely rid your home of mould, however, you can substantially reduce it. If your house is old, there is a greater potential for mould problems as anyone with a musty old basement knows. Newer, tightly built homes that don’t have good airflow can also be problematic. Office buildings, particularly older ones are often rife with mould.

Extensive water damage that has resulted in the significant growth of mould may require removal by a licensed contractor. Smaller, visible areas of mould should be cleaned up with household cleaners and the areas dried. However, the mould is often not visible because it is in hidden places. The mould may reside on a surface but when the surface is disrupted, the spores become airborne and begin to cause problems for people. The spores generally settle down in time but whenever they are disrupted they take to the airflow again. That’s where a continuously running mould air purifier can be of great assistance in getting a clean indoors. If you can’t entirely remove the mould or even find it, you can quickly and easily remove the airborne spores with mould air filters. If you allow the mould spores to remain floating around inside and they subsequently land in a wet area, the process begins again with the growth of new mould.

Mould air purifiers with HEPA (high efficiency particulate arresting) filtration systems are the most effective at removing the airborne spores. Mould spores don’t reproduce without moisture, very often a dehumidifier will also help to reduce the amount of moisture in your home and can be used in conjunction with air purifiers. When airborne mould spores are pulled into an air purifier, the HEPA filter traps them and they die. Mould does not reproduce in the filters since there is no moisture in air purifiers.

In conclusion, whenever possible, remove the mould completely, to prevent re-growth use a combination of dehumidifiers and high quality, HEPA filters such as Blueair air purifiers to continually absorb the airborne spores. These units are made to run 24/7 and actually work more efficiently when allowed to do so. This will greatly help in the reduction of mould spores in the airflow you breathe. Since mould does have the potential to slide right past the protective cilia in the body and end up in the lung tissue, it’s important to stop it before it has the chance to reach your nose, especially infants and children.

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Screening For Diabetes

Although Type 2 diabetes, also known as adult-onset diabetes and non-insulin dependent diabetes, is the most common form of the disease; there are still estimated to be millions of Americans who have it and are not aware. But this isn’t a case of not being informed. It’s a matter of people not understanding how the screening process works.

There are several ways that someone can be screened for Type 2 diabetes.

One is the fasting plasma glucose test (FBG). In this test, the individual is restricted from consuming food or drink for a period of up to 12 hours, but at least 8 hours prior to the test. The best time to do it is first thing in the morning after fasting all night.

Blood is drawn and any blood sugar reading above 126 mg/dL (7 mmol/L) is considered to be a provisional diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. Then, another blood drawing on a return trip will be used to confirm the diagnosis.

An oral glucose tolerance test is similar (OGTT). No food for up to 12 hours prior to the first drawing of blood; 75 grams of oral glucose is then given by mouth, and then the blood test repeated approximately 2 hours later.

For this test, a blood sugar reading of 200 mg/dL (11.1 mmol/L) gives a positive sign of Type 2 diabetes. This test also has to be repeated on a different day to confirm the reading.

The random plasma glucose test is different from the other two in that no prior fasting is required. It does not require any previous scheduling and can be drawn at any time.

This test requires a blood sugar reading of 200 mg/dL (11.1 mmol/L) or more. But the reading also has to be accompanied by other diabetic symptoms as well. The individual will have to return for a separate blood drawing in order to confirm diagnosis.

If you are not accustomed to skipping meals, then a fasting episode may make you fell pretty lousy. In this case, it would be a good idea for you to have someone with you at the lab; someone who can drive you home afterwards. It is also a good idea to have the test performed on your day off as the effects could stay with you for several hours.

If having someone take you home isn’t an option, or even taking the rest of the day off, you may want to try a trial test to see how you will react so that you will have a better idea of whether or not you will be okay by yourself. To do this, try skipping a meal to see how your body reacts. Do this for several days in a row to acclimate your body to missing out on food for such a long period.

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Cosmetic Dentistry – Have a Bright and Stunning Smile

The Cosmetic Dentistry in Etobicoke is swiftly gaining popularity for converting an ordinary smile in to an attractive one. It is well accepted by the young and old as it offers an attractive and dazzling smile. The first thing that someone notices about you is your smile. The latest practice of modern dentistry helps you to stand confidently in the rest of the crowd with a flawless smile. You can also get a total oral health care along with smile makeover treatments at certain dental clinics.
As oral care is the major concern in recent times, many people prefer Cosmetic Dentistry to get the perfect healthy smile and brighten teeth for a lifetime. A dark yellowish and cracked or misshapen tooth always creates the wrong impression and causes one to lose one’s self-confidence. But one shouldn’t worry because cosmetic dentistry is a kind of process that aims to enhance the appearance of your teeth by recovering the oral problems. It is a complete package of dental care, which includes a number of different treatments such as; dental bridges and dental implants, teeth straightening, teeth whitening etc.
Other than cosmetic dentistry the Porcelain Veneers in Etobicoke are the most famous, which provide an expedient route to get that perfect smile. The dentist will fit over your own teeth, giving your mouth a face-lift. The greatest feature of porcelain veneers is that your smile looks natural. These are wonderful smile-makeover treatments that provide striking and long lasting outcomes.
If you want such benefits you must visit a dental clinic for regular checkups of your teeth by a dental hygienist. The Dental Hygienists Etobicoke is one, who provides you with suggestions and assistance that may help you to deal with your teeth and also provide other preventive dental care. For searching the best dental care have a glance at dental clinic sites and find the perfect one for you. As oral care is the major concern in recent times, many people prefer Cosmetic Dentistry to get the perfect healthy smile and brighten teeth for a lifetime. A dark yellowish and cracked or misshapen tooth always creates the wrong impression and causes one to lose one’s self-confidence. But one shouldn’t worry because cosmetic dentistry is a kind of process that aims to enhance the appearance of your teeth by recovering the oral problems. It is a complete package of dental care, which includes a number of different treatments such as; dental bridges and dental implants, teeth straightening, teeth whitening etc.
Other than cosmetic dentistry the Porcelain Veneers in Etobicoke are the most famous, which provide an expedient route to get that perfect smile. The dentist will fit over your own teeth, giving your mouth a face-lift. The greatest feature of porcelain veneers is that your smile looks natural. These are wonderful smile-makeover treatments that provide striking and long lasting outcomes.
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Seacod is a Vitamin and Mineral Supplement that Can be Used by All

Recent times have seen a drastic change in the lifestyles of people and every individual has become increasingly busy and has no time to take care of their health either. There are a number of things one wants to try their hands at and they aim to be the best at it. This has taken a definite toll on people’s health as it leads to erratic schedules and missing meals has become extremely common. This leads to no proper intake of nutrients that are essential and people complain of poor health very frequently. This is one reason why most people are looking for supplements that will give them the right vitamins and minerals that are essential for proper functioning of the body.

This need has given rise to a number of vitamin and minerals supplements in the market that promise to provide the best care to the body. However, this might have side effects and it is advisable that one runs a complete research before consuming the same. One supplement that is perfectly safe and replenishes the body in the right way is seacod. This has been made after thorough and complete research and it is guaranteed that there are no side effects in consuming this capsule whatsoever. In fact, it is so safe that medical professionals also advise the use of this capsule to those who come to them asking for supplements.

Cod liver oil is a treasure trove of vitamins like vitamin A (Retinol) and vitamin D. Vitamin A is important for the health of eyes, skin and hair. Vitamin D is necessary for the good health of bones and teeth, as well as muscle regenration. Seacod oil also contains Omega 3 fatty acids, which are excellent for the health of the heart. Minerals like phosphorus, calcium, sodium and potassium are also present in requisite quantities

Seacod is a vitamin and mineral supplement that can be used by all and it is highly beneficial too. The cod liver oil with is contained within the capsule is what has the required amount of minerals and vitamins to help one get the right intake of the same. It is something that nourishes the body in a holistic manner and due to its safety quotient it is highly safe for pregnant women to consume it too. There is no risk at all either to the mother or to the unborn child.

Parents can administer seacod which is a vitamin and mineral supplement to their kids as well and see the best results. Two capsules twice a day is more than enough to show great results.

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10 Tips To Get Control Of Your Diabetes!

It is important for patients who are diagnosed with diabetes to understand that this disorder is a lifelong problem that potentially can cause serious complications. Diabetes is a characterized by high blood sugar levels that occur because the body cannot produce and use insulin properly. When high sugars are left uncontrolled, serious complications can results. These complications include kidney disease, blindness and foot problems.

Sadly there is no diabetes cure but through proper management it is possible to normalize blood sugar levels and given the appearance that the diabetes has been reversed. This is so important because diabetes is the leading cause of blindness and kidney failure. In addition, it contributes to the development of heart disease and raises the risk of stroke. These complications are very serious and it is for this reason that patients with diabetes visit their physician routinely and stick to the prescribed treatment plan. Many patients are overwhelmed by the information and their physician’s expectations. Follow these simple steps to improve your diabetes and you will find that improving your blood sugar is easier than it may seem!

Start with these 10 ways to improve your blood sugar levels!

1. Invest in a quality glucometer and use it to track your blood sugars every day.

2. Stick to the prescribed diet plan.

3. Exercise. Even a small amount of exercise can make a big difference.

4. Have an annual eye exam to screen for eye disease.

5. See your doctor as scheduled and complete the screening bloodwork!

6. Stop smoking! Smoking helps nothing! It increases your risk of heart disease and stroke!

7. Take good care of your feet. Diabetic foot problems can lead to amputation. Have your feet checked at every visit.

8. Stay up to date on vaccinations! Having the flu and pneumonia vaccinations can prevent complications from these illnesses. Diabetics are at higher risk for these types of complications.

9. Check your cholesterol!

10. Don’t skip your medications!

Successful treatment depends on how involved the patient is in his own care. Success is largely dependent on the patient’s commitment to making lifelong changes. Diabetes is a complicated disease the requires a team approach. The patient and physician need to work together to find a diet, exercise and medication regimen that works well for the patient. Patients need to remember that medications alone will not fix this problem. Try incorporating these tips a little at a time to gradually improve your blood sugar readings.

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Anxiety Disorder – Strategies For Beating Anxiety

It’s a stressful world out there; a busy world; a world that places many unrealistic demands and high expectations on us. It’s no wonder that anxiety is one of the leading mental disorders in the country today. It starts as low-key stress and worry, and if you don’t learn to manage the stress you could end up with a full blown anxiety disorder. Following are some tips I’ve learned to manage stress and anxiety in my life.
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Be Aware of the Early Signs of Stress and Anxiety in Your BodyGetting to know your body’s first signals of tension will help you intervene early enough to ward off panic attacks or severe anxiety. My first signs are tension in my shoulders. They are not relaxed and tend to be scrunched up. I have learned to check on myself during the day to see where I might be getting tense.

Another symptom for me is clenching my jaw or grinding my teeth. I am more apt to catch this one right away. Overall restlessness tells me I am working into or have already moved into anxiety. Learn your body’s physical signals of anxiety and stress and work at being tuned into them throughout the day.

Relaxation Techniques and Self-Soothing

There are many ways to relax when you feel the tension building in your body. Here are a few:

  • Yoga
  • Walking or some other exercise
  • Breathing techniques (which you can find all over the internet)
  • Progressive muscle relaxation exercises
  • Warm bubble bath or shower
Make a self-soothing first aid kit. It’s great fun putting it together. Get a box or basket and fill it with items that soothe you, covering all the senses.
Here is what is in my kit:
  • Touch – smooth stones, a silky scarf
  • Hearing – soft instrumental music (It is better to not have vocals are upbeat, stimulating music), a CD of nature sounds
  • Sight – A photo album of my grandchildren, a book on roses, an inspirational devotional writing
  • Taste– a favorite snack and/or herbal tea (nothing caffeinated)
  • Smell – Scented candle
When I feel my tension start to creep in, I try one or two of these to stop it before it gets to crisis mode. The idea though is to practice these things routinely, every day, to keep relaxed throughout the day.


People who struggle with anxiety also struggle with getting to or staying asleep. Medication can help, but often medication does not allow you to get the appropriate type of sleep. Good sleep hygiene can be very helpful, once your brain has learned it habitually.

Here is what sleep hygiene looks like:

1. Use your bed only for sleep and intimacy, nothing else, period.
2. Go to bed at the same time each night, every night if possible.
3. Get up at the same time, even if you did not get much sleep.
4. Keep your room at a comfortable temperature. I like to sleep with a window open for fresh air.
5. Have a pre-bedtime routine. You may want to implement some of your self-soothing first aid kit activities. I have a cup to herbal tea and listen to soft music before I turn in.
6. Don’t go to bed right after being on the computer or TV. The screen will stimulate you and make it hard for you to fall asleep. Do something relaxing after you watch TV or use the computer.
7. Don’t take long naps.
8. Don’t go to bed after having a big meal or heavy snack.
9. Don’t exercise within a few hours before bedtime.
10. Keep your room quiet and dark.

If you can’t get to sleep, don’t lay in bed. Get out of bed and do something quiet, like read something light and/or, inspirational, journal in a positive way, in other words, stay solution focused. Don’t get on the computer or watch TV. Use a relaxation or self-soothing technique.

Good sleep is essential for good mental health.

Stop Intrusive, Racing, and Worried Thoughts

This is easier said than done, but with a lot of practice you can master it. Self-talk is a helpful method for me, but it’s taken a few years of learning that anxiety can’t kill me to really be able to do it. You might say things like,

“I am feeling a lot of anxiety right now. It’s okay, these feelings are just feelings, I will not die from them. They are just annoying.”

“I am anxious right now, what is bothering me? What am I afraid of? What can I do about the things I am worried about?”

“There is nothing I can do about what is bothering tonight, just pray about it, or set it aside until tomorrow when I am rested.”

“I am going to make a list of things I need to do tomorrow so I don’t sit and stress about all I have to do.”

“This is going to pass, it always does.”

Another thing to do is call a safe and loving family member or friend and run it by them. Perhaps they can offer some advice or insights you are not seeing.

Pray and meditate.


Eat healthy. Don’t overeat. Most of us know what a healthy diet consists of. Stay away from alcohol, street drugs, caffeine, sweets, and processed foods. Cigarettes aren’t food, but smoking can be counterproductive as well.

Don’t Wait for the Crisis

If you learn to implement these techniques in your daily routine, you can cut anxiety off at the pass. Once you get into crisis mode, it will be much, much harder to calm yourself down. Do some of these things 3 times a day whether you feel stressed or not. It’s a way to care for yourself.


I know when I have a busy week ahead that I need to prioritize or I can get crazy and build up my stress level very quickly. I start my day with prayer and meditation. It helps me to prepare my heart and mind, my attitude and my focus for the day. I try to keep a short list for each day. If I am able to get more done, then that is a bonus. But keep it doable.

If I am busy every day, I burn out real quick. I try to keep two days a week for just being quiet at home. That is not easy for most people who work. But it is a must to keep your anxiety down. Finding the balance with your time and energy takes a while to establish. But don’t give up.

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Qualifications for First Aid Certification

Many countries recognize the need to provide certification for first aid trainers and training institutions. This is because of the need to maintaining quality training services in these institutions. Such high quality services are important to maximizing the place of first aid practice in the society.

First Aid certification refers to offering a recognition, acceptance, and offering legal allowance to first aid practitioners, training resources and personnel to offering first aid related services, whether in actual treatments, advice, or training.

First Aid certification varies from one country and place to another. Many governments start their certification process by certifying schools which are meant to offer first aid training services. Usually, such a process is characterized by an investigation and assessment of the quality services and trainers it has. Some authorities then issue a certification after being satisfied that the quality of services is as demanded in law or as has been desired.

For a person or trainer to receive certification, they must have gone through special training by authorities or schools. These trainers will be taught specific allowable content for them to be certified. They are then allowed to sit for an examination and then offered certification after passage.

Instead of doing the evaluations and setting guidelines necessary for certification by themselves, many governments place the role under various bodies, private, public, or non-governmental organizations.
This does not mean that private entities only wait for government directions to provide certification. Today, non-governmental organizations that have specialized in health care recognize the need to train and offer this certification to their own employees. This is the example with the humanitarian organizations that save lives during war and crisis. However, this is driven by legal establishment and the need for expertise in health care, as is experienced during war and crisis.

Traditionally, institutions set up for the purpose of certification enroll trainees and hire trainers.

Some of the institutions offer online certification. It is the best means to acquire certification. Trainees enroll in various courses and pay a fee. Online training and certification is one of the fast evolving trends in many countries today. Companies offering certification offer a list of the courses tailored for given certifications and trainees can choose to enroll for basic or advanced first aid level courses.

Oversees-based institutions have also been providing this course online, and allow finishers to print out their certificate after completing the courses. Because of advancement in technology, it is also possible for trainers to demonstrate in online classes just as the visual class. Online classes are suited for those people who do not have travel plans, who have other commitments such as job, and most importantly, those who are unable to cope with classroom environments due to physical and mental condition or otherwise.

Among the areas that someone may be offered this course include fracture immobilization, and offering assistance in breathing, among others. First Aid certification is not, however, comparable or replaceable with first responder certification or pre-hospital care. The latter is more advanced than first aid.

Many organizations and government offer different levels of this course. Some examples include level 1, 2, 3, and 4, among others. These are tailored with different needs and intensity. For instance, level 1 of this course is best suited for those who are working in factories or any other working environments. Those who may need to get a vocational qualification will be best suited to take the second level of training. Refresher courses are also available with some trainers where trainers will get acquainted to changes occurring in the course or familiarize with practical skills.

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Identifying Your Migraine Triggers

A migraine can be triggered by many different factors which at first are not apparent to every sufferer of such a debilitating condition. Identifying those potential migraine triggers can be a very important step in helping to reduce and relieve possible attacks. These factors can be anything, from environmental, dietary, or physiologic issues, all which in turn can easily induce migraine activity within the brain.

Environmental triggers

The many types of environmental triggers include things like odours, bright lights, noise. Pains and aches that develop in the head and neck will trigger a migraine. The most widespread of which are neck injuries, pains from the jaw area, and sinus pain. It is also believed that the changes in weather can have affect on at least 40% of migraine sufferers. However the connection with regards to weather changes as a trigger for migraines is still not fully understood.

Food triggers

There are certainly numerous potential food triggers for migraine. Countless lists of foods that might bring about the triggering of a migraine can readily be located on the internet. Usually, these types of food belong to two main categories:

  1. Aging food by-products.
  2. Foods that contain certain chemicals.

Aging food by-products tend to be found in fermented products like red wine, aged cheeses, and yeast in fresh bread and yogurt. Foods with chemicals that may aggravate a migraine are coffee, chocolate, MSG (monosodium glutamate), and the nitrates used as preservatives in numerous prepackaged foods. Food triggers are certainly not the effect of an allergy, but are more than likely the direct reaction to chemicals in the food..

There is a popular myth that when an individual is sensitive to a specific type of food, they usually know it, simply because they have migraine symptoms inside an hour of eating that type of food in question. In reality, some effects can come right away or in some cases many days later. To add to this confusion the fact is that quite a few real food triggers probably won’t cause a migraine alone, but only in conjunction with other probable triggers, which collectively may trigger an attack of migraine headache or symptoms. For instance, some migraine sufferers can eat chocolate or red wine alone with no problem, but will suffer a migraine attack if chocolate and red wine are consumed at the same time. It is recommend that any initial migraine diet plan firstly avoids only the most common migraine triggers. If a migraine doesn’t subside within a few weeks, it may well be advisable to consider a more comprehensive migraine diet plan that eliminates all potential migraine triggers. This may take up to 10 weeks before there is any response from the diet plan.

Physiological triggers

  • Stress is perhaps considered one of the most common types of migraine triggers. Studies show that sufferers complain of an increase in their symptoms when stress, fatigue, or if lack of sleep is prevalent.
  • Other stress related triggers can be hunger, exercise and even pain. There is also the possibility that a migraine can be triggered from over-sleeping. Hormone changes are another trigger especially around the time of a period or after menopause
  • Eye strain is often overlooked as a migraine related trigger, however it is not uncommon especially if the sufferer has not had an eye examination. It could be that there is a need for glasses or their current prescription may need up-dating.
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Chocolate Is Good for Your Heart

Over the past three decades, there has been a lot of information published about the health benefits of chocolate. Chocolate contains antioxidants and other beneficial chemicals that can help improve depression and help keep your heart healthy. According to the World Health Organization, there has been a substantial increase in the number of people with cardiometabolic diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart attacks and strokes. By 2030, it is estimated that one in three people will be obese and more than 23 million people will die from cardiovascular disease. The epidemic of type 2 diabetes continues to increase. Many research studies have shown that regular dietary intake of plant-derived foods reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. Among healthy foods, chocolate might be one of the most important mediators of disease prevention.

Not only does chocolate taste good, but it is good for your health. Chocolate products and cocoa have been enjoyed by humans for centuries. A new study published in the British Medical Journal shows that eating chocolate is associated with a substantial reduction in the risk of cardiometabolic diseases including type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart attacks and strokes. In my previous writings, I have commented on the beneficial effect of cocoa on blood pressure, insulin resistance, and blood vessel health. A variety of potential mechanisms through which cocoa might exert its benefits on cardiovascular health have been proposed, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Cocoa products contain polyphenols which are a potent antioxidant compounds. The health benefits of chocolate are mediated by the high content of polyphenols in cocoa products which subsequently lead to improvements in blood vessel function and beneficial effects on blood pressure, insulin resistance, and cholesterol.
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The study in the British Medical Journal was an analysis of 53 studies on chocolate which have been published over the past few years. The researchers found that higher amounts of chocolate consumption were associated with a 30% reduction in the risk of cardiometabolic disorders. This benefit was seen for cardiovascular disease (37% reduction), diabetes (31% reduction), and stroke (29% reduction). This is a substantial reduction in risk.

These findings are not surprising. In fact there have been many studies in the past demonstrating the health benefits of chocolate. Unfortunately, most chocolate products are high in sugar and fat and low in actual cocoa. I want to emphasize that you should not eat a lot of high calorie, high fat chocolate. I recommend eating a few squares of dark chocolate (70% cocoa or higher) as a reward for having a healthy lifestyle.

By Health Care on September 14, 2011 | Heart Disease

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