Laugh Yourself To Good Health

In the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Bob Haskin’s character asks the voluptuous Jessica Rabbit, whose voice was Kathleen Turner’s, why she is with the silly rabbit. Her reply is classic, “He makes me laugh.”

You can laugh yourself to health.

It turns out that all that positive thinking is good for us. Much of the self help material since the 1940’s has focused on positive thinking, not worrying, letting it go, meditation, living in the moment, and the more recent over-marketed “mindfulness”. All have their origins in Buddhism (4000 years old) and the 20th century’s Norman Vincent Peale. Peale, you may remember, is famous for his Power of Positive Thinking book and brand.

The reason all this talk therapy stuff works to make us live longer and healthier may just now be seen in some interesting research on laughter. Apparently, laughing causes our vascular system to relax and dilate. Stress, fear, and anxiety cause our vascular system to constrict. Vasoconstriction puts an extra load on the heart. Laughing and smiling, ease the demands on the heart making blood flow more easily.
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The more constricted the arteries, the more difficult it is to live long without damage done by heart attacks and strokes. Our fat-laden diet adds to this, of course, as do other factors including genetics. Still, no matter what your arteries are like, their functions are improved by laughing.

This interesting research was done at the University of Maryland School of Medicine by lead researcher, Michael Miller, and his crew. Blood flow reduced in subjects when they watched the opening scene of “Saving Private Ryan”. I, for one, had my heart completely stop for that beginning.

Those same subjects’ blood flow increased when shown clips from the comedy “Something About Mary”. I don’t know how they statistically filtered out the blood rush caused by Cameron Diaz in that movie. I think she had every male heart beating a little faster, but that’s another study.

Whenever I was in a doctor’s waiting room as a child I always found The Reader’s Digest, which was a big deal in publishing at the time. The only thing I read were the jokes. Some of the best were in a regular feature called, interestingly enough, “Laughter is the Best Medicine”. The Maryland researchers showed us the reason it works, but it has long been known that health is improved by laughter.

“Laughter reduces pain, increases job performance, connects people emotionally, and improves the flow of oxygen to the heart and brain.” That quote is from Psychology Today in 2005!

While we need to have more than one emotion to have a full life, laughing can increase with a little work. A lot is attitude. Another part is what life experiences we are exposed to. Trauma obviously makes it harder to laugh and have a positive view of life. Genetics have also been shown to influence who’s happy and who’s not.

We can, however, no matter what hand we are dealt, alter our outcomes by practicing humor and finding ways to laugh.

Get healthy. Think funny thoughts!

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How to Go Bald Gracefully!


So you have resigned yourself to go bald and want to do it gracefully, well there are several things you can do with your hair for it be done gracefully. Some of these steps may seem drastic, but if you look at it carefully it does come out to be quite popular ways to go bald and make it look natural.

Cause Of Baldness

The cause of baldness in some cases is temporary and hair re-grows when the cause of the baldness is removed. These temporary causes could be the use of medicines, chemotherapy, stress, and other such items.

There are certain diseases that can cause loss of hair, but most baldness in men is caused by male pattern baldness. Permanent baldness is usually caused by genetics and it is known as male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia). Females can also get this condition, but they rarely go bald, they usually just have a thinning of hair uniformly across the scalp.

Male and female pattern baldness is caused by the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that comes from the conversion of testosterone to DHT. This hormone finds a hair follicle that it attaches to blocking nutrients from getting to the follicle and hair strand. Eventually the hair strand falls out and the follicle withers and dies.

When you develop this hair condition you will eventually go bald on the top of your scalp.

Going Bald Gracefully

As you start to lose the hair on top of you scalp you can usually hide it by doing the comb-over. This is taking the hair on the side of your scalp and combing it over the thing areas. But this is only effective till it becomes obvious that you are trying to hide you bald spot.

When you get to this point in your hair loss you need to look at a different type of hair cut. One cut I would recommend is the Buzz Cut. This cut is very popular with sports figures and actors who have male pattern baldness.

  • The Buzz Cut is generally a very short haircut and is considered to be very masculine.
  • Another good hair cut for men going bald is the Faux Haux. This style grows the hair long in the middle and then gel is applied to build it up. This style is good for young men with a receding hairline.

Not sure which style is best for you, then ask your hair stylist.

But Why Go Bald

But in today’s society, why would you want to go bald if it is being caused by male pattern baldness. There are many products out there that can help men and women retain their hair and re-grow the hair they have lost. One drug approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to combat male and female pattern baldness is Minoxidil. It has been shown to be effective in 70% of men who use it and over 90% of women who use it.

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A Laugh a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

It has been shown that laughter actually affects human physiology!Laughter reduces pain by producing endorphins which act as pain killers and strengthens our immunity. Endorphins also reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) and allows the body to return to a more relaxed state.Laughter allows us to change our perspective on life by making our problems seem smaller, if only for a few moments. It opens up creativity and allows us to overcome fear.

So it’s healthy to bring more laughter into your life. Here are some ideas as to how you can do this:

1. Collect things that make you laugh – it could be a folder on your computer filled with cartoons, jokes, funny emails that really make you laugh, hang funny pictures on your wall where you will see them, keep a joke or two in your wallet to keep the mood light.

2. Do some of the things you used to love as a child – go to the park and go on a swing, go down the slide, go to the zoo or aquarium, go to a kids movie and eat lots of popcorn! The sky’s the limit.

3. Lighten up your work environment – bring in a toy or stuffed animal you like, something that makes you smile when you look at it. (I have a mini darth-vader on my computer, and I’ve got lots of pictures of Stitch everywhere – he’s a great energy to have around!)

4. Invite some friends over for a sleep-over party – keep it fun, pillow fights, eat junk food, stay up all night telling scary stories! Or have a “come as you are party” with one rule only – keep it funny. You’ll all work off of each other and the energy will heal and energise all of you.

5. If you’re in a stressful situation, step back from it and imagine if you were a character from your favourite tv comedy – what would they do? (How would Phoebe or Fraiser handle it?)

You do have a choice. Invite laughter into your life, and see where it brings you – just for a change. See where it goes – does it help? Do you feel better? Does it take the “edge” off? And know, that even though it might feel silly at first, it actually does help reduce stress in your body and that in itself creates a better perspective and clarity to handle any situation.

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How PTSD Can Change Your Personality And Perspective

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can take over every aspect of your life. In addition to the damage that it does to your relationships and at times, your career, PTSD can rob you of your happiness, sense of humor, and creativity. It can steal your zest for life.

Many people who suffer this disorder report that they no longer recognize themselves. They see their reflection in the mirror and of course, they recognize their reflection, but who they are and what they see are two different images. Some people lose their ability to laugh and make jokes. It is as if their sense of humor has completely died and they are rarely able to deliver a single humorous line. Other people lose the ability to concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes.

Complex problem solving and complex tasks can be more difficult for someone who has PTSD. Some are so severely affected by fear and disorientation that a simple trip to the grocery store is too much for them to handle, especially alone. They start to hyperventilate and then go into panic mode in the cereal aisle. Some can become so overwhelmed that they have to leave the store.

Some people become angry and that anger is with them 24 hours a day. They feel full of rage and out of control at times- not knowing what will set them off next, but knowing that they can’t always control their reactions. Some people cry and cry until they pass out or exhaust themselves into staring at the wall. Either way, some cry until they are emotionally drained on a daily basis. These are all extreme reactions to the symptoms of this disorder, but they are also very common reactions. Most people who have PTSD have experienced most or all of these symptoms on some level.

PTSD will change every aspect of your personality. Suffering from post traumatic stress doesn’t mean that something scary happened and now the person merely feels jittery and unsure. Biologically, the brain is working very hard to process experiences that it can barely comprehend; let alone categorize. Because of the severity of that event, the brain is physiologically altered:

– Some areas of the brain that are responsible for memory and emotion become severely damaged.
– Complex neurological pathways are distorted.
– The body either repairs them or forms new pathways and this can lead to changes in temperament, personality traits, preferences, and perspectives.

This is why nearly everyone who has PTSD and their friends and families say that they are no longer the same person. They are correct. They don’t feel the same. They don’t think the same. They are not the same person and may never be that person again. They have to rediscover who they are, which can be a long process.

Healing from PTSD does not mean that you return to your former mental self unchanged and unscathed. A big part of healing means that you discover and develop new traits, talents, interests, and perspectives. This can be very tough to accept without having gone through a proper grieving process first. Once you accept that your personality and the way that you relate to the world are now coming from a different perspective, your brain will initiate the rest of the healing process.

If you take a positive view of this concept, you may find that you enjoy getting to know yourself again. It is a progression that takes time, observation, and patience. Think of it as a mental journey to rediscover who you are and how you roll. Along the way, you could find that your sense of humor has merely been hiding and your creativity and zest are not all that far away.

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What is Androgenetic Alopecia?

You can call it androgenic alopecia, androgenetic alopecia, alopecia androgenetica or bog-standard male pattern baldness, but it all amounts to the same thing: less hair on the noggin for every second man.The devilish characteristics of this naughty male pattern baldness nuisance, to employ the lowbrow common parlance option, are a receding hairline, or a growing face if you prefer, and hair loss at the top of the head.Male pattern baldness, as uncouthly indicated by the word “pattern”, tends to form a set of reasonably uniform “horseshoe” recession patterns and is usually easily identifiable to the naked eye – envisage Prince William, Bruce Willis and Patrick Stewart from Star Trek: The Next Generation (a through b to endpoint c).

Note, a similar type of hair loss in women, female pattern hair loss (FPB), results in diffuse thinning hair on the vertex (top) of the scalp but is generally less severe than occurs in males, although still very common (research, for instance, suggests that over the age of 65 as many as 75 per cent of women are affected to some degree).

Typical male pattern baldness is caused by a genetically pre-determined sensitivity to the effects of the hormone dihydrotestosterone, or DHT as it is often abbreviated to, and affects roughly 50 per cent of men.

The production of DHT is regulated by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase.

In male pattern baldness, DHT shortens the growth, or anagen, phase of the hair cycle, causing miniaturization of the follicles which in turn creates the “balding look”.

Basically, the hairs in the genetically vulnerable region of the scalp of the lucky sod in question progressively shrink as they come under the continual “attack” of dastardly DHT.

The hair is still there, for the most part, but the susceptible follicles become finer and finer and correspondingly less visible as they move through the natural and ongoing phases of activity and rest called anagen and catagen.

“The hair follicles are still alive, but are no longer able to properly perform their task,” says Dr Flemming Andersen MD (2005; 2008).

That’s the nuts and bolts mechanics sorted which leaves the potentially vexatious question should I worry about it? for ponderous pontification.

Look, guys, if you want to worry inexhaustibly about an essentially natural maturation process, go right ahead; it won’t do much aside from stressing you out and speeding up the departure of what remaining hair you have from your unhappy head.

A far better strategy would be to shrug off all that metro-sexual nonsense and embrace one’s own biologically determined super-manliness.

After all, are you a MAN or a stylized mouse with lip gloss and a pretty Justin Bieber fringe?

Male pattern baldness is not really a problem at all when you take a deep, controlled breath and examine it with the disinfecting light of objective reason for the whole minute it deserves; it just is, and it is the embrace of this c’est la vie attitude that will set you free from the self-constructed prison of doubt and undeserving scrutiny.

You might look better with hair, you might look worse.

The point of import here is that in either case it doesn’t have to define you or stop you being what you could and should be.

Men of planet earth: hair, it’s just friggin keratin a.k.a. dead skin cells.

Are Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart, Jack Nicholson, Michael Chiklis, Jason Statham, Sean Connery, Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesal, Billy Zane, Billy Corrigan, Michael Stipe, Michael Jordon, Freddie Ljungberg, Tiger Woods, Andre Agassi, George Foreman, Bas Rutten, Randy Couture, Kelly Slater, Larry David, Damien Hurst, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, etc any less talented, entertaining, attractive, successful, inspiring, diverse, infuriating, interesting and human for the lack of a painstakingly coiffured bonce?

That would be a NO! of such embarrassingly epic proportions that it can no doubt be seen from space.

In conclusion, male pattern baldness has very little, if anything, to do with nutrition, hat wearing, hair care, badger baiting or ahem “self massage”; male pattern baldness is caused by genetics and male sex hormones and a combination thereof. Male pattern baldness is not necessarily a problem that has to be fixed. It is just another physical characteristic which, like a wonky smile, can be a positively sexy asset on the right head and shoulders, so be bold if you just so happen to be bald.

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An Effective Migraine Diet Plan

Many sufferers of migraine attacks are probably unaware that their diet may be a contributing factor in triggering such attacks.

Migraine sufferers react in two different ways to the type of foods they eat.

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  1. The first is they can react to certain chemicals found in a number of foods.
  2. Secondly there is normal food intolerance.

The issue with such food reactions are that they can surface from 1½ to at least 12 hours after consumption. With this in mind it’s worth keeping a diary or note to record what has been eaten prior to a migraine attack and then the offending foods that trigger migraine attacks can be eliminated from any future diet plan, because those who suffer from migraines tend to react to different foods, an effective individual migraine diet plan therefore is essential.

Modern day lifestyles can have an impact on many people’s diets. There is certainly a tendency to buy pre-packaged foods from the supermarkets because it’s easier than preparing a fresh meal. What is forgotten though is that processed foods and pre-packaged foods contain additives and preservatives, not forgetting the natural substance tyramine which is found in many foods. All these preservatives and additives can and will trigger migraine attacks.

An effective migraine diet plan should be a must for those who suffer from migraines where the probable triggers are caused by a dietary issue. A well-balanced and healthy diet, will not only help reduce the possibility of a migraine attack, but will also give the extra benefit of overall health. A diet plan does not mean skipping meals or fasting, because in reality this is a potential migraine trigger with some people, so eating regularly is also well advised.

A diet plan should consist of mainly freshly prepared foods such as meat, poultry, fish and of course fresh fruit and vegetables.

Foods that most definitely should NOT be even considered as part of any migraine diet plan are those which contain tyramine, a natural substance found predominantly in foods and drinks such as mature cheese, processed or cured meats, caffeine (coffee, tea, cola), citrus fruit and bananas, alcohol (red wine & beer).

Another food additive to steer clear of is MSG (monosodium glutamate) mainly found in Chinese foods, pizza, chips and soups.

Exercise can also play a major part in a effective migraine diet plan, although there can be some mixed reaction depending on the individual. Exercise in some cases, especially excessive exercise can produce headaches, however in other cases lack of exercise has the same result. Yet again it’s worth keeping a note on what works and what doesn’t.

Finally the important things to remember about implementing an effective migraine diet plan are:

  • Know your triggers
  • Eat on regular basis
  • Don’t miss out on meals.
  • Take light exercise
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Eliminate anxiety with Xanax

Xanax is a very popular prescription and it is often considered as very important medication when dealing disorders like anxiety. Till the time, it is one of the most victorious prescriptions that have been able to give people positive results in fighting stress and anxiety on all levels. Except dealing with stress and anxiety, it also enhances your overall health and it also has the ability to make you feel more calm and relaxed. There are a lot of symptoms of anxiety, it is not important that anxiety symptoms will be same in everyone. Since everyone is different, there are different ways in which react to certain situation. There are people who tend to lose their mental focus and some people over react to a certain situation and on the other hand, some stay totally quiet. There are different levels of anxiety in each one of us, in some people the level is so high that it can also take the shape of a phobia and it can be really dangerous if not cured on time. Zanaprin is another drug that is used by a lot of people in place of Xanax which is also considered as effective as Zanaprin.

It would be difficult to determine the types of anxiety because there are different types of anxiety. It basically refers to situations where an individual doesn’t have any control on themselves, any such condition can be considered as anxiety. Markets are flooded with various medications that you can use to treat anxiety like social anxiety, general anxiety and likewise. Whatever prescriptions you choose for your treatment, you need to make sure that you are getting benefits from the medicine that make you feel more relaxed. As far as Xanax is concerned, this drug improves the disturbed pressure group of a patient which can also turn out to be some form of anxiety. Also, when you choose to consume these drugs always makes sure that you don’t take these in excess because excessive use of them can also have adverse effects on one’s mental and physical health.

Xanax is no doubt a great remedy to cure anxiety, but make sure you don’t get addicted to it because it can dangerously affect your mental and physical health. Your main aim should be to get away with anxiety and not to seed a new problem with the addition of prescriptions. With a lot of medications available in the market, there are only a few of them which can actually help you to get rid of anxiety and also most medications available always come with fewer side effects. Therefore, you need to make a wide choice when it comes to medications. One of the most dangerous side effects that Xanax has is its tendency to become every addictive to the users. The ability of providing mental focus and stability makes people use them excessively and then they tend to become addicted to the remedy. No matter what prescription you choose, always make it a point to consult with your doctor ones to make sure that whatever you are taking will suit you.

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Information’s On Acne Treatments

Acne may be a major drawback among several teenagers and people who cross their teenage. It’s been seen that just about nineteen million folks solely in America is littered with acne and pimple issues. In keeping with the dermatologists, this can be a daily skin bother and whole world is suffering thanks to it.

Since is it’s a skin drawback there should be some solutions which can facilitate the folks to urge rid of this major problem. Those that are littered with acne should be pretty much careful concerning the skin. They need to take some homemade remedies likewise as correct medicines solely when consulting the doctors. You have got to know the important drawback behind the reason behind acne. Acnes cause thanks to excessive oil secretion within the pores of the skin. Additionally, as a result of you’ll realize the incidence of the acne on one fine morning.

To prevent the acne drawback you have got to require eight to 10 glasses of drinking water. The water can able to flush out the surplus oil from the skin and can able to provides a recent and neat look of the face. The oily skin kinds of folks specially suffer from the acne drawback.

You have restrained yourself from any reasonably fried food. Avoid any reasonably junk foods that are specially fried in oil. You need to ask your doctor and build an oil free diet in order that you’ll able to management the expansion of acne on the face. you need to attempt to add leafy vegetables in your diet. Take several recent fruits in your breakfast, as they’re going to able to add an additional radiance to the skin by replacing the acne. Wholegrain food products are sensible to regulate the acne. However, say a giant no to the processed foods, as they’re going to increase the acne in your skin.

Washing the face is another step to treating the acne. Use recent water to clean your face and do it in each regular interval. You’ll conjointly use oil controlled face wash for laundry the face. The oily face is kind of awkward to seem because it build the face far more blur and unattractive.

You can conjointly take some hand-crafted straightforward ways to treating the acne. The homemade product are safe and you’ll don’t have any facet effects. Some folks wish to do homeopathic treatment to heal the acne drawback. Homeopathic treatment is safe and secure. It will cause any reasonably facet effects rather it cures the matter from the foundation. If you visit any dermatologists, they’re going to prescribe some antibiotics to treat the acne. It’s seen that some folks take the assistance of the Acne surgery to cut back their acne. Drainage technique and surgical incision are 2 choices that one will take to cut back the acne. However, before taking any style of call the patients should ask experienced dermatologists for safe and secured resolution.

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A Combination Homeopathic Allergy Cure

Allergies are very common and can result from a great variety of things. Allergic reactions are caused by foods like peanuts or milk, or by environmental triggers like grass, mold, and pollen. People experience symptoms from exposure to dogs or cats as well, and begin sneezing, form rashes, and experience itchy eyes. The right allergy cure can successfully eliminate these problems and give suffers some relief. A natural and safe treatment ideally combines homeopathic remedies such as herbal, audio, and mineral therapy.

Allergies take place when the immune system begins to function improperly after exposure to a specific substance. The offending substances are usually harmless, such as molds, pet fur, or pollens. After this exposure an allergic reaction then takes place.

The body reacts by producing antibodies that will bind to the allergen. After this binding takes place, the body cells are triggered to release a variety of chemicals. One, known as histamine, is a main producer of the many symptoms experienced in allergic reactions.

Symptoms include an itchy or runny nose, watery eyes, and breakouts in a rash or hives. Some people also feel fatigued or generally sick. Allergies resulting from food lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pains in addition to these. A reaction caused by an insect sting may cause the area to swell and become painful.

Symptoms vary in severity from quite mild to very serious. Less extreme versions are similar to flu-like problems. In contrast, other reactions can make sufferers extremely uncomfortable and can become incapacitating. The worst type of reaction is anaphylaxis, a situation when hives appear all over, the throat closes off, and breathing is labored. This can become fatal if it is not medically addressed right away.

Natural products such as herbs can be used to eliminate unpleasant allergic reactions in a safe and symptom free way. Unlike drugs that are often prescribed by doctors to improve symptoms, homeopathic treatment forms restore health while offering relief. The best products balance body functions and help it encounter an allergen without a full blown allergic response.

Natural approaches work on glands, secretions, and organs and prevent their over activity. Further, a natural product can boost immunity and detoxify the blood to tackle the most chronic of problems. Because of this, they are capable of providing a long lasting and possible cure to even the worst sufferers.

Psychoacoustic technology has a positive effect when used routinely on the subconscious mind, either during the day or at night. For this reason, it creates a better balance in the brain and can help it fight off allergic reactions. Both wave and ultrasonic sound types have this effect, and reduce reactions to the environment, insects, or foods.

Allergies are very common among the general population and can be triggered by a great variety of different things. From wheat and dairy to pollen and grass to bug bites and pet dander, any substance can trigger a reaction in certain people. The best allergy cure is one that uses a natural approach, free of harmful side effects. Combinations of herbs and other homeopathic ingredients, as well as audio therapy, reduce symptoms and promote healthy body function.

Lasik Eye Surgery, Possible Complications

Even though this might be intimidating, in order to better analyze Lasik surgery risks, what you need to know is that more than 95 percent of the people who have had Lasik are satisfied with the results.

And even when talking about the rest of 5%, it is not necessarily the fault of the surgeon.

Before and after the operation, people are advised to follow a certain treatment, in order to reduce Lasik eye surgery risks. The postoperative recommendations are obviously the most important, but nevertheless, a lot of people fail to apply them.

Before deciding whether or not you are comfortable with this type of operation, you must balance both the advantages and disadvantages of

In case of success, the advantages of this surgery are obviously numerous and extremely valuable. You will get your clear vision back, you won’t have to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses anymore, you will even be able to take your driver’s license exam with no setbacks. I think you get a clear picture of the advantages, so to speak.

Now let’s spend a few moments talking about the possible laser eye surgery risks. Before going into details, I want to make it clear that nobody ever lost their vision as an effect of Lasik!

  • One of the most common Lasik eye surgery risks is the feeling of dry eyes. In order to get past this, all patients are required to use special eye drops and get as much sleep as possible during the first few weeks after the operation.
  • Undercorrection or overcorrection are also possible complications, meaning that your vision will get better after the surgery, but it will not be perfect. These do not fall under the category of Lasik eye surgery risks per se, but cannot be forgotten, nonetheless. In such cases people may go through a second operation, in order to improve their vision even more.
  • Some people even said that their eyes are sensible to light as an effect of laser eye surgery. This is a common side effect immediately after the procedure, which is why it is advisable to wear shades for a period of time.

As you can see, Lasik eye surgery risks exist, but are a rare occurrence. More importantly, new technologies, like wavefront guided Lasik, have been developed in order to help minimize such problems.

There is usually a direct connection between Lasik eye surgery prices and the risks attached to these. The lowest average cost for this medical procedure revolves around the amount of $1000 per eye, but you will usually not be able to benefit from the advantages of the latest technology, hence the possibility of certain complications is a little higher.

To put it in a nutshell, every single operation involves certain risks, and Lasik eye surgery risks are no exception. The order to reduce the possibility of such complications, make sure you strictly follow your doctor’s advice!

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Tiny Steps to a Healthy Stat

I have found that most people know the foods that are bad for them rather than the foods that are good. However, finding a replacement to fill the void is not as hard as it seems. One way to start is by taking “baby steps” in the right direction towards substituting items from your existing diet to healthier ones.

The following are just a few examples:

Refined Sugar to Honey. If you need to use a sweetener then replace it with raw honey, stevia, or molasses. These natural sweeteners contain antibacterial properties and do not cause the same amount of weight gain or body crashing. I would avoid using synthetic or artificial sweeteners because they are made with aspartame. In my opinion these substitutes are more harmful than refined sugar.

Caffeine Drinks to Herbal Teas. Occasionally I have a cup of coffee, but in the past I used to drink more than a cup a day just to make it through the day. Instead I found my body swamped, jittery, irritated until I developed a terrible headache. Now if I want something warm to drink I make myself an herbal tea made of either pau d’arco, horsetail, or dandelion for example which soothes my body and makes me feel great. These specific teas have high amounts of magnesium, are anti-viral, and anti-bacterial.

Table Salt to Sea Salt. Sea salt is a little more expensive than table salt, but well worth it since it provides many more minerals for the body. Plus a little sea salt goes a long way. Its label says it all. Table salt has a chemical added to it to make it white which I believe can be harmful to the body if not now then as time progresses with continued use. Bragg’s apple cider vinegar is another option.

Tap Water to Spring Water. Although there is wide-spread publicity of water treatment plants producing safe and drinkable tap water there are still traces of known toxins and heavy metals. I have found fresh spring water to be refreshing and after much research have also learned that spring water has many minerals similar to sea salt. Take the time to ask around and search for a free-flowing fountain pipe in the mountains. Many people can be seen refilling empty bottles for personal consumption. If time does not permit then find a good home filter and purifier.

From Homogenized Milk to Soy or Almond Milk. The milk sold in supermarkets is highly processed and homogenized. It does not matter if it is skim milk or low-fat milk. Instead I make my own almond milk. Almonds are full of calcium, fiber, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, riboflavin, and Vitamin E. Unsweetened soy milk is another good choice and can be easily purchased at most Chinese supermarkets. Men might want to avoid drinking soy milk due to its high amounts of estrogen, but because of the high amounts soy milk and other soy-based products are exceptionally good for women.

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